Design Notes

July 01, 2013

The 1st of July…

…is the beginning of nonstop fun all week long!

Can you believe it’s already July? Time files when you’re having fun—so /equip your favorite Wings because this week is packed with fantastic adventures in your favorite online fantasy game!

Happy Canada Day!

Here’s a tribute to our friends up north! Today is Canada Day where we celebrate the anniversary of the British North America Act, enacted in 1867. But in 2013, AQWorlds celebrates with in-game Canada Day Seasonal Rares!

Canada Day

Those are some nice items, eh?

Check your Game Menu to find the Freedom Day Shop this afternoon. And then get your Canada on in Battleon!

Tuesday’s Artist Showcase Shop

Tomorrow brings in a new Featured Artist to the Artist Showcase Shop! My shop is still available for another day, but when the clock strikes 4pm EST on Tuesday, all my Derp and Pink goodies will be replaced with Diozz’s epic mecha items! 

Beleen's derp and pink items

Derps, Hurps, and Cuddles available for 1 more day!

Wanna see what Diozz has in store for you? OKAY!

Diozz sketches for mecha items

Mega Mecha Sketches by Diozz

Those are just previews—but if you wanna see more, head on over to Diozz’s Twitter, Follow him, and then check out his Photos! Spoiler pics will arrive tomorrow on the Design Notes =D

Freedom Rings!

Thursday is July 4th, and if you hail from the lands of USA, you know it’s our National Independence Day! Celebrate our country’s independence with all-things American: BBQ, red white & blue, and…blowing things up with fireworks!

Independence Day in AQW

Red, white, and BOOM!

In the Freedom Day Shop, you can score Liberty Seasonal Rare items starting today. And be sure to take lots of screenshots with your and your friends celebrating Canada Day and Independence Day!

Friday’s Release!

  • Legion Class
  • Trigoras Challenge fight
    • various levels
    • the highest level version is Member Only
  • New Quests in Battleon Town
    • Cysero will send you on crazy missions
  • New Hairstyles created by Jemini!

xoxo Beleen =D

PS: All Undead Legion members will be able to /join underworld and talk to Dage for a FREE Legion gift! Depending on what Dage decides to make, it might be a weapon, a pet, or accessory. The item will cost 0 ACs and will require no Legion Tokens or questing to get. This is our gift to you for being loyal followers of the Undead Legion!

PPS: Some older quests were updated over the weekend to patch exploitable holes. The wiki should be all up to date by now thanks to two of our staff wiki volunteers, Hina and ingomarelementary!

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