Design Notes

July 17, 2020

DoomWood III: Legacy of Darkness

DOOOOOOM is all around

Greetings and salutations friend! Hope you are well. It seems like forever since we battled the evil undead side-by-side in DoomWood. I am writing to you today because.... there are rumors of a strange new threat. The rumors are so outrageous that I am scared to put any details of them in this letter. I need your help... to investigate! Meet me at atop the hill in DoomWood forest. (You will be able to click the button in your home town to go there) I am not sure what horrors we are going up against this time. 99.9999% chance of dark magic, doom, and the forces of darkness. It will be just like old times.

Hurry! ...and  bring whatever spells and gear you have. If these rumors are true... we are going to need it O_O.

P.S. Oh! Don't worry, I got rid of the shoe laces... my boots are now velcro!

Behind the Scenes

We really hope you enjoy this new special DoomWood release. I wrote this story for you with Memet. Do not worry if you have not played the previous two installments of the DoomWood saga. We created this story so you can just hop in. However, you SHOULD play DoomWood parts 1 & 2! It reveals secrets about Artix, Gravelyn, and also, your character. 

For this 3rd installment of the DoomWood saga, Memet and I took it's strange & dark humor in a very different direction. You will be meeting a new cast of characters... and maybe one character from another game that long time players would have NEVER expected to see in AQWorlds. Or maybe you have seen them all before. Who knows. No spoilers (other than what Alina's awesome promo art is giving away) May the fates favor you on this doom filled adventure....

P.S. Be sure to screenshot and send me pics of your favorite moments on Twitter ( ), Instagram ( Instagram: ), or Facebook ( 


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