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February 06, 2014

Be My Valentine?

New Valentine’s Day release next Friday, February 14!

Hello my loves! I have some super exciting news to announce! Next Friday, February 14th, is the lovey-dovey pink-a-licious holiday known as Valentine’s Day. And guess what… Alina, Memet, and Artix (yes, srsly, even him!) are allowing me to have my own PINK zone in AQWorlds for this special occasion!

Beleen Dream Island

Imagine a magical dream island full of EVERYTHING that I cherish: pink sand beaches, Sriracha rivers, chocolate!!!!, balloon animals, heart-shaped landscaping, ADORABLE critters, marshmallows, fortune cookies, and the world’s largest Red Velvet Cake mountain!

Red Velvet Cake Mountain

So now that I’m getting my own zone-sweet-zone, there’s only 1 thing left missing: a Valentine! All the heroes of AQWorlds have a special place in my heart (I wuv you!), but…. I was wondering… *blush* if YOU would like to be my Valentine?

Beleen pink sand beach

BUT there’s a catch! With over 50 million AQW heroes, it’s ganna be WAAY too hard to randomly pick one of you guys or gals. So instead, I’m holding a little competition on Valentine’s Day to see who is worthy of being my Valentine!

Crystalized Cherry

Behold! The Crystalized Cherry atop the Red Velvet Cake Mountain! Whoever is the first to retrieve this legendary cherry (hehe that’s super fun to say!) will be my Valentine =D

But of course there’s going to be ridiculous quests to prove your worth. Would you expect anything less??!? Hahaha!

To: Beleen, From: Secret Admirer

Ooohh!!! What is THIS?! A present from a Secret Admirer? It’s not from Submeobi… so I wonder who?

Beleens present

The tag says, “Do not open until Valentine’s Day.” *looks left* *looks right* *tears open present*

Beleen bull balloon

OMG OMG OMG! It’s a Bull Balloon! A Bulloon! OMG!!! Isn’t he simply adorabull!

I wonder who could have sent him?! Well whoever it is… I hope they reveal themselves on Valentine’s Day!

And I cannot WAIT to see if YOU will be my Valentine!

Totally excited? Me too! Let me hear your thoughts on my Twitter!

xoxo Beleen

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