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October 22, 2013

Reporting Players

How and When to Report Bad Players and Big Meanies

Why hello! You know that the AQWorlds team does everything we can to keep your favorite online adventure game safe and fun for everyone—but just like Chaos Lords, there are bad people out there who want to ruin the experience.

Chaos Lord Wolfwing and Crew in online adventure game AdventureQuest Worlds

Fear not, my dear heroes and dastardly villains! We have an in-game Reporting System that’s easier to use than the Default Sword. With your help, we can keep AQWorlds safe, fun, and jerk-free for years to come =D  

When to Report a Player

You should totally Report a player:

  • If someone asks for your Game Password
  • If someone asks for your Personal Information
  • If someone is Harassing you
  • If someone is Spamming the Chat
  • If someone is using Bad or Inappropriate Language
  • If someone is telling you to use bots

How To Report a Player in AdventureQuest Worlds

How to Report a Player

Reporting is easy! In the game chat field:

  • Type /ignore player name to ignore the player
    • Example: /ignore beleen
  • Type /report player name to report the player
    • Example: /report beleen

You can also Report a player by:

  • Clicking the player in-game
  • Click on the player’s Character Portrait (the circle with their face on the top of the screen) which will produce a drop-down menu
  • Select Report to report the player, or
  • Select Ignore to ignore the player

What NOT to do when Reporting a Player

  • Do not use the report system to report players you think are botting (we are working on a system that will do it for you!)
  • Do not report players who are being annoying, but not harassing you (then you just need to use the /ignore option)
  • Do not submit multiple reports about the same person on different servers (that just makes our mods' job harder)
  • Do not swear or flame people when you are explaining why you're reporting someone
  • Do not send us Facebook messages
  • Do not send us Twitter tweets
  • Do not directly email a staff member
  • Do not mail us a letter via the postal service… instead, send cookies and love!!

AQW cookies by Chico Norris

And there you have it! You now know everything about the AdventureQuest Worlds Reporting a Player System. Feel free to buff your INTELLECT Stats further by reading the Player Safety & Account Security here.

Knowledge is power! /flex

xoxo Beleen!

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