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March 31, 2012

Something Weird is Going On

The Lab is Quiet... A Little Too Quiet

Which makes sense because it's Saturday night at nearly midnight, but still...

... something doesn't feel right. My guts are telling me that there's a storm coming and my guts are almost always right.

I guess I'm writing this to try and

Greetings Minions

Sorry to interrupt Cysero but I'm an important person and I have something to say.

I am Chairman Platinum, CEO of EBILCORP, the new owner of AdventureQuest Worlds... or should I say EBILQuest Worlds.

The face of your new leader. Get used to it.

EBILCORP has acquired EBILQuest Worlds and the former Artix Entertainment "Secret" Underground Lab in a very hostile take over.

I'm pleased to announce that the days of argument over non-member versus Member are over. The game's new center will be on profit at the expense of you, the little guy. All you new minions will be treated equally and you can expect to be charged more money for less game. We don't have time to do weekly releases so releases will be moved to a yearly schedule.

This is only the first phase of my master plan to infiltrate your lives, take what I want and leave you in the dust.

The best part is that it's already happened, and there's nothing you Cysero, Alina or even Artix can do about it.

Enjoy EBILQuest Worlds, Phase I and Happy EBIL Fools Day.... you fools!





haven't found me. hid inside giant AE coffee maker. hacked the site. don't worry. won't let this happen to you. play along and stay safe until resistance is set up. will contact you soon. Battle on! -C

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