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October 16, 2015

13th Anniversary, AQWorlds, and THE FUTURE

Thank You for 13 Years of Amazing Games!

The first thing I do every single morning when I wake up,  is think of all the things in life I am grateful for. Which means I have started every day thinking of you and your fellow players every morning for 13 years. You believe in us and make it possible for us to build amazing video games. You inspire us to keep raising the bar. You stick by our sides when we screw up and when we go through dark times. We have accomplished so many things people said were impossible at the time. I am not sure anyone outside of our gaming community realizes just how insane it is that we have been updating the games for 13 years straight. I am extremely grateful for the incredible and talent team members who creating  the new stories, maps, monsters, items, and features in our games. I see them at the lab at 10pm on Friday nights… and online fixing emergency problems at 4am. Our community and staff has real, proven staying power. You should be very proud. If you are reading this, you played an important role in making this happen. From the deepest most sincere place in my heart… thank you. I will never forget it. 

Our game studio has a lot of exciting things releasing at the end of this year. But, instead of talking about our new mobile games like AdventureQuest 3D, BioBeasts, or Undead Assault… I want to jump directly to something VERY important for you to hear. The incredible future and evolution of AdventureQuest Worlds! The short version… in 2016 you will be able to play AdventureQuest Worlds on your phone, tablet, and even download & install it on your computer. Sure, you will still be able to play it in your browser too. But needless to say,  this is a brilliant move to future-proof your game. The code name for this project is Project Omni: AdventureQuest Worlds. This was always our plan... and the server re-write is naturally the vitally important first step. I look forward to talking about this a lot more with you in the near future. 

Thank you again for our first 13 amazing years… raises frothy stein of moglinberry juice may our gaming community grow for 100 more!


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