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January 07, 2011

Fun In The Sun

I Hope You Don't Mind Sand Inbetween Your Toes

The Sandsea has finally made its way from DragonFable to AQW. As usual, we've kicked off the zone with the central town, the NPCs and all of the shops in the area.

Zhoom, the master tracker and ranger, will be your guide to the zone. He's what we call the ZONE NPC. He will guide you around the zone, much the way that Rayst does in Arcangrove and Dorian Mode does in Mythsong.

Once we get the area going, just talk to Zhoom if you're lost and he'll let you where you need to go next to continue the all new Sandsea storyline adventures. He will also be the item vendor for the Sandsea Reputation you will earn doing quests around town and through the story.

Each of the NPCs in the Oasis Village has quests for you, some of which you can repeat as much as you like for a small amount of Sandsea Rep, or MEMBERS can do Daily Quests around the town for much larger rewards and faster rep so you can buy rewards like the Sandrunner Armor, Helm, Cape and Longbow.

You will be able to visit the Oasis Bazzar...

...where you can speak to Cassim for all new Sandsea themed House Items (thanks to Skyline) or Nkuku, the Sandsea Pet Trainer for a bunch of new desert loving pets (thanks to Miltonius)!

If you need a trim, head to Kephri's Barber Shop.

Dage has designed a handful of new hairstyles that are sure to keep you cool in the hot desert sun! As usual, we will be adding more as the area develops.

If you get tired or hungry, head to Bastet's Oasis Inn for a quick rest.

Each of her foods has a different effect on you. You could try the MEAT for double damage or the refreshing water for a helpful Heal Over Time effect! TheSuper-Coder Minimal has designed these to be some of the most powerful effects we've added to date so be careful not to over-eat.

Too much dessert in the desert.

Around the Oasis, something has disturbed the desert wildlife. You may have to defend yourselves against exploding Cactus Creepers, and the fearsome saber-toothed BUPERS CAMEL! If the phrase Bupers Camel makes no sense to you, read Beleen's earlier post. She explains it all. Like Clarissa.

Enjoy this intro and keep in mind that we will add more and more to the shops in town until the zone is finished!

Player Suggestion Shop Update

We have poured over the Suggestion forums and picked some of our and your facorite items suggested by players just like you, to add to the Player Suggestion Shop (Found in Yulgar's Inn in Battleon). Miltonius has taken all of these great suggestions and brought them to live in AQW!

  • The SSS Blade by Second State Sauske
  • The Solar Flux Armor by Reddy
  • The Piercing Light Gun by Reki
  • The Spirit Sword by Ichidori
  • The Dual Terosin Blades by Terosin

We are always happy to pick a few great suggestions that we really like or get the most attention from you guys on the forums and bring them into the game. Keep up the great work guys and we'll keep adding your impressive items!

There was supposed to be another great armor and helm in the shop but thanks to our wonderful and attentive community, it was pointed out that the art was taken from another game entirely.

It was probably accidental. We all have things we really like. TV Shows, other video games, card games, movies, bands, and so on and we know you want to see those things in AQW, but remember that some other artist worked really hard on their own creation and we don't want to steal their stuff. Please, when you suggest stuff in the forums, make sure that it's either original or you credit the original source for your suggestion.

Minor Dage Update

Just a hint, Dage might have updated his shop today as well. If you're a fan, take a look!


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Artix's Inventory Post

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding Artix's revelation that we are working on a way to provide a HUGE boost to Inventory space, both for normal game items and possibly house items.

Please be patient with us, we're still trying to see IF it is even possible. Once we find that out, then we will figure out exactly how it is going to work, what it will cost, if it will only be available to Members who pay to support the servers or if they will be AC purchases available to everyone... we have a log way to go before we make any of those calls.I can tell you one thing... it will cost a LOT in terms of server storage and game bandwidth, so it won't be entirely free.

Just know that we have heard your cries of pain during Frostval, tossing away old rares for new ones... and we are, as always, doing our level best to listen to you and give you what you ask for, but this is a BIG DEAL that will require a LOT of work for us so it may take a while.

Right now, it is out #1 priority project.

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