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January 03, 2013

The Chaos Rift has Opened

AmberHeart Tower Falls to Chaos!

WatchTower Log - Day 2 of the attack

As I write, the screams of my men rise up from the training grounds below. If I close my eyes, I can see them falling to their knees, heads in their hands. When they look up... through the smoke and anarchy, I can see they are not the boys I trained to guard our world. 

Tentacles wrap their forearms, fusing their hands to hilts. Eyes - always watching, looking everywhere - appear like cancers, like pustules all over their bodies. And the laughter...

The sound of their laughter sears my soul. I weep for what they were... and what has become of my mission. I broke away from the battle against my lieutenant and ran up to the records room. As I write this, the wound in my side grows hotter. I will not last much longer.

I hope you read this, Warlic, my friend. Remember our school days, when I told you I was smarter than you? Lie 1. And later, when we crossed Lore battling each other and ourselves, you claimed I would never best you in combat. Lie 2. But this, now... you said you would always come when I needed you.

Yet you aren't here. I never thought that would be Lie 3. Please, hurry! Every Blade of Order will have been Chaorrupted by now. I am too strong to give in to Death, and I can't bear the thought of serving our most hated enemy. 

I go now, back downstairs, back to the training ground. To the killing ground. I will fight them all - my men, my friends - because they do not deserve this fate. And neither do I. When you get here - if you do - nothing will be left for you except this wreck of a once-proud watchtower.

Please, light the beacon! Summon aid and warn the world. Amberheart has fallen. Chaos is coming!

Vormund Vigil-Keeper
Commander of Amberheart Tower

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