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July 07, 2014

Legendary Chaos Loot

3 Brand New Legend Only Storylines!

With Drakath’s chaos forces moving as an almost unstoppable force, the alliance is looking for anyway to come out on top. Last week, BattleOn’s Loremasters didn't find a way to defeat the chaos, but they DID locate artifacts to help in the final battle! It’s time to get dungeon crawling Heros, as these three releases are Legend…wait for it…dary!

Explore the Legend Only:

  • Dungeon of Doom

  • Killer Katacombs

  • Pyramids of Pain

  • Drafting New Troops

    While Alina writes most of the releases (with occasional help from Artix, Beleen or me), I’m happy to say we've allowed 3 of our volunteers staff members - Optional Geek, Aster, and ACW0 - to take over this Legend Only release while she focuses on the ever-close Chaos Finale!

    Deadly Dungeon of Dire Doom

    Inside the Dungeon of Doom you will find the mysterious Staff of Mayhem. Optional Geek took great care in creating a suitable home for this weapon of mass destruction, and is thrilled to share the deadly overview with you:

    Kittens are the deadliest creatures.

    If the name isn't enough to scare you away, then I'm not sure what will. Journey to the bottom of the Deadly Dungeon of Dire Doom to find out who the mysterious voicebelongs to! Fight your way through Munchers, Draugr, and even a kitty to get to the bottom and quiet the voice! Get ready for a deadly dungeon crawl!

    Killer Katacombs

    Hidden away in the Killer Katacombs lies a weapon to last a lifetime. Aster created a map to make even the barest Hero’s skin crawl when housing the Gilded Blade of Eternity. Here’s what Aster has to say about this terrfying questline:

    Dark days ahead for the Darkblood.

    Along the border of Doomwood and Arcangrove there is a dungeon with no reputation. For years tomb robbers, rain-soaked adventurers and the occasional AWOL Mage have entered these catacombs never to return. Naturally, that HAS to mean there's some great treasure in it. Junior Loremaster Donovan knows that the Alliance needs all the help it can get. He figures "the more dangerous the dungeon, the more powerful the prize, right?" He's eagerly waiting for you to arrive at the Killer Katacombs.. Yes. He DID name it himself. Don't judge.

    Pyramid of Pain

    Finally ACW0 soared in making a peril-filled pyramid for the Call of Hope Cape. While this is deeper writing in comparison to his usually Throwbacks, ACW0 has given an overview of what you can find in this ancient relic - 

    Creepers be batty!

    As the oracle of her tribe, Viridi has seen the dismal future that awaits the world if the hero fails. In order to save her tribe, she has disobeyed all orders to meet the hero at the pyramids of pain. She is the only one who can guide the hero to the Kalestri’s most scared treasure, The Call of Hope. With wings such as these, she hopes the hero will soar over any enemy chaos has to offer. Be warned, Heroes, this adventure will test your loyalty like no other.

    Thank You Writers!

    Optional, Aster, and ACW0 would like to wish you happy item hunting as you play through their First Ever AQW Release! Please remember to send them positive feedback, and after seeing this quality work, looks like their first release won’t be their last!

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