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April 11, 2013

J6 Saga Study Guide

A Simple Guide to a Complex Saga

Embark on the exciting conclusion of the J6 Saga this Friday evening!


Here’s a helpful spoiler-free guide to aid you on your J6 adventures from beginning to end. Give a great big THANK YOU to Sora To Hoshi for helping with this guide and providing screenshots =D

Pencil Puddle

J6 goes out for a picnic and forgets to draw his zone. But not all is what it seems! Fight the Sketchy Dragon for a clue to find the elusive Bounty Hunter J6.

pencil puddle

Begin your J6 adventures by typing /join J6 in the chat field in-game!

The Rusty Spittoon Saloon

Grab some Moglinberry juice and help the local patrons with their quests. Discover valuable information about the mysterious J6 and test your knowledge against the Bounty Hunter himself.


Answer all of J6’s questions correctly and he’ll award you with coordinates to his Hyperium Spaceship!


Watch out for those darn Turrets! You and your friends must work together as a team to get past the Turrets. Don’t give up—it WILL take some time! Crack into the Bounty Hunter armory by clicking on the gauges in the correct order, meet H.A.L. the computer, and find the hidden VR Room Access Card.


Continue on your quest with J6 and pay special attention to his clues!


Once you’ve found the VR Room Access card, you can embark on Virtual Reality missions! Explore the Zephyrus train, talk to the passengers, and make sure none of them are hiding anything.


Retrieve the Crystallized Dragons Breath, spin open a chamber, and run across the Zephyrus roof until you reach the Hyperium once more!

Planet Westion

Finding the Chapter 5 Datadisk allows you to find out more about J6! Travel through the Moonyard playing AS J6 but make sure to hold your nose… because this is one Virtual Reality simulation that really STINKS!


Kick some Robo-butt in the Moonyard and return to the Hyperium when finished.

Banzai Planet

After helping H.A.L. with some missions, find the location of Datadisk 4 and journey to Banzai! Nullify all life on this planet by winning multiple mini games and defeating the L.O.S.E.R.S.


After disarming the bomb, make your way back to the Hyperium floating through space and complete your mission.

Evil Medieval

Help H.A.L. and get a clue to the location of Datadisk 3. Watch the content of this Chapter 3 Datadisk in the VR Room once you found it.


Afterwards, speak with J6 and help him with his last minute quests before taking flight into hyperspace!

j6 hyperium

Take H.A.L. Offline

Now that you are in hyperspace, go to the VR Room and await instructions from the Baron.


You need to find a way to turn H.A.L. off—so you must challenge your Memory against his!

hal minigame

Defeat H.A.L. at his game and discover the secret to powering down this super computer.

Last Week’s Cliffhanger

Once the Baron breaks onto the Hyperium, it is up to YOU to decide weather or not to Shoot J6 or Spare J6’s Life.

Baron on Board!

And this Friday, YOU are the sole decider of J6's fate! Will you be the Bounty Hunter's friend or foe? Will you help him with his mission… or put a permanent end to J6?

Log in tomorrow night for the highly anticipated J6 Saga Finale! 

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