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October 24, 2014

Double Battle On, Toil, and Trouble

A Super Sweet Mogloween Throwback*

The previous freight filled Mogloween throwback was about smashing the Great Pumpkin King and helping out in the Mystcroft mansion. This installment is all about conquering the Candy Shop and Candy Corn Fields. The biggest problem this time isn’t making the candy, is keeping it away from the Moglinsters and Children of the Candycorn.

Little Candy Shop of Horrors

The heroes of Lore have vanquished vampires, ghosts, and ghouls, but are they ready for the ultimate challenge? Moglins may start out tiny and huggable but give it some sugar and get ready for trouble. Sugar crazed Moglins, or Moglinsters are the worst nightmare of the candy making sisters. The question is, how did these creatures get the sweets they are so highly protected from? If the Moglin’s provider can be found, this unlawful candy trade will will be stopped.

A Shocking Experience

2010, a year after the Moglinster’s Candy Shop seizure, the Cauldron sisters found their way into another fiasco at the resident Candycorn farm. The parents are no where to be found and the children are battling far past their bedtimes. Parents or not, these kids are too young for their weapons and chaos eye accessories anyway. Can anyone restore order and fix the problems on the farm? Better stalk the situation seriously, so one can meet the real monster behind the mischief.

Like Taking Candy From a Baby

One of the best things about Mogloween time with AE are all the sweet rewards from monster slaying. The Candycorn Farm is a great place to farm your spooktacular time away. With Lol-E-Pops, Candy Corns, and Box-Chocolates available as a drop from every monster in Mystcroft, getting all the reagents for the merge shop will be a piece of cake. With nearly 40 items in the Mogloween merge shop, one can farm their way to the grave and still not earn them all.

Sugar Crashed Schedule

Big thanks to all who submitted to this Frightening Mogloween Throwback! These posts are all about the players, so it only makes sense to showcase how awesome everyone of you is at slaying spooks. I wish I had enough time to write posts to fit every player photo received. As always please tweet me @ACWOAE or comment on the forums with everything and anything on past Mogloweens. Whether you are brand new player or a seasoned veteran, I hope you spend time carving pumpkins, hanging with friends & family, and have the most candy-crazed Mogloween yet!

*Hey Throwback Friday can become a thing. ~STH

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