Design Notes

January 26, 2024

OMG Client Patch Notes

Running list of game client updates

Read on to see what we've added, what's been fixed, and stay up to date! Want to try out the new features, too? Log in using the Test Client (when available) then join any server.

OMG 3.0098 - 1/22/2024

# Additions
- Text support for Ravenous

# Changes
- Updated Class Active Auras UI
- Updated Party Interface

# Fixes
- Fixed potions bug
- Fixed weird bug which caused attack animations to spazz out

OMG 3.0097 - 1/11/2024

# Additions
- Calendar class animations

# Changes
- Replaced enhancement tab to potions in inventory
- Replaced enhancement tab to house items in shop/merge shop

# Fixes
- Fixed an targeting bug.

OMG 3.0096 - 11/10/2023

# Additions
- Added Grimskull enhancement
- Added "Backhair" option to visibility toggles in Camera Tool

OMG 3.0095 - 7/6/2023

# Additions
- Preparations for the dungeon system.

# Removals
Removed the pet's shadow.

OMG 3.00941 - 5/19/2023

# Fixes
- Updated client for better mount support.

OMG 3.0093 - 3/30/2023

# Additions
- Pony Vs Pony Support

# Removals
- Removed Freeze/Unfreeze option from monster portrait

OMG 3.0092 - 3/17/2023

# Fixes
- Fixed visual gold sellback bug

OMG 3.0091 - 2/28/2023

# Additions
- Added keybind to toggle friendship ui

# Changes
- Changed boost calculation in stats panel

# Fixes
- Fixed the spacing in class overview
- Fixed the outfits interface not updating set colors to your current avatar's colors

OMG 3.009 - 2/09/2023

# Additions
- Added current server time to login messages

# Changes
- Removed the darkened color of different language servers in the server list

OMG 3.0073 - 10/21/2022

# Additions
- Multi-turn in
- Multi-buy
- Multi-sell
- Multi-enhance
- Added the auto attack skill to the character class panel

# Changes
- Silenced auto attack sound fx for "DeathKnight" and "Archmage" because their auto attacks do no damage

# Fixes
- Fixed class animations fighting over each other to be the one that gets to be played
- Fixed class animations not playing when the player uses the "hit" player animation

OMG 3.007 - 09/02/2022

# Additions
- Forge enhancements

# Changes
- Added new interface which replaces "Add Maximum Spaces" to "Add 10"

# Fixes
- Fixed a bug where the Chat UI's command history interface would not close

OMG 3.0069 - 7/8/2022

# Additions
- Added new enhancement patterns
- New stats in equipment are tracked by the stats panel

# Fixes
- Fixed undefined stack quantity for recently purchased house items
- Fixed house displays being bugged after purchasing a new house
- Fixed Tall/Short mode on the second Chat UI

OMG 3.00682 - 5/30/2022

# Changes
- Removed version box on login screen

# Fixes

- # Fixes- Fixed house conversion appearing to function when in another player's house
- When moving to the next house cell while the house items are still loading in the current cell, it will clear all the house items that are queue'd to load(Only happens in rare occurrences -- aka houses with a lot of items
- The house conversion loading screen persists until all the cells are dealt with rather than opening & closing per cell

OMG 3.00681 - 5/12/2022

# Additions
- Added active boosts to the Stats Panel
- Added "Show Your Ground Item Only" option
- Added "Hide Healing Bubbles" option(The green bubbles that appear above players when someone is low on health)
- Added a "Class Test Realm" watermark when in the CTR server

# Changes
- Rewrote combat damage displays (Before it would create one new class + one new timer PER combat damage display)
- Readjusted the sizing & positioning "offline / server is restarting..." text on the server list
- Renamed "International" to "Global" on the server list to fit the long server nams

# Fixes
- Fixed change server & logout button not working when "Chat UI" is hidden or maximized
- Fixed "Chat UI"'s canned chat & command history being behind the text

OMG 3.0065 - 3/31/2022

# Changes
- Removed version box on login screen

# Fixes

- Fixed stuck skill animations
- Fixed "Hide Ground Items" being weird
- Fixed "Disable Aura Text" activating by default without needing to be turned on/off

OMG 3.0064 - 3/30/2022

 # Additions
- Added "Disable Aura Text" under "Class Actives/Auras UI" 

 # Changes
- Stripped down the new "Chat UI" for being too intrusive
- SP in the client now utilizes a server variable rather than being static values

 # Fixes
- Fixed number casting on player & monster values
- Fixed mount armors causing cutscenes to make the game go poof
- Prevented "J6 Map" & "DragonStar Map" items from being affected by "Disable Weapon Animations"


Version 3.003 - 11/24/2021

- Censor Profanity setting is now account based (will not save until friday)
- Fixed NaN display in the "Battle Analyzer"
- Fixed "Battle Analyzer" clearing on stop
- Fixed "Character Select Screen" not properly deleting characters
Players will have their Character Select Screen reset once for this fix

Version 3.002 - 11/23/2021

- Changed "Character Select Screen" into an Advanced Option
- Change "Character Select Screen"'s password box to white color
- Removed stacking UIs in "Character Select Screen"
- Removed new house code that accidentally rolled out
- Fixed "Character Select Screen" not obeying "Hide Helm" and "Hide Cloak"
- Fixed "back" button in the "Character Select Screen" going to the server select screen
- Fixed Server List button in options redirecting straight to the "Character Select Screen"
- Fixed "Add New Character" button in the "Character Select Screen" going directly to the server select screen
- Fixed Misc items not being able to be previewed in the bank

Version 3.001 - 11/17/2021

# Additions
- Added a "search" box to the house inventory, house bank, and regular bank
- Added a new "Character Select" screen (Must be turned on in Advanced Options) (Does not work for users who log in through the blue Facebook button)
- Added an "equip" button for houses in the house inventory (no unequip button)
- Max stack counter for temporary items
- New Gun Animations (for HandGun and Rifle)
- More New Item Types Coming soon!

# Fixes
- Fixed "Hide Ads" from Death not properly saving
- Fixed DoT resistance showing a negative value when it should be positive in the "Stats Panel"
- Fixed a full item inventory preventing you from picking up house items
- Fixed friends list still being capped at 125 when it should be 225
- Fixed mount armors
- Fixed non-working link in the "Currency Help" interface
- Fixed the "search" term persisting for the bank
- Fixed the "search" term persisting for the inventory
- Fixed the issue of the "Item Inventory" button showing at the bottom of the shop interface
- Fixed the issue with the bank scrolling to the top when making changes to the bank items
- Fixed the options interface opening at the same time as other interfaces
- Fixed wrong backhairs showing in cutscenes (?)

# Changes
- "Target Random Monster" is smarter and makes sure that the next random monster isn't one you're already targetting
- Buying an item from a shop when said item is in the bank is now allowed
- Chat warning text color is now a darker shade of red
- Friends list refreshes after 30 seconds (open and close to trigger) (does not work in combat)
- Item Block List is now alphabetized
- Monsters now face the player correctly after a respawn
- Tweaked Chat UI's "Minimal Mode" functionality and made messages disappear after 45 seconds
- Removed inaccurate hover tooltip text for stats in the inventory



Version 2.008 - 10/13/2021

# Additions
- Added Visual Skill CD in advanced options
- Added keybind for Battle Analyzer Start/Stop
- Added keybind for Stats Panel/Overview
- Added "Disable Damage Strobe"
- Alt+Clicking a player will select the bottom-most player
- Bankable House Items
- Extra xp from leveling up now carries over!
- Music / Sound FX volume slider
- New Bank! (Loading times exponentially faster!)
- New House Shop/Inventory UI
- New Stats Panel

# Changes
- "Options" graphic on target monsters will now be visible
- "To " whisper message will be darker on the new Chat UI
- Battle Analyzer gets a new look!
- Custom Drops UI will be gray when hidden & gold when showing
- Updated skill tooltips to be more descriptive
- Users in the same server as you on your friends list will be at very top

# Fixes
- Fixed Chat UI mispositioning on relogin
- Fixed black block appearing after using World Camera
- Fixed item from inventory -> bank not showing bug
- Fixed wrong "Unlock at rank" text


Version 2.005 - Sept 30, 2021

  • Game Menu small improvements to button layout
  • Fixed bugs in Book of Lore 


OMG 2.002 - 9/5/2021

- Added "Chat UI" Minimal Mode!
- Added a "Lock Position" setting for "Custom Drops UI"'s draggable mode

- "Custom Drops UI"'s draggable mode will now layer over other interfaces

- Tidied up quest reward previews a bit
- Fixed temporary drop's background width on items with names shorter than their item type

> OMG 2.001 - 9/2/2021

- Slightly Faster login time
- Optimized Book of Lore and Travel Map data retrieval

- Fixed backhair stuff
- Fixed inventory search functionality
- Fixed disable monster animations setting messing up monster walks- Fixed house bugging out if closing out of options
- Fixed player models bugging out for the feature 'cache players animations'
- Fixed hide other pets not working

> OMG 1.0060 - 8/23/2021

- Changed wiki button on items to open their respective wiki page directly
- The complete message for "Quest Progress Notifications" has returned and now only disables the complete quest sound when the feature is turned on
- Repositioned some buttons in the options for clarity
- Added helmet backhairs for item drop previews

> OMG 1.0059 - 8/16/2021

- Fixed "Quest Progress Notifications" not working if quest is fully completed
- Fixed helmet back hairs not showing in item previews
- Fixed helmet back hairs not showing in character portrait

> OMG 1.0058 - 8/16/2021

- Advanced Options is no longer visible by default, however it will remember if you left it last opened or closed
- Changed "Allow Quest Log Turn-Ins" into an option instead of being on by default
- Changed various advanced option descriptions
- Redirected "Reset Password" screen to open the Account Website instead
- Removed the warning popup box in "Custom Drops UI" if you try to accept the drop more than once
- Fixed the double punctuation on the warning message "Your ignore list is empty."

> OMG 1.0057 - 8/14/2021

- You can now target monsters/players through the new "Chat UI"
- Added an option to "Disable AutoScroll to Bottom" for "Chat UI"


> OMG 1.0055 - 8/12/2021

- Added "Reset Position" for "Custom Drops UI" if the menu somehow goes off screen
- Readjusted how "Target Random Monster" works
- "Weapon Rotation" in Camera Tool now does a full 360 degrees

> OMG 1.0054 - 8/11/2021

- Fixed the Server List Refresh button and added a 2 second cooldown

> OMG 1.0053 - 8/10/2021

- Fixed "Show" & "Hide" for Armors & Classes
- Fixed "Class Actives/Auras UI" target auras not resetting their stack values
- Fixed "Disable Weapon Animation" not working for some weapons
- Fixed how "Chat UI" deals with special character symbols: e.g. %

> OMG 1.0052 - 8/9/2021

- Quest Drop Rates that are 100% will now show instead of being invisible
- Fixed wiki button misposition on resources/items
- Fixed wiki button not hiding when exiting a quest
- Fixed keybinds not working for a skill you just unlocked from ranking up

> OMG 1.0051 - 8/8/2021

# Additions

- Added a "Consume" option for potions
- Added a kill counter to "Battle Analyzer"
- Added keybind for "Battle Analyzer"
- Added keybind for "Decline All Drops"

# Changes

- By default, "Hide Monsters", "Hide Players", and "Hide UI" do not have a keybind set
- Fixed the issue with "Hide Damage Numbers" not hiding HoTs and DoTs
- Fixed the issue with the Area List still persisting when changing rooms if "Hide UI" is on

> OMG 1.005 - 8/8/2021

# Additions

- Added "Battle Analyzer"
- Added Wiki buttons
- Added a "Shift+Click" to Quest Pinner to unpin your quests
- Added a confirmation for "Delete Friend" option
- Added a feature in character pages where clicking on the equipment name or class name will open the wiki
- Added a keybind to "Hide UI"
- Added a reset button for "Keybinds"
- Added an option to "Disable Damage Numbers"
- Added an option to "Disable Quest Popup"
- Added an option to "Disable Self Animations"
- Added an option to "Hide UI"

# Changes

- Changed it so that numbers on your keyboard & numbers on the numberpad are one and the same
- Repositioned item previews to be centered
- Updated the login background's "Design Notes" to OMG's patch notes

# Fixes

- Fixed "Bank Filters" not working
- Fixed "Target Random Monster" not working
- Fixed some issues with "Custom Chat UI" and symbols
- Fixed the abnormally large hitbox/clickbox of "Class Actives/Auras UI"
- Fixed the issue with "Quest Pinner" still appearing when you view a quest's details
- Fixed the issue with being able to set multiple keybinds at once
- Fixed the issue with item drops still lingering when you switch between draggable/undraggable mode for "Custom Drops UI"
- Fixed the issue with keybinds still listening for a key when the interface is exited
- Fixed the keybind triggering an action when you've just set/changed the keybind

OMG 1.004 - 8/6/2021

# Additions

- Added Keybinds UI
- Added a toggle for "Chat UI" to collapse when not focused, by default it is off
- Added an extra check to make sure quest rewards displayed their correct drop rate values

# Changes

- Repositioned "Chat UI" to be a little bit higher as to not collide with the message box's hitbox
- Changed the layering of "Class Actives/Auras UI" for targets

# Fixes

- Fixed an issue with "Chat UI" disappearing
- Fixed an issue with "Try Me" having a lingering tooltip text
- Fixed an issue with "Chat UI" displaying some characters wrong
- Fixed skill cooldowns being reset when ranking up which caused disconnects
- Fixed the issue of item owned indicators for quest rewards being invisible

OMG 1.003 - 8/5/2021

# Additions

- Added a "Chat" tab to "Custom Chat UI" that shows only regular, whisper, and moderator messages
- Added a "Draggable Mode" to "Custom Drops UI"
- Added a friends list size visual
- Added a OMG test version indicator underneath the logout button

# Changes

- "Disable Red Messages" now only disables combat warning messages
- Moved "Class Actives/Auras UI" for players to be on the same layer as the player portrait
- Repositioned "Custom Drops UI" item text length & AC Symbol
- Sorted friends list in the following order: Online Status, Server name, UserName
- Updated various feature descriptions

# Fixes

- Fixed "Release" text not showing the OMG test version
- Fixed a bug in "Custom Chat UI" where the "to player:" visual text doesn't get reset to "Chat" after sending a whisper
- Fixed an issue with "Hide Your Name Only" not working due to a typo
- Fixed friend list cap to be 125
- Fixed item owned indicators for quest rewards
- Fixed the issue with parts of the game not being clickable when "Custom Chat UI" is toggled on

OMG 1.002 - 8/4/2021

# Fixes

- Fixed visual gold cap issues (selling items when above 4m gold)
- Fixed "Color Sets" blocking colors
- Fixed "Color Sets" not saving sets
- Fixed a focus issue when hovering out of the new "Chat UI"
- Fixed boosts not showing for pets
- Fixed missing "Drakath", "Elemental", and "Orc" boosts
- Fixed not being able to hover the new "Chat UI" when there are no messages displayed
- Fixed skill animations being stuck and not disappearing
- Fixed the "X to close" button in the Advanced Options menu
- Fixed the "users in area" list on the bottom right of the screen not updating when you have it opened

# Changes

- Changed the "Release" text to display the OMG Test Client version
- Changed the icon for "Char Page" search from an X to a magnifying glass
- Removed "Disable Server Messages"
- Renamed "Chat Filter" to "Chat Settings"
- Repositioned the AC icon a little bit in "Custom Drops UI"
- Updated "Disable Skill Animations" description for clarity
- Vertically increased the size of the login message box when disconnected

# Additions

- "Hide Player Names" now has a new option: "Hide Your Name Only"
- "Travel Menu" now saves locations
- Added a shortcut for "Camera Tool": "["
- Added a shortcut for "World Camera": "]"
- Added a visual for maximum stacks for items with a maximum stack greater than 1
- Fixed overlapping DoT placements by having them repositioned randomly

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