Design Notes

March 29, 2011

Ayi Jihu / Fear Chaser

Fear Chaser Event Coming to AQW!

Ayi Jihu is not an ordinary musical artist.

Don't get me wrong, she is a very talented chinese-born performer who speaks more languages than she knows what to do with. She has a huge number of fans from all around the globe and a laugh that can stop traffic but there is something a little different about her.

She can also see and do battle with people's fears.

Ayi Jihu is the FEAR CHASER and she is coming to AQWorlds on April 15th in a special fear-fighting musical event!

Her musical message is a very positive one. After rising from a humble farmer's daughter to one of the hottest up-and-coming artists in all of Asia she has come to understand that your own fears are the greatest obstacle between you and your dreams. She's trying to get the message out there that ANYONE can achieve anything they want... rise to any height... if they just have the courage to stand up and face their own fears.

You can expect Ayi's music to be featured in the event and she has been kind enough to agree to do her own voice acting for the event. As usual, there will be a pre-show merch shop and an Achievement Badge but the event is still under construction and Ayi and the AQW team need YOUR help to complete it.

We want to know what your three biggest fears are:

  • Heights
  • Creepy Crawlies (snakes, bugs and spiders)
  • Death
  • Failure
  • Clowns
  • or The Dark

We will pick your greatest fears and work them into the event!

Let us know on the Forums in today's Design Notes Thread!

Limited Quantity Shop Returns THIS FRIDAY!

You can expect to see Khuddar and his Limited Quantity Shop THIS FRIDAY starting at exactly 1:00 PM server time.

This time the shop will contain 5000 of Dage's Prometheus Set. That is 5000 Armors, 5000 Helms, 5000 Capes, 5000 Weapons. There will also be a few alternate helms and maybe an additional weapon that will match the set. Or course you can expect to see the remaining 2900 color Custom Plague Scythes and probably a few other items in there as well for members and non-member gold.

Prometheus Pricing:
  • Armor - 1500 AC
  • Helm - 400 AC
  • Cape - 400 AC
  • Weapon - 900 AC

Total Set price: 3200 ACs for all that you see in he picture above. Alternate helms, weapons  and other item prices are to be announced at the shop's release. The shop will last 1 week. If there are any left-over items then they will return in the shop next time until sold out completely.

NONE of these items will be returning to AQW. Once they are gone, they are gone forever.

Member Only Skyguard Hover-Base Coming Friday

Happy to say that we are expanding Stratos' Skyguard storyline by adding a new Skyguard Hover-base on Friday. It will serve as the hub town when we eventually continue the storyline further and expand it to an entire aea.

You will need to have completed all of the quests in /join airship before you will be allowed to land the Phearless at the Skyguard's mobile base of opperations, but once there you will find a pet shop, a hair shop, an item depot and several Skyguard Reputation Quests. Stratos will be the Rep Vendor for the area.

I think we will also be releasing a few more Player Suggestion items and, of course, an April Fool's Day surprise. :)

See you then!

SponZard Items

Some of you may have noticed a pretty new button in Battleon. It's a new advert system that we are working on bring to AQW. Clicking this button will get you some nice free stuff that has been sponsored (SponZard, get it?) by some of our friendly advertizers. You might get a Gold boost or XP Boost, maybe a health potion that makes you glow gleaming white or something else.

The button won't be there for everyone and it's not there all the time, but if you are one of the lucky few that it might randonly spawn for then help yourself to the free items! We're still working the bugs out of the system so clicky at your own risky!




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