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November 30, 2011

Chaos Beast!

Prepare for this week's Boss Fight

Prepare your swords and spells as this week we will face the Chaos Beast of the Bloodtusk Ravine. Alina posted details on the Chaos Beast last night and will be posting the skills for the two new classes later today so be sure to check back. Also, Beleen just posted the 2011 Cookie Contest below! Meanwhile, the question overwhelming my Facebook and Twitter is about the....

Contest Winner... wait... WINNERS!?

All day yesterday, the staff hovered over the game servers like stealthed rogue archers with deadly aim waiting for the moment the winner would come online. So, naturally, the moment we shut down our computers and left the lab to drive home... BOTH WINNERS suddenly came online. O_O

Now, it should be noted that in most contests like this that are run by other organizations, you never hear what happens until after the entire contest is completely done. They just post pictures of what had happened and craft a good "marketing" story to tell. But we do things differently here at AE. We tell you everything. And we tell you as it is happening. So as of right now, here is what is happening:

The original winner emailed us back. We have not received an email from the 2nd winner. Which means it is possible that, for whatever reason, they have not gotten it, and may not know they won. Although both have indeed logged into the game within the last 24 hours. So I am going to do what I suspect you would do if you were in my plate-covered shoes. *nods* We are going to have two winners! Two wishes. Two chances for unbelievably embarrasing online stories that will haunt me for the rest of my gaming life. (Why is everyone smiling after that last comment?) So here is what will happen next....

I said two sugars!
"Fake pic" created by the player Dragon from Twitter
(Note: Dragon is not the winner nor a mod, but the image he made really made me laugh!)

Once the 1st winner makes their wish... we will announce both winners. (Which may be how the second winner finds out who they are.) I cannot say this strongly enough: Do not get rid of your golden cheezburger!

Twitter/Forum Question: Do you put your shirt or pants on first?

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