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February 15, 2013

Battle Coliseum

A Tournament Of Champions For A Princesses Hand

Princess Brittany, eldest daughter of King Alteon and heir to the throne of Swordhaven is holding a Tournament of Heroes and the winner earn the right to court the lovely young princess. 

Who will win the right to Princess Brittany's hand? Will it be the Desert Prince, The Silver Knight, The dashing Lord Brentan, The frigid Johan Wryce, the mysterious hooded Faceless Knight, the viscious Sir Roderick or one of the red-shirt knights who get taken out in the first cutscene? 

This special Heroes Heart Day release features the second appearance of the music of Mia J. Park! It also features an amazing number of items in both the Tournament Rare shop and the Tournament Shop!

One Last Quibble Buff

Solrac has provided one last set to round off this run of Quibble. The Split Fang set!

An impressive caster armor provided to a elite group of magi within Xavier's arm of the Golden Onslaught. 

The Alpha Omega Class

The EpicDuel imspired Alpha Omega class also drops tonight!

This class is only 1000 ACs (half price!) or Members can earn it through group PvP (some of the set items can be earned through 1v1 PvP too). 

You will be able to buy the AC version from Ragnar's Class Shop (Or the Classes button in your Book of Lore) or get the Member earned version from Ragnar's Merge Shop. 

This class will NOT be going rare, so you have plenty of time to earn the Member version. If you want to know more about how it works check out my Alpha Omega Skills Breakdown

Carnaval and Chinese New Year Stick Around

Chinese New Year and Carnaval are still here! Terra da Festa is a permenant addition to the game but the rare shop and Chinese New year will be leaving very soon so don't miss out on the celebration items that you like!

BONUS CONTENT: I probably made some typos in this DNs post. Have fun finding them. OR ELSE!

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