Design Notes

March 18, 2016

March Rare Gear is HERE

March into Battle with awesome new items!

We want to help you spring into battle looking your best, so we've got some really wicked new items lined up! This month, you can find the March Rare Gear shop in your game menu, featuring:

Dage's Arcane Dark Caster Class

March is a HUGE birthday month for the AQW team, and we're continuing to celebrate Dage the Evil’s with the Arcane Dark Caster CLASS! Get all the details in this post: Arcane Dark Caster details

Galanoth's Lucky Dragon Birthday Armor

Gear up to DragOn! It's Galanoth the DragonSlayer's birthday on Sunday, so we've released the luckiest set we could think of to honor his big day! 


Laken's Birthday Gear

The birthdays celebrations just keep coming! Laken's birthday gear is still in the March Rares shop! There's a host of seraphic-themed gear to /cheer for!


Find Laken's birthday shop in your game menu:

  • Seraphic Gunslinger armor
  • Seal of the Gunsligher and Legion Breaker Capes
  • Seraphic Flintlock and Legion Breaker guns
  • Seraphic Gunslinger Hat and Stetson helms
  • Dual Seraphic Flintlocks and the Seraphic Pistol and Cannon
  • Evolved Laken Adherent armor and helms

Boxer's Birthday Armor

Boxer is one of the newer testers, longtime holiday tophat haberdasher, and just this week helped with the Arcane Dark Caster. Tophats off to him, especially because TODAY is his birthday! 

Find the Moonstone Cultist armor in your game menu for 2.1 MILLION gold! (Can you guess how old he is today?!) Don't forget to wish Boxer a happy birthday on Twitter!

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