Design Notes

March 29, 2013

Face Chaos Lord Lionfang!

It's a HUGE Friday for AQW & AE!

Quick table of contents for today:

  1. Chaos Lord Lionfang Battle
  2. Lionfang Finale Rare Shop
  3. Darkblood StormKing Class
  4. Spring Seasonal Shop Opens
  5. Aria's Pet Egg Quests Begins Sunday
  6. Dage's Birthday Rares & Lucky Day leave next week
  7. Artists of Artix Sketchbook on HeroMart

Chaos Lord Lionfang!

Today you get to face Chaos Lord Lionfang!

He's got the Darkblood Weapon against Chaos and he plans to use it on Drakath. His plan? Take out Drakath to solidify his own Chaos Power then use that power to destroy all evil all over Lore. Unfortunately we know that the weapon won't work against Drakath AND that Chaos Lord Lionfang wasn't quite right in the head BEFORE he became chaorrupted.

You have been entrusted with the sacred Darkblood relic and your only chance to stop is from being wasted on Drakath is to face Lionfang and take it back before it's too late. 

As usual, Lionfang will drop a Member Only version of his own Chaos Lord Armor and helm...

as well as a few other member and non-member items. 

Lionfang Finale Rare Shop

You will also be able to find a week long Lionfang Rares Shop (will go rare Monday, April 8th) where you can find a number of rares that you won't ever see again once they are gone! 

Amazing armors and powerful weapons from contributing artists Memet, Solrac, Aegis, Veneeria and more! 

Darkblood StormKing Class

Each new area we release usually comes with a class that you can unlock by reaching rank 10 in that area's reputation faction. Today we release the thunderforge Rep class... the Darkblood StormKing!

You can get the class one of two ways. 

  1. Reach rank 10 Thunderforge reputation and drop a lot of gold to unlick the class. 
  2. Open the Class Shop (Shops button in Game Menu, Ragnar in Battleon or Book of Lore) and pay 2000 AdventureCoins for the AC version if you don't feel like doing the repeatable rep quests in the Darkblood city of Falguard. 

To read my Skills Breakdown whic tells you everything yuou need to know about the class (like how to use it) CLICK HERE!

Spring Seasonal Shop Opens

The Seasonal Key shop in Twilly has changed! The lock has melted and the Ice Token will not longer give you access to the rares! Now you will need to purchase the Storm Token from Twilly to open this shop until for a limited time. 

This shop now contains:

  • ThunderBolt Striker Armor (animated)
  • ThunderHorn Helm
  • Lightning Slasher 
  • DaggerDual Lightning Slashers
  • Electric Storm Cape! (animated)

Remember that once the storms of spring pass and the lock heats up these items will go rare and get replaced by the summer seasonal items!

Aria's Pet Egg Hunt!

Sunday Aria begins her series of pet egg quests. For a limited time Aria will sell you rare monster eggs (one Member & one Non-Member) and you will be able to do a number of repeatable quests to merge your egg and farming items into several different rare pets. 

This is a rare chance for non-members to farm for pets of their own and it won't last forever!

Dage's Birthday & Lucky Day Leaving!

It's been a great birthday month for Dage but next Wednesday, Dage's birthday rares (shop and SoulForge rares) will be leaving forever! Monday will also bring the Lucky Day Faire to a close until next year. How was your luck this year?

The Artists of Artix Sketchbook is LIVE!

It has been one of the most eagerly anticipated HeroMart items of all time but the wait is over. The Artists of Artix Sketchbook is LIVE on HEROMART! You can read more about that in the next Design Notes Post! 

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