Design Notes

May 06, 2021

Server Performance and Bug Fixes

What is the "ServerTest" server?

This is an updated version of the regular Live AQW servers, with some performance and bug fixes.  This is NOT the "new" AQW mobile server.

Before rolling out changes to the live servers on Friday, we need to make sure there are no mysterious bugs or side effects to the code changes.


Want to help test?  Here is how: 

Log into the "ServerTest" server and just play the game like normal. 

If you have any strange problems or bugs, keep a note of them.   Then logout, and log into one of the regular Live servers, and try the exact same actions again. 

If the problem bug is ONLY on the ServerTest server, please Report the bug at the Bugs site.

If you report a real bug, and we can reproduce the problem, and the problem ONLY exists on the ServerTest server, you will earn a "Server Tester" badge.


Brief List of Changes

New Changes (May 6-10, 2021)

  • Selling items when you are at the max gold cap, will refund zero gold, but the item will be removed from your inventory. Fixes house item selling bug.
  • Fixed lots of random bugs, where player data is "missing" and the server tries to make changes anyway.
  • In PVP zones, it is no longer allowed to Get items from your Bank.  You can store items, but can not swap or pull items from Bank. 
  • Added cool downs to guild,friend, and duel invites.  Less spam!

Changes (April 26, 2021)

  • Better warning messages when guild, party, and friend actions fail.
  • Buying items that are higher than your character level are blocked.
  • Item drops from monsters will now have enhancement level equal to your char level, unless the item is a higher than your char level. It will not be enhanced.
  • If you try to go to a player house that does not exist, and you already own a home, you will get an warning message, instead of going to the buyhouse map.
  • Removed an old process that would often lag the entire system every 15 minutes.
  • If you log into another game server, this server will show a warning message, instead of Kick for some actions, like quest turn-in, equipping gear.  More improvements in this area will be coming soon.
  • Faster server reboot time.
  • Many other behind-the-scenes performance and bug fixes.
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