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Posting for ACW0

May 29, 2014

Gear Up for Adventure

Get Ready for a Crash Landing

Back in the outskirts of Greenguard Forest at /join dwakel, an age old battle of alien invaders vs natural resources is taking place. After crash landing their experimental ship, a dwakel colony made its mission to rebuild their craft, using any and ALL resources necessary. Unless you want the wrath of Captain Lore’s army of tree-huggers upon you, it’s time to make sure these invaders leave the land with its resources intact.

Inspector or Collector

With the forest on the verge of environmental collapse, it’s time for a radioactive, machinery filled scavenger hunt. Taravya has a grocery list full of items that might turn this overcooked situation sunny side up:

  • 8 Chunks Quadrolithium
  • 4 Dam Balloons
  • 6 Bumper Bolts
  • 1 Alien Butt-Kicking Attitude

Mix all these ingredients together and this forest may be safe from toxic cesspool-dom yet.

What’s All This For?

  • Quadrolithium like Crystallized Dragon’s Breath is an essential, nearly inexhaustible component for powering spacecraft. While inexhaustible, it’s far from clean energy. One shard of radioactive Quadroithium is enough to poison a horc if handled improperly.
  • Dwakels often replenish their mana from pure water. Environmentalists be wary, however, as every mana point replenished is another water drop lost. To keep the streams from running dry, dam balloons are a must to block dwakels from their favorite water sources.
  • After the environment is saved, it’s time for some sabotage. By taking the bumper bolts from Dwakel suits, their armor will collapse in on themselves, effectively turning a killing machine into a toy tricycle.

Fully Charged Situation

Now that the scavenger hunt has come to a close, it’s time to get a good look at the crashed craft. After obstructing their resources, this dwakel colony should be all but surrendering. However, the mighty Mithril Man is still standing. As their ship’s last line of defense, this monster keeps going and going, having the strength of a hardcore-hare on steroids. Better drum up all your courage hero, this battle will be a shocking experience for all involved. If you can power down this monster in a two round brawl, then the Piston-Driven Polearm and spacecraft secrets are yours.


Silicon DIE-Oxide

Seems like these dwakels still have one more trick up their mechanical sleeves. Hidden behind a set of broilers, this monster would be a Stark naked wimp, if not for its iron plated suit that’s dying to make you feel like a puny god.This is the last threat to face before the dwakels can be beaten to the peace table. If you can take this machine down, then a multitude of mechanical riches await.

A Class Act

Beyond steampunk-era alien tech, defeating the ProtoSarium will earn you the Legend’s only ProtoSarium Class. Taravya will also trade you the Rustbucket Class, for a few spare ProtoSarium parts if you aren’t yet Legend level. As a jack of all trades, a Rustbucket or ProtoSarium needs a bit of every stat to get going in a fight. Will you equip these classes and be a lightning level force on the battlefield or just left in the junkyard?

Flying to Freedom

Before you go saying Deja Moo, thinking you’ve heard this bull before, it may be in the forest’s best interest to fix the dwakel colony’s ship. If you can get these invaders out of Greenguard environmentaly unschathed, maybe the enivornmentals will leaf all this alone. Good luck fixing that technology though, as who knows what some of it does?

Old Ain’t Always Bad

While this release is one of AQW’s oldest, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth checking out. Get to it heros and keep Greenguard Forest safe from dwakel destruction! As always post any comments on the forums and tweet me @ACWOAE with future throwback suggestions. Now that schools out, hopefully I’ll be able to focus on AQW and the terrors of Drakath, rather than the terrors of homework!

Huge thank you to Lafbael, Akeem, Rock Lea, and Odin Fatalis for sending in rocking screenshots for this throwback! Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in the next one? Watch twitter to see when it’s time for the next set of photos!

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Posting for ACW0

April 17, 2014

A Big Step Back

This is One Tall Tale!

Sorry to have missed the last few throwbacks everyone, between New York City for choir and bronchitis, I’ve had my hands pretty full.

TBT1Sidenote: When going to NYC to sing with your favorite composer, always stalk his twitter for his favorite hot sauce. ALWAYS.

Speaking of Stalking

It’s story time! Besides monster slaying and quest looting, finding time to entertain BattleOn’s youth with daring stories of past adventures is still a priority. If you haven’t already, check in with Yulgar over at his Inn and click Giant’s Tale to begin your biggest retelling yet!


Jack and the Bean-NOT

Living as a bean farmer on the outskirts of town, Jack never had the easy life, especially with this year’s bean crop producing only a few handfuls. A stranger sensing Jack’s troubles, decided to take pity on him and trade his lowly crop for not just a regular Chickencow, but a MAGICAL CHICKENCOW!

Just when things seemed almost normal. BOOM CYSERO

Has Cy been sitting there the whole time? Who knows, but either way he’s here now to interrupt your wicked storytelling whenever possible. After attempting to calm Cysero, you tell the children how Jack decided to well... um… plant the Chickencow in his field? Never said Jack was a normal child. Following fairytale fable, isn’t this the point where the magic beanstalk should appear. NOPE! I hope a spotted ladder rising from the grounds rungs a bell, because that’s definitely what happened.

Don’t Look Down

This ladder didn’t just steal the show, it stole the whole town! Turns out the giant really likes his own personal entourage, especially when that group is no bigger than his fist. Make your way through a lawn bigger than a forest in order to rescue the stolen citizens and right Jack’s wrongs. Watch out though, after you claw your up to the townsfolk holding cell, your cage guard encounter will be far from purr-fect.


Feeling Blue

Beating up the giant’s cat is looking in the wrong neck of the woods for the key to the cage. Turns out that the true location is where else, but resting around the giant’s neck!



How does one take on the gigantic task of key stealing? Why by a visit to smuurvilest village around of course! It’s funny though, turns out the Smuurvilans don’t like it when you slap them black and blue for their potion ingredients, so be careful when gathering regents, as these villagers pack a punch!

Roach Racers

After only a mild brawl with the citizens of Smuurvil, it looks like you have all the ingredients necessary for mixing. Finally an easy task, all you have to do is scuttle your way to the giant’s soup across the dinner table. Sorry hero, but swat that idea out of easy out of your head! There’s another gang that rules this dinner table, and the Roach Racers mean business. Don’t bug the Racing Roaches Gang for safe the passage though, the only way across this table is though a crazy-crafted kart race!


Soup Sadness

If you can beat the bugs at their own game, it’s time for a stealthy soup drop off. If all goes correctly, a giant sized soup faceplant and key are in your sights. SPLASH! That sounded like a soup bowl to the face, but wait, WHERE’S THE KEY?



The real master of the house has revealed himself, get ready for the fight to save the town and yourself! Don’t stop now hero, the key is within your sights! Who know’s what will happen when the dust clears, but I guarantee it won’t be something you’d suspect!

Who Needs a Golden Harp?

What’s any giant house raid without equally giant rewards? Beyond monster drops that make a golden goose go green with envy, you have an entire roach rubbish pile to raid. Happy reward rummaging!

Only a Small Summary

The hardest part of these posts is condensing such an amazing storyline into only a few paragraphs. Reading a release may be fun, but is nothing like playing it, so get out there heros and good luck conquering or reconquering the Giant’s Domain! As always post on the forums or tweet me @ACWOAE with comments or ideas for the next Throwback!

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