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October 21, 2016

Don't Panic!

The Internet Went Kersplodey

Hey, guys. This morning, there was a massive DDOS attack against one of the DNS servers on east coast. This was not something that was done to us specifically, however it does seem to be affecting us - as well as Twitter, and a TON of other sites. If you're finding it hard to log into AQWorlds, this is probably the reason why.

For more information about this attack, just click here.

Hopefully this gets resolved soon! Battle on!


ETA: Apparently the website that the first link was posted on is also having issues. Oops! If you can't get to it, try this one instead.

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February 26, 2016

BioBeast Prison Break!

Mayday! Mayday! Distress Signal Coming In From Delta V!

Tonight, get ready to leave Lore and travel to a distant planet: Delta V! The megalomaniacal scientist Alydriah Descarl has been collecting rare beasts from different worlds and performing cruel genetic experiements on them - her own personal BioBeast army! But the Beasts aren't having it, and the Lab's robotic assistant, Plink, wants to recuit YOU to help them escape!

Don't mess with that bunny.

This week's release is based on our newest mobile game, BioBeasts. This makes me incredibly excited and happy, because BioBeasts is my jam. I'm not even just saying that because I did a lot of art for the game, I swear! I've never really been a big mobile player, but BioBeasts has the kind of fast arcade-style gameplay I grew up with, and it managed to suck me in HARD. I play it in bed. I play it in the car. I play it in the shower with my phone in a plastic bag. (Don't try that last one yourself, I am setting a really bad example here.)

Anyway, point is, I love this game.

So, of course when I was asked to create a BioBeasts themed release for AQWorlds, I squealed like an otaku at a pocky factory, and set to work creating a fun dungeon crawl featuring all of our favorite Biobeasts (and enemies!) from the original game.

Be a Toxic Mantis! Or keep one as a pet.

The team has also put together a ton of cool BioBeasts-themed gear, including:

  • Toxic Mantis armor with 3 capes and 3 helms
  • Bionic Bunny armor and helm
  • Monkakazi Bomb Cape
  • Hovercraft Boss Cape
  • Hatchling, Pillbug and Toxic Mantis pets
  • Toxic Mantis battlepet
  • Salamancer-themed sword
  • Kartherax-themed scythe

Are you excited? I'm excited.

BioBeasts: Now Available for Android and iOS Devices

BioBeasts - from the creators of EpicDuel - is now available for Android and iOS mobile devices! Download it now and become as addicted as I am.

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June 21, 2015

Featured Artist Limited Quantity Packages

Rare Collectors, You Won't Want to Miss This Gear!

Starting tonight, June 19th, at 11:00 PM server time, head to our Limited Quantity Set page to grab one of our newest Limited Quantity Package sets! Each item has been crafted by one of AQWorlds' most talented artists, and with the "Return of the Living Devs" summer event, this is the perfect time to release them!

Each package ties in with one of the first three event releases - Artix's Ebil Dreadspace zone (coming this Friday!), Cysero's Deadmoor Spirit story, and Beleen's Chaos Queen insanity. If you like collecting souvenirs from your favorite AQW events, then you will NOT want to miss your chance to get your gauntlets on this gear!

Dage’s DreadSpace Set 
Includes an armor, helms, and weapons. Items give additional XP and Class Points when equipped.

Price: 2000 ACs
Quantity: 5000 sets
Initial stock: 3000 sets
Restock amount: 400 sets per restock

Nulgath’s Void Rider Armor 
Includes motorcycle mount armor. gives 15% more Class Points when equipped.

Price: 1000 ACs
Quantity: 5000 sets
Initial stock: 3000 sets
Restock amount: 400 sets per restock

Nulgath’s Void Rider Armor and Pets
Includes motorcycle mount armor, Legend-only Battle Pet and regular pet. Armor 15% more Class Points when equipped.

Price: 150,000 gold 
Quantity: 3000 sets
Initial stock: 2000 sets
Restock amount: 200 sets per restock

This package is available to anyone with an active or expired account membership.

Memet's Pet and Weapon Combo
Includes pet and two weapons. Items give bonus to Rep and Gold when equipped.

Price: 100,000 gold (available for all players)
Quantity: 20000 sets
Initial stock: 10000 sets
Restock amount: 2000 sets per restock

This package is available for all players.

Limited Quantity Package Restock Schedule

The Featured Artist Limited Quantity Packages become available at 11:00 PM (that's midnight) this Friday, June 19th!  Not sure when that is in your part of the world? Here's a timezone converter to make setting your alarm easier!

  1. 11:00 PM Friday, 6/19 (initial stock)
  2. 9:00 AM Saturday, 6/20
  3. 7:00 PM Saturday, 6/20
  4. 5:00 AM Sunday, 6/21
  5. 3:00 PM Sunday, 6/21
  6. 1:00 AM Monday, 6/22 (final restock)

How Do Limited Quantity Sets Work?

  1. Log into a special LQS webpage on 
  2. Purchase the set using either ACs or gold (if you have EVER upgraded your account, you can purchase the Legend sets for gold!)
  3. Log into AQW and find your set badge in the Book of Lore (no character page badge attached.)

Note: Item quantities will restock throughout the weekend so that everyone gets a fair chance at the gear. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Will there be enough items for everyone? No, but with multiple restocks your chances of getting an item are pretty good... as long as you keep an eye on your clock and don't miss the restock!
  • Will item quantities update automatically? No, but once you purchase an item from the shop or revisit the page, you'll see an updated amount. 
  • If a set doesn't sell out right away, will the restock amount roll over? Yes. The next restock amount will always be added to the previous amount of gear. Gear not sold before a restock will remain in the shop.
  • Will the items be 0 ACs? All items in the Limited Quantity Packages will be 0 ACs, so you can keep them in your bank for free, forever!
  • Do I have to have an active Membership to buy the Member-only sets? You do not need to have an active upgrade to purchase the Legend sets, as long as you have purchased a membership for your account at any time in the past!
  • Can I return the package if I don't like it? The items from the Limited Quantity Packages are non-refundable, like our other item packages.

Find examples of the web page's layout on our Limited Quantity Set FAQ page


April 16, 2015

Feed Your Fear This Weekend

Upgrade to Battle Through the Nightmare Realm!

Battle through the Land of Dreams and Nightmares in the ultimate test of courage! Face your fears, fight to stay alive, and learn who sent you on this deadly - and mysterious - quest. JUST as you arrive at the Phoenixrise Gate... Memet the Nightmare Moglin appears! She's got a terrifying test for Legends this weekend... all to satisfy a mysterious stranger and their need to know more about YOU!

free rpg mmo nightmare battles

Legends can /join nightmare to begin the Nightmare Gauntlet. Face some of the most horrifying fears Memet can through at you:

  • Clowns
  • Snakes
  • Spiders
  • Needles
  • Heights
  • and more!

Note: you'll need to have completed the Legend-only Brimstone release to begin Memet's trials. If you're all up to date, /join nightmare and talk to Memet, then watch the first cutscene to begin!

free rpg mmo nightmare rewards

Find horrifyingly-cool gear in Memet's shop, plus some nightmarish item drops from monsters inside the Gauntlet! 

The Vaderix Have Attacked the Guardiant Tower!

ALL heroes can /join comet tonight and battle the Vaderix! This invader (and its spawn) rode the comet that struck Battleon's Guardian Tower on Monday. Take on the Vaderix in this first encounter with a nightmarish new species of monster!

The Vaderix has a chance to drop its armor, helm, and cape for heroes brave enough to battle it!

Don't miss any of this weekend's other exciting releases:

What are YOU most afraid to face in this weekend's release? Tell us on Facebook, on Twitter, on Reddit, and the forums!


March 17, 2015

Unlucky Leperchaun Class

Memet posting for Zereldo!

Unlucky Leperchaun Class Skills Writeup

Something Lucky Has Become Unlucky!

The Unlucky Leperchaun* class us a heavily modified version of the existing Evolved Leperchaun class, which has also returned for (Un)lucky Day. The first two skills have been completely replaced, while the last two skills have been modified. This class also has shorter cooldowns and better mana management than Evolved Leprechaun does.

  • This class will be permanently rare. Once it leaves the game, it is gone forever!
  • You can buy Unlucky Leperchaun for gold if you are a Legend, or you can buy it for 2000 ACs.

Unlucky Leperchaun Breakdown

Mana regen: regenerate mana in the same way rogues do. Whenever you dodge or crit you willr egain some of your mana. Dodging also gives you some of your HP back.

For Stats and Enhancements: Unlucky Leperchauns are designed to use luck and will benefit from most luck enhancements.

Auto Attack

2 second cooldown.
A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.
You’ve seen this before on many classes. It needs no further explanation.

Rank 1: Unluck of the Irish

10 mana, 8 second cooldown.

Instantly cause 50% weapon damage and alter your damage. Because you are unlucky this will either Increase your damage output by 20% or decrease your damage output by 10%.

Although this skill has an element of risk, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Those of you with a keen eye will notice that with the high level of haste this class has, this skill is loopable. You might also notice that your rank 3 skill Luck Reserves can actually negate the 10% damage reduction, or just take your total damage boost up to 30%

Rank 2: Unlucky Strike

10 mana, 6 second cooldown.

This one is unlucky for your foe, not you. It does 125% weapon damage.
This skill gives you what Evolved Leprechaun did not have: a reliable damage dealing move. Although it has no effects, it has a huge damage number from all your other skills influencing it.

Rank 3:  Luck Reserves

15 Mana, 20 second cooldown.

You dispel a portion of your bad luck and deal moderate damage, Also applies Stalic for 12 seconds which causes all attacks to do 110% damage, increases Crit Chance and Crit Damage by an additional 7% each. Also reduces all incoming damage by 40% for 6 seconds.

If your other moves have hit you with a little too much bad luck this is how you make it go away. Those of you who know evolved leprechaun well will be familiar with it. It increases your power but also has some damage resistance tagged on so it can counter the negative effects of Unluck of the Irish and Dark Side of the Rainbow.

Rank 4: Shed Dead Weight & Luck of the Undead

Increases Haste by 15% and Crit Chance by 10%

This increases your haste which means your longer cooldowns don't hurt you as much, and it increases your crit chance which helps with your mana regen.

Rank 5: Dark Side of the Rainbow

20 Mana, 30 second cooldown.

 Increases your LUCK stat by 15%, haste, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage by 10%, and your dodge by 25% for 15 seconds. Also increases your damage taken by 25% for 15 seconds.

Once you unlock this skill, it is the core of your class. It has more dodge power the Evolved Leprechaun, but it also makes you take more damage. Taking 25% more damage in order to increase your dodge by 25% more may not seem like the best trade, but the key lies in your mana regen model. Dodging gives you more Mana and Health, so this does help you deal more damage. Because of your naturally high dodge rate, you won’t be getting hit very often anyway. When you opponents do hit through your dodge, it really will be an unlucky occurrence.

Rank 10: Eirinn Go Brasch

Rarely, your astounding luck allows you to do QUADRUPLE damage on all crits for 10 seconds.

Final Thoughts

As far as this goes, I think it fits the theme of “unlucky” without being detrimental to the class. The self harm effects don’t seem too harsh and are well worth the risk. Playing the class right can also nullify them. My best advice would be to use your 4th skill whenever possible, as it gives you a lot of power and Mana regen. You might want to watch out when using your attack skills. You don’t want to get your mana too low and be stuck for a while unable to use Dark Side of the Rainbow.

*This is not a Typo. It has been purposefully called “Leperchaun” rather than Leprechaun to better signify that it is zombielike.

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July 07, 2014

Legendary Chaos Loot

3 Brand New Legend Only Storylines!

With Drakath’s chaos forces moving as an almost unstoppable force, the alliance is looking for anyway to come out on top. Last week, BattleOn’s Loremasters didn't find a way to defeat the chaos, but they DID locate artifacts to help in the final battle! It’s time to get dungeon crawling Heros, as these three releases are Legend…wait for it…dary!

Explore the Legend Only:

  • Dungeon of Doom

  • Killer Katacombs

  • Pyramids of Pain

  • Drafting New Troops

    While Alina writes most of the releases (with occasional help from Artix, Beleen or me), I’m happy to say we've allowed 3 of our volunteers staff members - Optional Geek, Aster, and ACW0 - to take over this Legend Only release while she focuses on the ever-close Chaos Finale!

    Deadly Dungeon of Dire Doom

    Inside the Dungeon of Doom you will find the mysterious Staff of Mayhem. Optional Geek took great care in creating a suitable home for this weapon of mass destruction, and is thrilled to share the deadly overview with you:

    Kittens are the deadliest creatures.

    If the name isn't enough to scare you away, then I'm not sure what will. Journey to the bottom of the Deadly Dungeon of Dire Doom to find out who the mysterious voicebelongs to! Fight your way through Munchers, Draugr, and even a kitty to get to the bottom and quiet the voice! Get ready for a deadly dungeon crawl!

    Killer Katacombs

    Hidden away in the Killer Katacombs lies a weapon to last a lifetime. Aster created a map to make even the barest Hero’s skin crawl when housing the Gilded Blade of Eternity. Here’s what Aster has to say about this terrfying questline:

    Dark days ahead for the Darkblood.

    Along the border of Doomwood and Arcangrove there is a dungeon with no reputation. For years tomb robbers, rain-soaked adventurers and the occasional AWOL Mage have entered these catacombs never to return. Naturally, that HAS to mean there's some great treasure in it. Junior Loremaster Donovan knows that the Alliance needs all the help it can get. He figures "the more dangerous the dungeon, the more powerful the prize, right?" He's eagerly waiting for you to arrive at the Killer Katacombs.. Yes. He DID name it himself. Don't judge.

    Pyramid of Pain

    Finally ACW0 soared in making a peril-filled pyramid for the Call of Hope Cape. While this is deeper writing in comparison to his usually Throwbacks, ACW0 has given an overview of what you can find in this ancient relic - 

    Creepers be batty!

    As the oracle of her tribe, Viridi has seen the dismal future that awaits the world if the hero fails. In order to save her tribe, she has disobeyed all orders to meet the hero at the pyramids of pain. She is the only one who can guide the hero to the Kalestri’s most scared treasure, The Call of Hope. With wings such as these, she hopes the hero will soar over any enemy chaos has to offer. Be warned, Heroes, this adventure will test your loyalty like no other.

    Thank You Writers!

    Optional, Aster, and ACW0 would like to wish you happy item hunting as you play through their First Ever AQW Release! Please remember to send them positive feedback, and after seeing this quality work, looks like their first release won’t be their last!

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    June 16, 2014

    Chaos Slayer Class Breakdown

    Chaos Slayer Breakdown

    Memet posting for Mysterious Class Designer!

    Guess who’s back again? The Mysterious Class Designer is here to give you the purple-y and juicy details of Chaos Slayer with this new skills breakdown. As you may already know, Chaos Slayer is separated into 4 classes that have the exact same abilities: Berserker, Thief, Mystic, and Cleric. Chaos Slayer is really a class above classes - or as I like to call it, a class to end classes.

    So much chaos.


    Chaos Slayer embodies the nature and power of Chaos in that you can’t predict what it will do next. However, one thing is certain; this class holds great power. Chaos Slayer is a Physical/Magical hybrid with a Mage’s mana regeneration model. This means that you get mana back based on how much damage you dish out relative to your own HP, especially on crits. Regaining mana won’t be too much trouble, and you’ll see why. The best stats to focus on are Intellect, Strength, and Luck. For this crazy and chaotic class, you have to focus on both your LUK stat and your luck in real life.

    Autoattack: Chaos Blade

     (2.3 second cooldown, 115% weapon damage)

    The Chaos Slayer's weapon attacks are empowered by Chaos making any weapon strike hit like a blade made of pure chaos. Every strike draws in more Chaos blight. Hits up to 3 targets. If you are Chaorrupted, this becomes a single-target ability.

    This autoattack is unique because it hits up to 3 nearby targets. For each successful hit, you gain a stack of Chaos Blight, which increases your damage slightly. This will increase the base power of all your other skills, too. The more targets you hit, the more mana you regain.

    Rank1: Chaorruption

    (5 second cooldown, 15 mana)

    Let the Chaorruption take over and render your physical form. Deals moderate damage and Chaorrupts the Chaos Slayer, increasing crit and hit chance by 10% and focusing all attacks on a single target.

    This ability turns you Chaorrupted and is best used for fighting a single enemy because all of your attacks – including your autoattack – will be aimed at one target only, like when you’re fighting a boss monster. The hit chance and critical strike chance buff are there to help you with mana control. It will ensure that you hit your target more often because you’ll lose your stacks of Chaos Blight if you miss consecutively. The critical strike chance buff will increase your chances to crit and gain more mana back.

    Rank 2: Enigma

    (4 second cooldown, 13 mana)

    Chaos is the unpredictable power shrouded in mystery. What effects will be inflicted onto your targets? Deals no damage and randomly applies up to 4 effects. Hits up to 6 targets, but will become a single-target ability if you are Chaorrupted.

    True to the nature of chaos, this ability can apply as many as 4, or as few as zero, effects to your target. The effects it can potentially trigger are:

    • Anguished - increases your targets’ vulnerability, making them take 50% more damage for 10 seconds.

    • Delusion - blinds your targets and lowers their hit chance for 10 seconds.

    • Impasse - traps your targets and greatly reduces their chance to dodge.

    • Courageous - buff your targets’ defenses, making them take 50% less damage. Yes, that's right – it buffs your enemy. Luckily, this effect has a much lower chance to activate than the others.

      When you are Chaorrupted, Enigma becomes a single-target ability.

    Rank 3: Surge

    (17 second cooldown, 24 mana)

    Summon Chaotic forces to mend your wounds or protect your physical form. Either heals you for a moderate amount over 6 seconds or places a defensive buff significantly reducing all incoming damage for 8 seconds.

    This skill will either give you a heal-over time or reduce all damage you take by more than half. The heal-over-time gets stronger with each stack of Chaos Blight you currently have.

    Rank 4: Passives

    • Enmity – endurance increased by 25%.

    • Ultimate Power – Chaos, the power within, consumes you.

    Who doesn't want more HP? Enmity gives you more survivability, which makes Chaos Slayer even tougher to beat. As for Ultimate Power, chaos has not yet shown us the true effect of this skill. The outcome of the Doomwood war will affect the rank 4 passive's Ultimate Power skill – if the Alliance wins, it will become a 15% crit damage buff. If chaos wins, it will become a 10% attack buff. The fate of this class is in your hands!

    Rank 5: Pandemonium

    (15 second cooldown, 30 mana)

    Create even more Chaos with a massive explosion, hitting up to 6 targets and evolving all effects from Enigma into more powerful effects. If you are Chaorrupted, this becomes a single-target ability.

    In addition to its high damage burst, Pandemonium also amplifies all of the effects from Enigma.

    • If your target is Anguished, it will apply Atrophy which will cut your target’s damage by 50% for 10 seconds.

    • If your targets have Delusion, it will apply Ataxia which will sharply cut their chances to critically strike for seconds.

    • If your targets have Impasse, it will apply Numbing which will significantly drop their haste for 10 seconds.

    • If your targets are Courageous, it will apply Paragon which will increase their outgoing damage by 500%.

    Needless to say, if your target already has the Courageous buff, you may want to avoid activating this skill.

    Rank 10: Passive

    Spell Disruption – All spell damage taken is reduced by 35%.

    You won’t find many monsters in AQW that deal spell damage to you, but this can be useful in PvP. If you combine Spell Disruption with Surge, you’ll take very little damage from spell attacks.

    Final Thoughts

    There you have it, a breakdown of all the effects of Chaos Slayer. This class is fun to use and wild in battle. Chaos Blade is the best autoattack I have seen since it gets stronger as the battle progresses. I really enjoy having the option to switch between AoE and single-target mode with Chaorruption. You really have to watch out what Enigma will apply – since it has a short cooldown and uses little mana, you can keep spamming that skill until you get the effect you want. Then you can finish it off with Pandemonium. Always watch your HP because Surge might not give you the effect you want. With its several buffs and debuffs, Chaos Slayer is awesome for farming, soloing, PvP, group battles, and support – you could even say it's the ultimate class.

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    June 06, 2014

    Chaos Slayer Class

    Unleash Your Inner Chaos!

    Tonight, you'll battle up to the top of Mount DoomSkull and face Drakath to unlock the Chaos Slayer class shop. Once unlocked, you'll be able to get Chaos Slayer for 2000 ACs, or for 100,000 gold if you have reached rank 10 Chaos Rep.

    Like a chaorrupted superhero team.


    Choose Your Form!

    You'll be able to choose what appearance your personal Chaos Slayer takes - mage, healer, rogue or berzerker. Your class skills will remain the same no matter what choice you make. For Slayers who prefer a different skill set, each of these looks will also be available as an armor. (Healer will not be available as an option until next week - Dage is still working his magic on the art!)

    A full class writeup is coming next week, but here's a quick and dirty preview of the skills:

    • Chaos Blade (auto attack): The Chaos Slayer's weapon attacks are empowered by Chaos making any weapon strike hit like a blade made of pure chaos. Every strike draws in more Chaos blight. Hits up to 3 targets. If you are Chaorrupted, this becomes a single-target ability.
    • Chaorruption (rank 1): Let the Chaorruption take over and render your physical form. Deals moderate damage and Chaorrupts the Chaos Slayer, increasing crit and hit chance by 10% and focusing all attacks on a single target.
    • Enigma (rank 2): Chaos is the unpredictable power shrouded in mystery. What effects will be inflicted onto your targets? Deals no damage and randomly applies up to 4 effects. Hits up to 6 targets, but will become a single-target ability if you are Chaorrupted.
    • Surge (rank 3): Summon Chaotic forces to mend your wounds or protect your physical form. Either heals you for a moderate amount over 6 seconds or places a defensive buff significantly reducing all incoming damage for 8 seconds.
    • Enmity (rank 4 passive): Endurance increased by 25%.
    • Ultimate Power (rank 4 passive): Chaos, the power within, consumes you.
    • Pandemonium (rank 5): Create even more Chaos with a massive explosion, hitting up to 6 targets and evolving all effects from Enigma into more powerful effects. If you are Chaorrupted, this becomes a single-target ability.
    • Spell Disruption (rank 10 passive): Spell damage taken is reduced by 35%.

    May 29, 2014

    Gear Up for Adventure

    Get Ready for a Crash Landing

    Back in the outskirts of Greenguard Forest at /join dwakel, an age old battle of alien invaders vs natural resources is taking place. After crash landing their experimental ship, a dwakel colony made its mission to rebuild their craft, using any and ALL resources necessary. Unless you want the wrath of Captain Lore’s army of tree-huggers upon you, it’s time to make sure these invaders leave the land with its resources intact.

    Inspector or Collector

    With the forest on the verge of environmental collapse, it’s time for a radioactive, machinery filled scavenger hunt. Taravya has a grocery list full of items that might turn this overcooked situation sunny side up:

    • 8 Chunks Quadrolithium
    • 4 Dam Balloons
    • 6 Bumper Bolts
    • 1 Alien Butt-Kicking Attitude

    Mix all these ingredients together and this forest may be safe from toxic cesspool-dom yet.

    What’s All This For?

    • Quadrolithium like Crystallized Dragon’s Breath is an essential, nearly inexhaustible component for powering spacecraft. While inexhaustible, it’s far from clean energy. One shard of radioactive Quadroithium is enough to poison a horc if handled improperly.
    • Dwakels often replenish their mana from pure water. Environmentalists be wary, however, as every mana point replenished is another water drop lost. To keep the streams from running dry, dam balloons are a must to block dwakels from their favorite water sources.
    • After the environment is saved, it’s time for some sabotage. By taking the bumper bolts from Dwakel suits, their armor will collapse in on themselves, effectively turning a killing machine into a toy tricycle.

    Fully Charged Situation

    Now that the scavenger hunt has come to a close, it’s time to get a good look at the crashed craft. After obstructing their resources, this dwakel colony should be all but surrendering. However, the mighty Mithril Man is still standing. As their ship’s last line of defense, this monster keeps going and going, having the strength of a hardcore-hare on steroids. Better drum up all your courage hero, this battle will be a shocking experience for all involved. If you can power down this monster in a two round brawl, then the Piston-Driven Polearm and spacecraft secrets are yours.


    Silicon DIE-Oxide

    Seems like these dwakels still have one more trick up their mechanical sleeves. Hidden behind a set of broilers, this monster would be a Stark naked wimp, if not for its iron plated suit that’s dying to make you feel like a puny god.This is the last threat to face before the dwakels can be beaten to the peace table. If you can take this machine down, then a multitude of mechanical riches await.

    A Class Act

    Beyond steampunk-era alien tech, defeating the ProtoSarium will earn you the Legend’s only ProtoSarium Class. Taravya will also trade you the Rustbucket Class, for a few spare ProtoSarium parts if you aren’t yet Legend level. As a jack of all trades, a Rustbucket or ProtoSarium needs a bit of every stat to get going in a fight. Will you equip these classes and be a lightning level force on the battlefield or just left in the junkyard?

    Flying to Freedom

    Before you go saying Deja Moo, thinking you’ve heard this bull before, it may be in the forest’s best interest to fix the dwakel colony’s ship. If you can get these invaders out of Greenguard environmentaly unschathed, maybe the enivornmentals will leaf all this alone. Good luck fixing that technology though, as who knows what some of it does?

    Old Ain’t Always Bad

    While this release is one of AQW’s oldest, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth checking out. Get to it heros and keep Greenguard Forest safe from dwakel destruction! As always post any comments on the forums and tweet me @ACWOAE with future throwback suggestions. Now that schools out, hopefully I’ll be able to focus on AQW and the terrors of Drakath, rather than the terrors of homework!

    Huge thank you to Lafbael, Akeem, Rock Lea, and Odin Fatalis for sending in rocking screenshots for this throwback! Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in the next one? Watch twitter to see when it’s time for the next set of photos!


    May 25, 2014

    A Surprise Memorial Day Gift...

    ...For Memorial Day 2014

    For those of us living in the US, this coming Monday is Memorial Day - a day to remember those who have died while serving in our armed forces. As a token of our rememberance - and a gift to you - Dage has created a special, limited-time flag symbolizing our fallen warriors.

    Only Available Monday, May 26

    The Memorial Flag 2014 cape will be available on Monday only (starting at midnight server time) in the OMGZilla shop in the game menu for 0 gold - he may be a monster but he's also a protector, so he loves soldiers as much as we do. Login tomorrow to get it - on Tuesday it'll be gone. Available for Legends and free players alike.

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    May 22, 2014

    The Best Monsters Have Laser Breath

    What's That Thundering, Stomping Noise?

    We just got the OMGZilla file back from guest animator Korin, and I really wanted to show you guys how cool it is! For those of you who are thinking of getting the battle pet version, here's one of his attacks:

    Stand BEHIND OMGZilla. Not in front.

    Even if you're not getting the battlepet version of this big guy, you can still enjoy the look of blue, glowing, radioactive monster spines by completing his quests. The Kaiju Slayer sword, designed by Blade and pictured below, has a chance to drop as a reward from one of OMGZilla's quests:


    • Don't forget! The Hyperspace Mutant merge gear also went live yesterday!
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    May 20, 2014

    Big Monsters Crush Cities

    Of Giant Monsters and Animated Armors

    We've mentioned a few times that we're working on a new "animated items" system, which Yorumi is currently testing. Cysero also mentioned yesterday that this new system might not be ready in time for Friday's release, and as much as we really want you guys to be able to play with these things as soon as possible... it is looking like that might indeed happen a little bit later than Friday. But never fear! We are going to make it up to you!

    OMG, That's One Big Lizard.

    Here's a special sneak peek at OMGZilla! Designed by Dage, OMGZilla is the biggest pet you've ever seen. Standing even taller than you do, this big guy isn't here to destroy Lore, but to help protect it from other giant monsters. Once you buy him, he'll give you quests to join in him defeating some of the most dangerous nasties around. And if you're lucky, you might be rewarded with some exclusive kaiju-slaying gear!

    • Everyone will be able to buy the OMGZilla quest pet for 2000AC
    • We'll also release a special battlepet version for Legends at the same price!

    Speaking of Things With Huge Eyes

    We've also been working up a nice collection of chaos-themed gear for Runester333's Chaorrupted Lab release. If you've ever wanted to wear the chaos portal on your back, now's your chance:

    It's watching you.

    Chaos Lab gear includes:

    • Chaorrupted Artix/Beleen armor
    • Chaorrupted Cysero/Alina armor
    • Chaos Portal cape (shown above)
    • Purple Potion Pack cape
    • Chaorrupted Chinchilla Hat
    • Eye Am Chaos helm
    • Chaorruped Blade of Awe
    • Chaorrupted Light of Destiny
    • Cysero's Chaos Hammer (shown above)
    • Chaorrupted Hamster Pet
    • Chaorrupted Memet Pet

    April 23, 2014

    More Goodies in the Tower of Doom

    Want to glow in the dark?

    On Friday, you collected Monster Trophies in the Tower of Doom to trade for Zoshi's gorgeous Marrowfiend sets. But those sets were based around the look and feel of the top half of the tower. What about all of the people who liked the dark caves of the lower half, filled with glowing stones and fungus?

    I got your glowing stones and fungus right here.

    To fill this dark void, we've added these two new sets. The Bioluminous gear, worn by the gentleman on the right, can all be purchased from the Monster Hunter merge shop for Monster Trophies, and is available to all players. For those who prefer a fancier look, the glowier (and Legend-only) Bioluminous Amarita set, shown on the right, is available as drops from the bosses in the lower half of the tower.

    In the Monster Hunter merge shop:

    • Bioluminous Armor
    • Bioluminous Cloak
    • Bioluminous Hood
    • Bioluminous Mask

    Dropping from the bosses:

    • Bioluminous Amarita Armor - drops from Slugbutter
    • Bioluminous Amarita Cloak - drops from Dread Avatar
    • Bioluminous Amarita Hood - drops from Dread Fang
    • Bioluminous Amarita Blades - drops from Dread Warrior

    April 18, 2014

    Now Live - Tower of Doom

    Battle through 100 Levels of Terror!

    What dark and deadly creatures wait at the top and bottom of this death-trap? Battle increasingly-difficult monsters on your way to the top of the Tower of Doom. Then, take on more and more challengers as you fight your way to the lowest level of the Tower! You won't be able to skip any levels in the Tower of Doom, so the only way to reach the last boss is to fight through ALL 100 floors!

    Even Creel Wants This Sword.

    This dungeon crawl is epic. We've taken a giant spire and filled all 100 floors with every kind of monster we could think of, and then added a boss - all familiar faces to you old-timers! - every 10 levels. The monsters get increasingly difficult as you progress through the tower, so not only is completing this dungeon something to brag about, it's also a great place to farm gold and XP, no matter what level you are.

    Hunt for the Eternity Blade - and other awesome loot!

    Heroes level 30 or above will be able to unlock a special quest to hunt through the Tower of Doom for the fabulous Eternity Blade! You'll be able to get the quest from Zoshi in the /towerofdoom map. This awesome sword is available to Legends and free players alike, and switches between two looks when you click its hilt. Keep it - in the near future, it will give you a chance to experience the most brutal battle you've EVER seen!

    You'll also collect Monster Trophies as you fight through the tower, which you can use to unlock exclusive gear in the Tower of Doom merge shop. To access the shop, just talk to Zoshi in /towerofdoom.

    Made from all your monster trophies...

    From Beleen To Tendou

    As a special "thank you" to Tendou for helping her in such a huge way with contest judging, Beleen has released a special superdeformed "Tendurrr" pet! You can get this cute lil guy as a rare drop from Dark Makai from /nulgath and /tercessuinotlim.

    Wolfhound Warrior Set & Fantasty Hero Pass

    Unlock all 11 items in the Wolfhound Warrior set with the 12 month upgrade package or choose from the 6 month upgrade, 3 month upgrade, 5000 AdventureCoin, or 12000 AdventureCoin packages for selected items from the set! Or, get the Fantasy Hero Package Pass to unlock ALL the fantasy hero gear with one pass!

    Also available now:


    April 15, 2014

    What's Going Rare This Friday?

    Last Chance For Dage's Birthday Items

    Dage's 2014 birthday events, shops and items are leaving this Friday, April 18. So if there's anything you want but haven't had the chance to pick up, now's the time!

    Last chance to look this gorgeous.

    Shops leaving this Friday:

    • Dage's Dark Birthday Shop

    Maps leaving this Friday:

    • /undervoid (Undead Apocalypse event)

    Items leaving this Friday:

    Other stuff that will be leaving

    Dage's 2014 birthday events, shops and items are leaving this Friday, April 18. So if there's anything you want but haven't had the chance to pick up, now's the time!

    • Beleen's Hero's Heart Rares shop, including Bluddron and Paragon of Love sets
    • Seasonal Carnaval items and quests (though the /carnaval map will stay!)
    • Lucky Day maps and rare/seasonal items
    Tags: Memet,

    April 14, 2014

    Tower of Doom Dungeon Crawl

    Can you fight your way to the top?

    Monster Hunter Zoshi has found the mother lode - a giant tower filled with every kind of monster imaginable! This Friday, battle your way to the top - and the bottom! - of this colossal column to prove to the world that you are a champion monster hunter!

    Doomie, doomie, doomie!

    When you enter the tower, you'll be able to climb your way to the top - or tunnel far into the ground to the bottom - for a pair of ultra-disgusting, high-level boss fights. As you fight your way toward them, you'll encountertons of different monster types, and even old bosses from your past.

    Hunt for the Eternity Blade

    Players level 30 and up will also be able to accept a quest for the fabled Eternity Blade. Anyone who manages to obtain this very special sword will be entered into a really awesome contest - we'll be posting the details about this later!

    • Design notes about the Wolfhound Warrior tiered special package* will be coming tomorrow!
    • We'll also be talking about the new Special Package Pass!

    * Earlier DNs said this was a Class, but that was an error. It is an armor set with 3 variants.

    Tags: Memet,

    April 11, 2014

    Paladin Rebirth

    Artix Action Figure Gets An Upgrade!

    The Artix Action Figure now comes with two awesome Paladin sets intead of just one! Starting tonight, when you buy the Artix toy, you'll not only get the original Paladin Highlord set, but also the brand new, absolutely gorgeous Paladin's Rebirth set by Tyronius.

    Pick yer pally.

    The new set will be available in-game starting tonight (when the release goes live).

    Available to new and old buyers alike

    You will not need a second code to get Paladin Rebirth, so if you've already bought your Artix figure, never fear! Just open the Toy Artix Shop in your Book of Lore and nab the new items - they are already in there:

    • Paladin's Rebirth armor
    • Paladin's Rebirth helm
    • Paladin's Rebirth cape
    • Paladin's Pride axe
    Tags: Memet,

    April 04, 2014

    Grenwog and Earth Day are Live

    Don't Let Lore Become A Polluted Wasteland!

    Captain Lore is back and he needs your help again! In the past, you've helped him liberate his eco-friendly energy platform from that dirty villain, General Pollution! (If you missed out on this, /join pollution to play through it!) Now, he needs your help to fight on the side of nature to keep a smog-spewing factory closed for good.

    Think you can take this guy on?

    Once the largest source of pollution in Lore, the long-abandoned Totengeld Factory has been consumed by nature and has become a habitat to many forms of life. But now, the CEO of Totengeld Industries has been released from jail and intends to reopen the factory’s doors. It’s up to you to stop him before he destroys Lore with his toxic waste - and dominates it with his mind-controlling energy drinks! Tonight, /join totengeld to start the battle!


    TWO New Grenwog Pets

    Recycling not your thing? That's ok - hop over to BattleOn instead and start hunting for all the eggs we've Grenwog has hidden to unlock the Vorpal Bunny pet. Then, /join Grenwog and fight Grenwog himself for a chance to get one of the new 2014 Grenwog pets:

    Ooo, chocolate! And - aaah, kill it with fire!!

    Also available in Captain Lore's Shop:

    • Polar Bear on a Stick mace
    • Panda on a Stick mace
    • Red Panda on a Stick mace

    Spring Seasonal Shop Opens Today

    A storm has come to Twilly's Seasonal Shop! Starting tonight, you will need to purchase the Spring Token from Twilly to open this shop. It will be available until spring ends, and the summer shop opens. Not sure what the Spring Seasonal Shop is? Check out yesterday's Design Notes!

    This shop will contain:

    • Tempest Armor
    • Tidal Helm
    • Monsoon Wrap
    • Dual Waves of Fury Daggers
    • Double-edged Ocean's Heart polearm

    New Gear in the Wheel of Doom/Destiny

    The Archmage of Light and Dark sets have arrived in the Wheel of Doom and Destiny (and their merge shops)! Starting tonight, you'll be able to get both the Dawn Archmage set and its counterpart Midnight Archmage from the Wheel of Doom AND the Wheel of Destiny.


    Sets Include:

    • Midnight Archmage Armor
    • Halo of the Midnight Mage
    • Cape of the Midnight Mage
    • Dawn Archmage Armor
    • Halo of the Dawn Mage
    • Cape of the Dawn Mage

    PS: /join bludrutbrawl will return NEXT WEEK! All you PVP'ers, prepare to dive right into battle!

    Once the largest source of pollution in Lore, the long-abandoned Totengeld Factory has been consumed by nature and has become a habitat to many forms of life. But now, the CEO of Totengeld Industries has been released from jail and intends to reopen the factory’s doors. It’s up to you to stop him before he destroys Lore with his toxic waste - and dominates it with his mind-controlling energy drinks!
    Tags: Memet,

    April 02, 2014

    Time For Rabbits and Recycling

    This Friday: Captain Lore Returns! 

    Captain Lore is back and he needs your help again! In the past, you've helped him liberate his eco-friendly energy platform from that dirty villain, General Pollution! Now, he needs your help to fight on the side of nature to keep a smog-spewing factory closed for good.

    Captain Lore, Environmental Hero

    This Friday, /join totengeld to join Captain Lore in his battle against the evil CEO of Totengeld Industries. Fight through his legion of industrialist minions to shut down his toxic factory permanently - and save Lore from his nefarious plan to dominate its citizens with mind-altering energy drinks.

    Grenwog's Back Too

    Recycling not your thing? That's ok - hop over to BattleOn instead and start hunting for all the eggs we've Grenwog has hidden to unlock the Vorpal Bunny pet. Then, /join Grenwog and fight Grenwog himself for a chance to get one of the new 2014 Grenwog pets!

    We know you like fighting giant rabbit... things

    Yep, that's right. Pets, as in plural. What are they? That's a secret for now, but we'll have more information for you soon!

    Also Coming This Week

    • The Winter Seasonal Shop from Twilly in Battleon leaves... and Oishii's Spring Seasonal Shop arrives! Get your Tempest Set this week!
    • We will be releasing the Golden Forest Warrior set tomorrow, as well. This armor was created along with the Forest Warrior armors for our Paymentez package, but was not released with them. If you like the gear, then here's your chance to get your hands on some of it!
    • The Archmage of Light and the ArchMage of Darkness armor sets will arrive in the Wheel of Doom and Destiny (and their merge shops) this Friday, too!
    • Also coming before Friday: the Bright Arachnomancer and the Pink Pandora's Blade (as part of the war challenges)

    March 27, 2014

    Arachnomancer Class Now Live

    Be A Web-Slinging Spider-Mage!

    Great news for you Arachno-fans! The Arachnomancer class (and gear shop!) is now live! Head to Battleon and talk to Iktomi the Arachnomancer to get the class - and other Arachnomancer gear! If you're a Legend, he'll also have a special, repeatable quest for you that will help you zoom to rank 10 with Ravenloss!

    Well, coming NOW actually.

    Remember, there are two ways to get it:

    • get to Rank 10 in Ravenloss rep (the Legend-only double rep quest is live now, too!)
    • spend 2000 AdventureCoins to unlock it immediately

    Last week, Lore was invaded by ChaosWeavers, and you all fought to protect our land. Tomorrow, we're taking the war to them - we've invading Ravenloss! Fighting in this war is also a great way to get more Ravenloss rep - which means it's also a great way to earn your Arachnomancer gear more quickly!

    Tags: Memet,

    March 25, 2014

    New, Faster Servers! And Other Awesomeness.

    The server hamsters have faster wheels now.

    You may have noticed some changes in the server list! That's because Captain Rhubarb has replaced most of our old, slower servers with newer, faster machines. (In some cases we were even able to merge two servers into one, since the new ones can hold so many people!)

    Hammies are enjoying their new turbo wheels.

    Hopefully this will reduce lag and other issues, and in general make your time in Lore smoother and more enjoyable. If you notice any improvement, let us know! And if you experience any disconnects or other problems, please report it to the bug tracker at

    We want to thank all of you for helping us make these improvements happen. We couldn't make important upgrades like this - or keep AQWorlds online - without your support!

    Happy Birthday, Galanoth!

    We've also got a birthday this week - Galanoth, the Head Dragonslayer of Lore! Head to /lair and talk to Galanoth to crack open his treasure chest of awesome DragonSlayer gear!

    Time for some patented Dragonfire Spice Cake!

    Birthday gear includes:

    • Prismatic Evolved Dragonslayer armor
    • Prismatic Dragonslayer Helm
    • Golden Dragon Blade
    • Emerald Dragon Blade
    • Legion Dragon Blade
    • Prismatic Dragon Piercer

    Arachnomancer Class: coming soon!

    Last week, you fought through hordes of Chaosweavers and Dreadspiders. This Friday, you'll battle your way through Ravenloss to confront the Weaver Queen herself. The only thing left to make your 8-legged adventuring experience complete is...

    Those legs. Those eyes!

    This class is set to release this Friday, but testing on it is going so well, we might even be able to release it early. Keep your fingers crossed - on all 8 arms!

    MegaCon Blade: Available Now!

    And for those of you who went to MegaCon this past weekend, your reward is now available in game! Just head to /museum and talk to Valencia to turn in your code and receive your Brutal Cam-PAIN Blade!

    Tags: Memet,

    March 04, 2014

    It's Pancake Day!

    Grab Your Maple Syrup!

    Grand Master Lunch Lady Oishii is back in Yulgar's Inn for pancake day, bringing you her yearly breakfasty silliness. Seasonal items are returning - like the Pancake Hat w/Butter and the Oolong the pancake bunny pet. Since it's also Fat Tuesday, for this year only we also have a New Orleans-inspired voodoo doll pet with pancakes on its head.

    Zack Storch also likes pancakes, I hear.

    Also, to celebrate our friend Zack Storch and his appearance on King of the Nerds, we've released his armor (shown above)! Free players and Legends alike can get the Nerdly Royalty armor for 5000 gold by visiting Zack Storch in Battleon!

    Oishii's Pancake Goodies:

    • Pancake Hat
    • Pancake Hat w/Butter
    • The Full Stack
    • Oolong Pet
    • Pancake-Topus pet
    • Voodoo Cakes pet

    February 28, 2014

    Dark Carnaval Comes to Terra de Festa

    Are You Ready To Party?

    It's that time of year again! Beads, feathers, sparkly costumes, samba dancing, and lots of celebrating! But before you can get to the party, you'll have to fight your way through hordes of zombies and hexed voodoo dolls - and one ornery ghoul!

    What the heck, Samba Zombies?

    You'll be able to play through all of last year's content if you /join carnaval. Once you're finished, head to /terradefesta to help Samba's cousin Frevo prepare for the party - assuming Baron Sunday and his zombies don't destroy the island first! 

    Don't Forget Your New Party Clothes!

    Can't go to Carnaval without a Samba costume! We have a ton of new Carnaval rares for 2014, including two gorgeous full sets for free players: Roroth's HarleQuint set and the voodoo-themed Samba costume pictured below...

    Party Time!

    New Carnaval Rares Include:

    • HarleQuint jester set
    • Firebird Carnaval set (above, right!)
    • Firebird Maraccas
    • Frevo Carnaval set (above, left!)
    • Frevo's Voodoo Doll mace
    • Voodoo Doll battle pet

    New Stuff In Dage's Birthday Shop!

    Dage the Evil's pre-birthday celebration continues with a boatload of new additions to his Dark Birthday Shop. That includes the new Hardcore Paragon quest pet, which - if you buy it - will also unlock access to the Living BladeMaster armor, as well as the heavily-requested Dual Blademaster Katanas.

    Now Available in Dage's Birthday Shop:

    • Hardcore Paragon Pet
    • Legion Dreadrider armor
    • Dreadmarch armor
    • Blademaster Hood, Wraps, Mask and Horns

    And don't forget! Once the BladeMaster class goes rare, we'll randomly choose ONE of the players who bought it and send them a free Undead Legion poster signed by Dage the Evil! That's right, you didn't need any extra incentive to get BladeMaster, but we're giving it to you anyway.


    February 26, 2014

    Dage's Pre-Birthday Surprise

    Dage's new Blademaster Class is Live!

    Dage's birthday isn't until Sunday, but he's decided to start celebrating tonight, and he's got plenty of evil goodies to share with everyone! Log into Battleon tonight and talk to Dage to open his Dark Birthday Shop. The new Blademaster class and Blademaster weapons are live now, and more new Legion gear - including a new quest pet - will be added on Friday. And don't forget, Dage's big birthday celebration is coming next week!

    Like an undead ninja.

    Login Tonight For:

    • Dage's new BladeMaster class - AC and Legion Tokens versions!
    • BladeMaster's Sword
    • BladeMaster's Katana
    • BladeMaster's Fauchard
    • BladeMaster's Dual Weapons

    And coming Friday:

    • NEW Legion pet with owner-only Legion Token quests
    • Legion Dragonrider Armor

    February 21, 2014

    A Fractured Alliance

    Chaos is On the Rise!

    After King Alteon's death, the kingdom of Swordhaven is in upheaval. Alteons daughters Victoria and Tara, along with his son in law Brentan, all lay claim to the throne. As the alliance between good and evil lays shattered, the forces of chaos close in and prepare to attack. It's up to you to battle the coming onslaught and help the people of Lore prepare for war!

    Even Time Dragons can help.

    As chaorruption spreads over Lore, many of the towns you helped in the past will need your aid again. Tonight, you'll be revisiting Mobius, Arcangrove and Dwarfhold. All have become ruined by chaos, but with you on their side, it may not be too late!

    Good & Evil Alliance Shops!

    Whether you fight for good or for evil, there's plenty of awesome new gear to collect from he new Good and Evil Alliance rep shops!

    Gutter chaos.

    • Alliance Exponent set
    • Chaos Punk mythsong set
    • Chaooze axe & cape
    • Chaotic Forge hammer
    • Epiphaneia sword

    Time Dragon Warrior Set Now Available

    Unlock all 10 items in the TimeDragon Warrior set with the 12 month upgrade package, or choose from the 6 month upgrade, 3 month upgrade, 5000 AdventureCoin, or 12000 AdventureCoin packages for selected items from the set!

    Dragon + Chrono? Yes Please.

    Awesome Updates!

    New Player Suggestion Items:

    • Dragonfire Of Vengeance sword by TheAvenger07
    • Bright Rypt Sword by Vultex023
    • DarkLuster sword by Reki
    • Twilly & Obake Battlepuppets by El_Rue

    Treasure Map Shop Update:

    • Champion Snowboarder armor
    • Champion Snowboarder Goggles
    • Champion Snowboard weapon
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