Design Notes

October 08, 2010

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall...

Enter the Mirror Realm!

AQW's Birthday Event has officailly begun! We have opened the pre-event room which allows you to see the first 2 cutscenes in the event, grants you access to the special AC Rare Shop and introduces you to PAUL and STORM!

Most of the AE staff are online now with Paul and Storm (whose largest show is about 12k people, let';s see if we can beat it!). Come hang out with us (if you can find us) and say HI! The full event will begin in SOON so get ready... the fate of 2 WORLDS rests on YOU!

Thanks to the Miltonius who did the character design for Drakath, and his new armor (which you can get by fighting the SUPER hard boss at the end of the event) and animating a staggering 8 cutscenes this week! Thanks also to Dage, Skyline and J6 for making some truly stunning items that you will ONLY be able to get during the birthday event. Thanks to Llussion and our new coder Yorumi for making this mess work. Thanks to Beleen and Artix for handling all the press for the event and a very very SPECIAL thank you to Jonathan Coulton who was kind enough to lend us "Skullcrusher Mountain" and to the amazing Paul and Storm for all their hard work, willingness to say anything that I wrote for them, and for lending us their musical tanents for this special event!

Join the fun now!

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