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March 28, 2013

Darkblood StormKing Class

The Thunderforge Rep Class Arrives Tomorrow!

The Darkblood have always lived in Thunderforge. The evil race has thrived beneath the never-ending thunderstorms that cover the region. Centuries before the city of Falguard was built, the tribes of Darkblood regularly went to war over the resources in the region. They kept coming up with new and inventive ways to destroy each other until finally one of the Darkblood elders found a way to magically bind the power and fury of Thunderforge's storms and use their might as weapons. 

The Darkblood StormKing as born.

It takes a rare type of person to become a StormKing (the term also applies to females, there are no StormQueens). You have to have an affinity for magic, a close connection to the natural world and the will to enslave nature itelf to obey your commands. 

How, When and Where To get Your StormKing Class

Tomorrow the Darkblood StormKing Class is being released. It will be in the Thunderforge Rep Shop in Falguard as well as in the Class Shop (Menu Shops Button, Ragnar NPC in Battleon or your Book of Lore). The reputation version, of course, requires rank 10 ThunderForge Rep and a healthy amount of gold and the AC version costs 2000 ACs. There are also a number of helms for males and females that match the set but these are only available in the Thunderforge Rep shop (Several Member Options, a few non-member and all require rank 10 rep). 


The class is a straight up caster so you will want the biggest and best Wizard Enh you can possibly grab. We've also done some tweaking with the way that this class works... since it's 100% caster we decided to make it's AUTO ATTACK damage dependant on Int too. In my case (level 50 with FULL Wiz Enh), this has resulted in DOUBLING my AA damage over most other classes. While that is fun and exciting it made balancing this class extra tough. 

The mana costs may APPEAR a little high but with Mage Regen Model (mana back on hitting an enemy with an inversley proportional relationship to your HP) and Thunderclap you should be able to balance your mana flow if you don't button mash. 

This is a thinking players class. You need to pay attention to play it well but once you master it you will be able to farm mobs, bosses or dominate in PvP. 


2 second cooldown

A strong attack known only to disciplined fighters.

Remember. This class's AA Damage is tied to its INT so make sure that ALL of your gear is full of Wizard ENH and you won't be sorry. 


20 mana, 3 second cooldown

You bring the power of the storm to bear against your enemy. Using this skill on enemies with Shocked applied will heal you until Shocked fades. You will regain mana when you use this skill on enemies who have Thunderstruck applied to them. 

This already a decently strong attack without the special powers that come from Shocked or Thunderstruck. We'll cover those next. 


40 mana, 12 second cooldown

You channel the power of pure lightning through your hands and strike up to 3 enemies at once. Applies Shocked to all enemies hit. Shocked lasts for 10 seconds, will replace Thunderstruck and reduces affected enemies damage output.

I know what you're thinking but the mana and cooldown are NOT typos, although until you unlock the next skill you might want to equip some mana potions, just in case. This is one half of your heal skill. After you cast this be sure to take note which enemies you hit or miss, and focus on the ones you hit. 

Once you hit an enemy they will have Shocked on them for 10 seconds. If you use Storm Call to hit a Shocked enemy you will get back a healthy amount of HP, and you can usually hit them 3 times before shocked fades. At level 50 with the right enh you will get back nearly 400 HP per hit, or 1200 in the 10 second duration.

On top of all of that this is also a very decent attack with a slight enemy debuff, which is always fun. 


40 mana, 12 second cooldown

You devastate your enemies with mighty boom of thunder, hitting up to 3 enemies at once and has a chance to stun them. Applies Thunderstruck to all enemies hit. Thunderstruck lasts for 10 second and will replace Shocked.

This is your other farming skill and it has a 50% chance of stunning anything that it hits (up to 3 monsters). It also applies Thunderstruck to anyone it hits. Again, you want to pay attention to who gets hit because when you use Storm Call on a Thunderstruck enemy, you get mana back on every hit (more than the mana you spend of Storm Call) until Thunderstruck fades. 

This is where being smart really comes in. You will really have to be present and ware of the battle to decide if you want to hit them with Skyfire or Thunderclap. Sometimes, you need HP, sometimes mana and sometimes. Sometimes you could really use a stun and sometimes you just need to deal decent damage to the mob you've pulled. 

Remember that a target can be Thunderstruck or Shocked, but never both at the same time. Choices, choices. 


Rank 4 passives

Damage Output Increased by 10%

Critical chance increased by 10%

More damage is always good but the increased crit is rally the gem here. Read on to understand why. 


90 mana, 12 second cooldown

Fires a Ball Lightning, The rarest form of naturally occurring lightning, at your enemy. This attack has an increased chance to crit and will do additional damage to any enemy who has either Shocked or Thunderstruck applied. 

Yup, it pretty much drains all of your mana, and the cooldown is only 12 seconds so, again, you will need to decide when to use this and not just try and spam your nuke. PLAY SMART. In addition to being a decently high damage attack this skill has a naturally higher chance to crit, on top of the 10% crit boost you get from Tempest. You stand a pretty good chance of critting which will produce some nice, juicy orange numbers. 

On top of THAT, you also get a damage boost from anything that is Shocked or Thunderstruck. It means that you will sacrifice at least one hit of Storm Call meaning you're giving up one shot of the secondary effect. Keep that in mind. 


Rank 10 passive

Once in a great while, you tap into the pure fury of Thunderforge's perpetual storm and deal massive damage to your enemy. 

Randomly hit your target for HUGE numbers, as other skills in the past have done. It's not something you can count on but it IS a nice treat when it happens. 

I probably made StormKing sound a lot more complicated than it actually is, but you guys were asking for a class that could farm or go solo against bosses with a lot of interplay between the skills and we did our best ti give you that. Have fun with it. 

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