Design Notes

June 13, 2011

AE needs a GUI Designer!

AE is looking for an Interface Designer!

From this moment forward, AE will try to find talent in the community before posting job postings elsewhere when possible. This position is primarily an art job and will require no coding skill but knowledge of web technologies and flash is a very large plus. You will be working the with AE team and helping to design functional and intuitive interface layouts for some of our websites and possibly some of our game projects.

Let me save you a little time and say that if you don't know what a GUI is, then you are not what we need. It WILL be a full time job, and in the U.S. you have to be at least 18 to work full-time hours, regardless of where you live.

You MUST be at least 18 year old.  If you are under 18, if you don't include your age, or if you start with "I'm not 18 yet, but..." the application will not be considered.

What they need you to included in your email is:

  1. Your real name, age, and country of residence. 
  2. AQW Game account name and linked email address. 
  3. Master Account name and linked email address. 
  4. Forum account name and linked email address if one is entered. (not required to have one)
  5. Languages you speak/read.
  6. Resume (or C.V.)  *please note we'd like the CV in English. If we can't read it then we can't hire you. If you do not know what a resume is or do not have one, then you are not who we are looking for.
  7. Samples of your work. Ideally this will be a link to your online Design Portfolio, however if you choose you may attach no less than 3 samples of your Interface Design to your e-mail.

Please send your COMPLETE application to [email protected] 

If the application is not complete, It will be deleted.  And please - one application per person. We will read all the applications.  If you are chosen to go through a further interview, we will contact you.

Unfortunately, since we will get thousands of applications, we can only reply to those who have what we might need. Otherwise you will not hear from us. If you have not heard from us within 2 weeks of submiting your resume and portfolio, it probably means that you have not been selected.

Good luck, designers! We can't wait to see what you've got.

Very Small DoomWood Member Release Today!

If you're really on the ball then you've already noticed these but We have added a few more DoomWood Daily quests for Members only today. That will make repping up a little simpler for you members.

Fixes Coming Friday

Yorumi has tracked down the bug which is breaking the stats panel and he is in the process of ironing out the bugs now. Assuming everything is stable that pesky bug should be fixed by Friday at the latest. We will also be rolling a few fixes to the Tower of Necromancy through the week.

Fixes Coming AFTER Friday

Pretty soon we will be adding new server to the selection menu except THIS server will have a tiny little Brazilian flag icon next to it. Since our Brazilian population continues to grow, the time has come for AE's first nation specific server. This will be an English server, exactly like all the rest but hopefully it will be a welcome sight for our new Brazialian players to enter a server where all the other players speak their language!

We would like the make a Barzilian-based NPC and add him or her to the game but we thought we would go to YOU for ideas. If you happen to speak Portuguese, what do you think would be a good name for the NPC/server? Let us know on the FORUMS! Please, no profanity. We WILL check out what the words mean before we consider them.

This is the first step into true localization. It's a small step but who knows where it could lead?

I should also mention that we are working on the SoulWeaver class as the 15 month AQW membership bonus. We've found a workaround for adding new battle effects which might work, so we can finally proceed with that class.

You may remember talking about the Membership Perks before. If you have at least three months of AQW membership (V.I.P X-over from HeroSmash does not count toward the total, must be AQW membership) then you will earn an Achievement Badge and The Battle Tested Axe Master Armor & Helm!

But there's more... If you have had FIFTEEN or more total months of AQW memberships, you will earn a SECOND Achievement Badge and also gain access to the SoulWeaver class (similar to, but not exactly like the DF class of course).

These items are just little perks for people who have supported the game. They all both be FREE NON-MEMBER (set at 0 AC for free storage) itemsOur way of saying Thanks and another Member Only perk, even after your membership has expired.


They won't be ready this Friday, but I wanted you to know that they are still coming. After all, what is constantly updated design document for?

Technically, that sentence should read "After all, for what is an constantly updated design document?" but that just sounds odd.


Speaking of Member Only Perks, THIS FRIDAY we are heading back to the Member Only Skyguard Area. I'll save the details for Alina to tell you in future Design Notes posts this week, since she is writing the zone.

We will also be buffing the Player Suggestion Shop with a bevy of Member Only items this Friday.

Father's Day is this Sunday so we will be running the 2011 Father's Day shop from Friday until Monday.

Now that I'm someone's dad I can say... be very nice to your dad.

Lastly, since you guys have been asking for it I was able to talk Zhoom into finding room for 10 more Friends List spaces for everyone, also coming This Friday. Yay, Zhoom!

I Just Noticed...

... That Artix has already written a Design Notes post today. If you're just reading this now, be sure to check out Artix's E3 Review below!

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