Design Notes

November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving release x 2

I can almost smell the Tur'Draken

You know, battling food and blowing up horrifying food abominations popularized by the NFL has been a long standing tradition in AQWorlds this time of year. However, I have always felt that the Thanksgiving offering we serve you in-game needed less cheese and more epic-sauce. That is why the AQWorlds team is creating 3 ALL NEW adventures for you. And they are coming out this Friday! Alina just announced that the 3rd area is a Member area that has... wait a second. *yells into across the lab* "ALINA....? Did you really write a series of quests about my zombie parents!?" That should be... um... well, I always felt Thanksgiving needed more undead.

Wednesday Releases

All of our games will be releasing their new quests, items, and updates on Wednesday instead of Friday. AQWorlds and DragonFable will be having double releases this week. (Crazy considering the team only has 3 days to do it...  Go! Go! Go!) On wednesday night, Oishii will return in an encore of our Harvest Festival from the past three years. Be sure to bring your Pigrim armor. (Is that what Scott Pilgrim wears?)

Black Friday and the 1/2 off shops!

This Friday, is the infamous shopping day known as "Black Friday." Retail stores across the U.S. open early, and frenzied shoppers rush in like a swam of Horks to take advantage of special promotions. We have a little tradition in-game... half off weapons! Literally. *dramatic pause* (If you are new to the game, Yulgar actually releases a bunch of our popular in-game weapons that are cut in half.) Also, we will be releasing tons and tons of black armor and items.


The first drawing will be held for the special contest next Monday. Good luck to everyone holding onto their golden cheezburgers. Hope you win! (I really do. I want to hang out with all of you!) A lot of people have noted that you get 1 wish, and are anxious to see the "Wish Menu." But, I think it will be more fun to have the winner make a wish BEFORE they see the menu. Let us call it... a test to see what their heart is really made of.

P.S. This picture on Facebook has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. But feel free to share!

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