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April 18, 2016

Unlock the DeathKnight Lord CLASS

DeathKnight Lord Class: A new variant of DeathKnight Arrives Friday!

MAN, is it a great week to be a member! We are making some of the coolest, darkest gear from the Throne of Darkness: Castle of Bone chapter exclusively for you as a way to say "thanks" - your support lets us make AdventureQuest Worlds free to play for EVERYONE, all the time! 

Starting this weekend, you can battle to unlock an all-new variant of the DeathKnight Class: Vaden's DeathKnight Lord Class! OR, if you're short on time (or don't like farming), you can get it immediately with 2000 AdventureCoins! 

The quests will not be difficult (I am pretty sure you can slay level 3 skeletons preeeeetty fast by now!), but it WILL take time to craft the class... 30 days, to be precise! 

* This class is based on the original DeathKnight Class... which our class designers are working on buffing! That might come out next week, but the DKL class is planned for this Friday!

Friday: Skull Tower of Silver and Gold!

Upgrading your account is the only way to unlock Vaden's DeathKnight ARMOR inside this Friday's new zone... but you'll need to craft the silver and gold versions FIRST! This weekend, the Throne of Darkness: Skull Towers of Silver and Gold member-only expansion will release... giving you more information about one of last week's minibosses: The Butcher!

Both the Class and the Armor will be 0 ACs for free storage, and so you can use them... FOREVER! Not a member but really want the Class or to help support AdventureQuest Worlds? Upgrade your account and unlock this week's Class, zone, and all the other exclusive perks!

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