Design Notes

December 20, 2010



This weekend we encountered one of our most frustrating bugs to date. For you guys AND for us.

Blizzy was limiting non-members from completing his quests in the Toy Factory, and Major Moglin was directing you to speak to someone who hasn't arrived yet. It was a total mess.

We've fixed it. Non-members now have access to the "Shadow Figure" quest, and the "Frost" map to do battle against Dragonmaster Frostscythe! From there you will be able to continue with last year's quests.


This Year's Frostval!

Now that everyone can actually COMPLETE the previous year's quests, we are free to move forward with THIS year's adventure, which will require you to make some choices.

One of my Tweeps asked "What happens if we are neutral?". All I can asy to that is follow your heart and pick the answer that best represents your true feelings during your adventure. Actually, do that all the time.

This will allow you to decide the tone of your own tale. Are you the noble, kind and incorruptable hero, or the dark, greedy and dangerous hero? Are you someone to be respected or someone to be feared?

Don't stress about it, though. You can go back through the adventure and play it the opposite way, or even mix and match your responses. You might go about it a different way and learn different things, but you're all after the same goal... to SAVE FROSTVAL!

We will also be adding a bunch of new holiday treats to this adventure AND 2 brand new items will be added to Quibble as well!

Cookie Contest Results!

The Holiday Creative Cookie Contest is OVER! You guys REALLY stepped up your game this year. Some of the entries really blew us away. Beleen and Ai No Miko are about a meter away from me, going over the entries and I'm going to jump in and help as soon as I've posted this Design Notes.

To everyone who entered... AMAZING job. I wish I could shake every one of your talented hands, claws, tentacles and flippers. Picking winners out of this group will be the hardest thing we have to do this season.

Beleen will post the winners on THURSDAY (when we release the rest of this week's update!)

See ya then!

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