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February 01, 2017

GroundHorc's Day 2017 is Here!

If you Live in Australia... at least.

For everyone else, bookmark this post and read it tomorrow. (Or, if you're a rebel, read it now and insert "tomorrow" where the text below talks about the present.) For all you heroes who live in the future... Happy GroundHorc's Day!

On this day every year, Philip, the weather predicting groundhog pops his head out of his hole and peers around. If he comes out to play, then spring is here! If he sees his shadow and vanishes back into his warm, cozy burrow than we know that we are in for SIX MORE WEEKS of winter! 

Groundhorc's Day Seasonal Rares!

I'm not a fan of the cold. Actually I kind of hate it. Actually I really hate it. Actually, I'd beat snow up if I could. But if there is one person who HATES winter more than I do, it's General Porcon over in the Horc Fort (you can see it on the greenguard map).


General Porcon!

He has taken it upon himself to kidnap Philip in a desperate attempt to end winter. What he doesn't understand is that if Philip doesn't get to look at his shadow then winter will NEVER end!


Talk to Phil in Battleon and accept the Groundhorc's Day quest to save Phillip and you will recieve at least 1 (possibly all three) of the Groundhorc's Day 1-Day-Only Seasonal Rares!

The clock is ticking on a lot of things: Nulgath's Birthday Shop leaves Friday, the January Upgrade Bonus Gear Friday too, and in exactly ONE MONTH from this Friday, Dage's birthday shop arrives! AND this Sunday is the Superbowl halftime Shop and Punt map (with special rares to celebrate the Loyalists and and Doom Phoenixes). 

That's a LOT of stuff!

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March 30, 2016

Friday: The EveryWhen Portal Opens

Journey through a NEW point in Spacetime! 

Cysero the Green Mage has been experimenting again!  He’s opened a portal to somewhere… or somewhen? He doesn’t know WHAT point in timespace he’s discovered, but he needs YOUR help to map it out… and make sure its creatures don't succeed in making OUR world theirs!

This weekend, you'll face creatures that seem familiar but are absolutely alien to our world. The only way to make sure we do not turn into them is with Cysero's help... and the power of mathemagic! O_O


December 15, 2015

AQ3D was Greenlit on Steam


Yesterday was a VERY good day for us. In addition to the AQ3D Kickstater reaching its goal, AQ3D was also approved by STEAM GREENLIGHT! 

Best. Day. Ever.

I probably don't need to tell you but we were jumping up and down as the Kickstarter ticked over the $200,000 mark, but about an hour later when STEAM approved us, we were going out of our minds! Now, we've calmed down. These are both amazingly good things for AQ3D and AE, but they also represent a LOT of work ahead of us. 

Being Greenlit DOES NOT mean that AQ3D is on Steam yet. 

Being Greenlit on Steam means that you and the Steam community have upvoted the project, made us the #4 most popular game on Greenlight, Steam took notice and has decided that AQ3D would be a good fit once we have a version of the game ready to distribute. 

It means that, once AQ3D is ready, it WILL appear on Steam. 

We are currently working in the Steam SDK and taking our first steps toward having a Steam-ready version of AQ3D but even an early release version probably won't be ready until AT LEAST summer, same as the mobile beta releases. 

Until then we will be keeping you updated on the development of the game on the AQ3D design notes.

Kickstarter Continues!

The Kickstarter is still going on! We have reached our goal but we will keep taking pledges until the campaign ends on January 1st. If you want to become a backer and Founder of AQ3D, you have until January 1st to make your pledge. 

The Kickstarter has raised over $208,000 for AQ3D. These are the funds that we're going to use to MAKE the game for the next 6 months or so. We have a decent alpha which many of you are already testing but it has a long way to go to become the game of our dreams. Now, thanks to you, we have the funding to complete AQ3D. These funds will be allocated to development costs like software (more Unity5 licences and existing plugins and tools to help us build the game, etc), hardware (servers, etc), and paying the developers. 

We won't see any of the Kickstarter funds until January 1st, when the Kickstarter ends, but we're still working hard on the game until we get the funding which you have provided. 

Now that we are funded, we are over-funding and unlocking stretch goals. The first two stretch goals were reached in the first day and the more the Kickstarter earns for AQ3D, the more we are able to use those funds to develop the game further.

Failing to reach a stretch goal does NOT mean that item won't be in the game. For example, if we don't hit $300K there might still be pets in the game in some form in the distant future, but hitting the $300K stretch goal guarantees that pets WILL be in AQ3D and much sooner. The more funding the game gets, the more resources we have to make the game better. 

If you were waiting until we were funded or Greenlit to back AQ3D then NOW is your time!

AQ3D Kickstarter LINK


I just want to remind you that YOU are the backers who are making AQ3D possible and YOU are the ones who made us the #4 game, out of thousands of games, on Steam Greenlight. We are in your debt, literally. We owe you a great game and we won't let you down.

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August 03, 2015

AQ3D Alpha is (almost) here!

We are SO close... but we're not there yet. 

AQ3D is leaving behind the fun Tech Demo phase today and entering a new, exciting stage of development... Alpha!

AQ3D MMO offline

 But right at this VERY SECOND, the servers are offline while we perform some merging of tables and databases and make sure the server hamsters have state of the art wee tiny running shoes. 

AQ3D Login

Once we enter Alpha Phase, a lot more people are going to be able to play. Not just active AQW members, but former members, AC purchasers, DragonLords, StarCaptains, Guardians, those who have bought Varium, Soul Gems and even Smash Coins. 

Tech Demo testers can expect their Tech Demo badges and Star Swords to arrive by the end of today, and remember that all Tech Demo testers, our new Alpha Testers and even those who tested Legends of Lore will (toward the end of Alpha) recieve the Alpha Knight armor and access to the rest of the Alpha Knight Set. 

Get your Firefox and IE ready (because AQ3D doesn't work on Chrome. They dropped support for Unity)... before the sun suts here in sunny Florida, you will be able to create your shiny new AQ3D account, and get a very early shot at grabbing the coolest character name you can think of. 

Cysero AQ3D
Hold on to your hats.

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July 31, 2015

Cysero's Secrets

Do you dare face the Ancient Goose?

Yeah. You probably do. 

I mean, of course you do. Why else would you be here? Just cheering on your friends while they play the release? I don't think so. 

You want a piece of this goose. AND YOU'RE NOT ALONE! The Queen of All Monsters also wants a piece of him (three pieces, actually). 

My first special guest release for the Return Of The Living Devs was a lot of fun. It was a story I thought about for a while, and I think the AQW team did a fantastic job making the release come to life.

I think it surprised a lot of people because people expect zany, wacky fun from me, but It was dark and moody and very emotional and I'm so happy that so many of you played it and let the story do its job. 

For my second special guest release (of two), I really wanted to give you some of the Cysero that a lot of you expect to see. The story is dumb (but fun and has a few great surprises in it), and the gear is very nice, but the MAP is the real jewel here. I planned out each room, each twist and turn, each hidden exit, shortcut and hidden mouse-over.

Cysero is what's up.

I really tried to give you somewhere that was fun to run around. (of course J6 and Reens were the ones who had to build the map to my exacting standards and Ghost expertly animated some of my favorite cutscenes in all of AQW history for tonight, so they all have permission to hit me. Sorry, guys.)

Let's face it. There are only so many types of quests that you can go on before they all start feeling kind of similar... so, I wanted to give you a PLACE that fun to run around in. This way, if the quests start feeling like work, the map will always keep things interesting with a hidden treat in almost every room. 

Look carefully, dear player. If you want to find MY secrets... you're going to have to work for them.


July 30, 2015

What IS Cysero's Secret?

I'll Give You a Hint... It's Not Yogurt.

If you had ONE guess as to what Cysero's secret is... what do you think it could be? Tweet your guess to Cysero, Artix, and Alina, then find out for real in tomorrow night's release!

free rpg mmo cysero secret

Remember: Geese. Are. Evil.


July 20, 2015

Friday: The LunarMancer Arrives!

And an Old Enemy Considers a New Alliance!

When a powerful (maybe slightly moon-dazed) LunarMancer seeks revenge on those who've wronged him, he requires YOUR help to complete a complex ritual that will set everything to right. If you ever want to leave the lovely Luna Cove, located on the shores of Terra Lacuna Island (also the setting for last week's Titan Hollow release), you'll need to help him... if you can!

BUT WAIT! It's almost the full moon, and you know what THAT means on Lore... unforeseen accidents, shenanigans, and - oh yes, you'll be lycan what comes next... moon-based mayhem! Help the Lunarmancer complete his ritual, save the villagers, and discover what is in store for old enemies and new... friends(!?) this weekend!


Coming Next Week: Cysero's Secret

As Reens and Arklen build Laken's LunarMancer release (/cheer for another Laken story!), Memet and J6 are hard at work creating the assets that will be used for Cysero's release next week - the final installment of our Summer 2015 "Return of the Living Devs" event!

cysero's secrets coming soon free rpg mmo

 If you know Cysero, then you know it WILL be crazy, you WILL get to take a gander at the unexpected, and you WILL be quack-ing up before he's through!


Last Chance to get up to 30% More Free AdventureCoins!

Get up to 30% more free Adventurecoins when you buy select packages until July 24th! With all the awesome events this summer, you'll want to stock up so you don't miss any of the epic reward gear - like the new Collector Class or the Ancient Groveborn gear! And when you buy any AC package, you'll unlock the exclusive Ancient Grovebreaker Blade!

buy now and get up to 30% more free acs

Also releasing this week in AQWorlds:

  • Coral Beach - the hottest new surf hangout - arrives with more summer gear!
  • The Fantastic Lore Limited Time Shop arrives Friday with The Fiending Set!

June 26, 2015

Deadmoor Spirit: The Stolen Screams

BACK on the Design Notes and On Your Screen... IN GREEN!

Hey guys! It seems like it's been forever since I was able to post something here and I can honestly say that it's nice to be back. I've been getting such a warm reception from all of you and it's just...
... nice. 

Moving on! Last week you got to play through Artix's first guest star release and this week you get mine! I need your help in Deadmoor, returning the stolen voice for the ghost of a little girls who was murdered more than a century ago...

... but you're not alone. The Queen of All Monsters has sent one of her most capable bounty hunters to Deadmoor, and they have plans for this little spirits stolen screams. 

But wait, there's more (moor?)...


I've also decided to let you guys have my own, personal Mad Weaponsmith armor and my glowing Super Hammer. They are free for ALL players, and 0AC so you don't need to worry about storage. 
All you need to do is complete the release that I designed and you will unlock the quests that lead to my stuff. It will take a while (Members get perks so it will take them much less time),but all you have to do is put in a little effort and they are yours for the keeping. Enjoy with my blessing. 

In the quest you will also find drops, a shop filled with Member gear, Non-member gear and a few AC items, and I've even included a bonus cutscene that lets you know a little bit more about me. 

I hope you have as much fun playing through this as I had writing it and watching helplessly as the AQW staff assembled it. This must be the feeling that a writer has when they see a movie of their book for the first time. 


June 24, 2015

AQWeekly Newsletter: June 26 2015

Deadmoor Spirit release written by Cysero

Everyone’s favorite Mad Weaponsmith, Cysero, specially designed Friday’s upcoming release: Deadmoor Spirit!

new email icon beleen iphone app icon

Click to read this week’s brand new newsletter and discover all the new NEW happening this week!

Read our Newsletter here!


June 22, 2015

The DreadMoor Spirit

BACK on the Design Notes and On Your Screen... IN GREEN!

Hey guys! I've been working on AE's mobile games for the past few years but THIS FRIDAY I'm returning to AQW for a special guest release that I designed. Close your eyes and picture this...

OK, you can't read with your eyes closed. I see the problem.

Change of plan... keep reading but picture yourself with your eyes closed picturing this: The village of Deadmoor has been a ghost town for as long as anyone can remember. Some really bad stuff went down here and we're a few hundred years late to the party but it's never too late to try and right the wrongs of the past.

I made friends with the ghost of a little girl who died here. Her voice was stolen when she was brutally murdered by the townspeople. If you can help me return her stolen screams, then I'll give you the chance to earn my own personal, Mad Weaponsmith armor and my super hammer! There will also be a bunch of other rewards if you're not a fan of green, but you look like a player with some taste... so you like green.

Getting off topic... Come to Deadmoor, help me help her. Learn the secrets of Deadmoor's terrible past and you'll get to learn a little bit more about me too (if you're interested. It's optional). The adventure in Deadmoor starts THIS FRIDAY in AQW! Don't let me down.


April 24, 2015

We Need Your Screenshots

Submit your best screenshot and we'll put it on!

If you've visited the homepage recently, you've seen the cool, super-clean new look it's got. But now we need new screenshots of the AQWorlds, to make sure they're as shiny as the site is! Send us your best screenshots of you and/or your friends battling, taking down bosses, looking awesome in cutscenes, chatting, and playing the game on Facebook or Twitter. We'll choose the most engaging shots and upload them to the screenshots page on!



  • Screenshots should not be edited, just a straight, unaltered picture from the game. 
  • Minimize your in-game chat. 
  • Do not crop your screenshot; we'll do that if it's needed
  • In battlescenes, try to show class skills or monster attacks going off. 
  • If you're taking a cutscene screenshot, appearance counts (so equip your best gear!)

Cysero's Secrets Of The Screenshotting Masters!

Taking a screenshot may seem like pretty simple stuff once you learn how to do it but we all hard to learn sometime. 


Earlier this week Artix and I decided to spend a little time in AQW talking to you guys and it seemed to both of us that a lot of you had no idea how to take a screenshot and capture the moment you met your all-time very, very, VERY favorite AE Dev...

...Or Artix.

We decided to make a quick video explaining some fairly fast and easy methods, namely LightShot and the Snipping Tool. You can watch the video here

We were amazed by how many people started using our methods and thaking us for teaching them how to do this, so we're putting it here for anyone else who might want to learn how to take screenies of their favorite gaming moments.  

There are other methods, like just hitting the PRT SC (Print Screen) key on your keyboard which captures your whole display and Pasting into a new file in a basic art program like Paint, but using the Snipping tool is faster and using Lightshot is even faster still and also great for storing and sharing your files with your friends. And it's all FREE!

Happy Screenshotting! 


February 19, 2015

AQ3D Update!

AQ3D is evolving!

I've been asked to do a little recap of the recent additions to the AQW 3D (now simply being called the AQ3D) Tech Demo here on the good ol' AQW Design Notes. 

If you've tried the Tech Demo for yourself recently then you probably know most of this already but if you haven't then here's what you've missed. 

1. We have added Battleon. 


You can only go into one of the buildings (The Inn), but it's still beautiful and a lot of fun to run around. You can battle trolluks, see where you can climb and chat with everyone. 

2. Zhoom was kind enough to add the single most requested feature of the tech demo so far... the ability to jump! 


The very minute that jumping was added, people began hopping up on things and making up their own parkour obstacle courses. 

3. We added an obstacle course. We wanted to give all these jumping beans something to jump on so Zhoom and Xero whipped up a quickie obstacle course that is pretty fun. 

If you win, there's no way out so you actually have to refresh your browser and log back but its still fun to see how fast you can do it. I made a short video of me running the course which you can see below. Can you beat my time?

4. As of today Zhoom is starting to test out new items! Every time you log in your color will be randomized as usual but you might also have a helm, shoulder pauldrons, gloves, a different weapon or maybe just a different hairstyle. 

If you haven't gotten the chance to try the Tech Demo out, now is a great time to jump in. There are a LOT of bugs and not much is funnier than a pre-alpha, bugtastic version of a game. 


Remember that this is only a TECH DEMO, it's before Beta, it's before Alpha. The game will only keep growing and adding things. If you have questions about the Tech Demo, I made a short FAQ about it which you can read HERE.  See you in Battleon! 


September 03, 2014

13 Lords of Chaos Poster

Larga vida a los Señores del Caos Poster!

I used Google Translate for that.  This weekend we held our annual Artix Panel at DragonCon 2014 and one of the many, many new and exciting that premiered during the panel was the 13 Lords of Chaos Poster. Those intreped few who came from far and wide to watch us ramble aimlessly for two and a half hours were the VERY FIRST people ON EARTH to be able to get this poster and the avalanche of swag that comes with it. 

Their time is over. Now is YOUR time! 

El Postero

The 13 Lords of Chaos Poster is now live on HeroMart, and now YOU can also bury yourself in the aforementioned swagalanche. 

--->   GET IT NOW!   <---

The poster comes with a the AQW Chaos Forge which can be used to obtain and then further UPGRADE these items: 

  • All-Seeing Spirit Staff
  • In-Djinn-ious Blade
  • Chaorrupted Dragonlord's Sword
  • Escherion's End
  • One Eyed Claw
  • Wolfwing's Last Paws
  • Fallen King's Scythe
  • Manabranch Staff
  • Temporal Triune Axe
  • Kitsune Kitsune Katana
  • Lion's Fang Blade
  • Tentacular Whip
In Dragonfable, you get:
  • Dragonlord Vath (Helm) (Look like Vath)
  • Dragonlord Vath (Sword)
  • Dragonlord Vath (Wings)
In AQ Classic you get:
  • Corrupted Guardian Dragon Jr (pet)
In MechQuest you get:
  • Chaosawa mecha  
And finally in EpicDuel you get:
  • Chaos Dragonslayer Sword Physical 
  • Chaos Dragonslayer Sword Energy
SO yeah... swagalanche. I think this item comes with more in-game stuff than any other HeroMart item ever and what a great way to celebrate the completion of the Chaos Saga and the start of AQW's new chapter The Queen Of Monsters! 

Free Stuff, cause why not?

If you just can't wait and feel the need to decorate your computer desktop with this amazing art, I made you several free wallpapers. Click on the picture to view each. 

800 by 600 800 x 600
1024 by 768
1024 x 768
1920 by 1024
1920 x 1024
1680 by 1050
1680 x 1050
And we also have some more options on our Artix Wallpaper site put together by HeroSmash Project Lead Randor the Red. These are all for personal use only, please and thank you. 
If you have already ordered the poster, plan on getting the poster or just like the free wallpapers then let us know in the comments! 
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August 25, 2014

Bring on the DragonCon

2014 DragonCon Information

dragoncon 2014 panel artix

Artix Panel Date & Time

WHEN: Saturday, Aug 30th @ 2:30 PM 
WHERE: DragonCon : Grand Salon D room @ the Hilton Atlanta hotel
WHY: To launch the 13 Lords of Chaos poster, to talk about our new Mobile game AQ Dragons, to showcase a new secret Mobile game, and to meet and greet our biggest fans—like you!

Launching: 13 Lords of Chaos Poster!

chaos lords poster

To commemorate the epic finale of the current AdventureQuest Worlds storyline, we are releasing this AMAZING 13 Lords of Chaos Poster, featuring all 13 Chaos Lords drawn & painted by Diozz and Dage the Evil. The entire Artix team will sign these posters at the lab before they are taken to DragonCon. Anyone attending our panel on Saturday, August 30 at DragonCon will be able to buy these posters before ANYONE ELSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!  

New Mobile Game: AQ Dragons

AQ dragons preview

So you want to know more about AQ Dragons? So OF COURSE DragonCon is the best place to do so! The Artix team will reveal everything we know about the upcoming mobile game, AQ Dragons, at our panel. This is so much better than piecing together tidbits of information via our Twitters =)

Spoiler Alert: Secret Mobile Game Project

Ah yes, a new secret mobile game. Well… it won’t be much of a secret for those who attend our DragonCon panel! And I cannot say much more about it… because it’s been kept a secret from me, too! >…..< 

How to Survive DragonCon

dragoncon survival guide

Cysero is your best bet for surviving DragonCon. And he’s posted a full length survival guide here.

On behalf of the entire Artix Entertainment team, we hope to see you at the Artix Panel @ DragonCon this Saturday, August 30th, in the Hilton’s Grand Salon D room!

DragonCon shirt artix panel

xoxo Beleen =D

Ps... IDK what that drawing up there is for. Cysero drew it... so maybe you can ask him about it on his Twitter


July 11, 2014

Battle Gems PVP!



Actually, it's been live for almost a fullday, but we haven't said much about it because we wanted to make sure there were no terribly bad game killing bugs before we sounded the war horns and drew a lot of attention to it. It was a quiet launch. 

Of course there were a few bugs (There are always a few bugs) but noting too serious and we've already got most of those solved and ready to publish to the live versions of the game in the next update today or tomorrow. 

As always, if YOU encounter any bugs, they go here:

They do not go on Twitter or Facebook or in the comments of the version of this post... they go here:

Just so we're entirely clear, ALL bugs for this or any other AE game go here:

... here:

And now we're moving on. 

BATTLE GEMS PVP! What's the deal with that?

Here's the deal.

  •  Create your own cool (or silly) PVP name! 
  • Battle anyone within your level range (plus or minus a few levels)
  • Collect PvP trophies for winning that raise you higher in the World and Friend Leaderboards!
  • Climb through the PvP Titles until you reach Arena Grand Master
  • New PvP Titles unlock the ability to buy new PvP Gear in the PvP Shop!
  • They cost A LOT!
  • But we now allow you to BUY GOLD! 
  • Random board mechanics make each battle different. You might get...
    • Slime Gems
    • Stone Gems
    • Crit Gems
    • Cages
    • Lava
    • Or in rare cases ALL OF THE ABOVE! (We call that the Devil Board)

Devil Board


I did indeed say that, imaginary player who asks me this stuff! There are three gold packages to pick from but the obvious winner is the 50 MILLION GOLD PACKAGE. That should keep you set for a while and allow you to buy almost all of the PvP rewards (If you have the intestinal fortitude to unlock them). 

Plus it comes with in-game bonuses where the other packages only come with gold (which is still nice).

the 50,000,000 GOLD package gives you a GOLD NAME (in Battle Gems PvP) and the MAKE IT RAIN skill will be added to your skill list. It's like a big gold fireball that explodes into a shower of gold coins when it hits the target. Fun? Yeah, fun.

Apple based players can get the game here:

Android based players can get the game here:

And, of course, you can always play it on Facebook:

Have fun!



May 23, 2014

Chaotic Lab Time

I Barely Know What's Going On!

Well, I know some stuff. I'm going to put an eye catching promo image about tonight's release here. 

Secret Lab Under New Mgt.

Seems like forever since I've gotten to write a Design Notes for you good folks. To clear up a little confusion, I'm still NOT working on AQW, not even filling in for Alina this week. All I've been asked to do is write the Design Notes om Monday and Friday this week, so that is what I'm doing. However, since I get the privilege of writing a Design Notes post then I want it to be useful and informative. With that in mind, here's a release status notification which I will update when the release is released. updated with the release went live. 


So, let's talk about the release. If you have been reading the DNs this week then you know that your fellow Player Runester333 was one of the winners of our Player Release Contest.


This hombre has concocted an adventure in a chaorrupted version of the AE Secret Underground Lab, where I currently sit. This release also features a rare shop, a merge shop and more than a few new items dropping off the monsters!

C'mon Cy, you can do better than that. These people want to know prices and tags! 

Chaos Lab Rares:

Chaos Portal Cape (Animated, 500 ACs)  
Chaorrupted Memet Pet (Legend only, 50000 gold)   
Chaos Chinchilla Hat (Everyone, 10000 gold)

Chaos Lab Merge Shop: (requires Crystallized Chaos which drop from the monsters in the area)

Chaotic Battle Hamster  (200 Crystallized Chaos + Hamster Pet)
Eye Am Chaos helm    (250 Crystallized Chaos)
Chaorrupted Blade of Awe    (500 Crystallized Chaos)   
Chaos Artix/Beleen    (750 Crystallized Chaos)   
Chaos Cysero/Alina    (750 Crystallized Chaos)

(I assume that the armor will make dudes look like chaos me and female characters get to look like Alina? Maybe?)

Chaos Lab Gear

Chaos Lab Drops:

Chaotic Server Hamster Pet (5% drop from Chaotic Server Hamster, 10% from Ultra version) - Legend only  
Purple Chinchilla Hat (2% drop from Chaorrupted Beleen)   
Chaorrupted Light of Destiny (2% drop from Chaorrupted Artix)   
Cysero's Chaos Hammer (2% drop from Chaorrupted Cysero)
Purple Potion Pack cape (2% drop from Chaorrupted Alina)

I do hope that you have seeing what we could do with the ideas from one of your fellow players. Enjoy it!

Or else. 


We're all big fan of kaiju around here so needless to say that we HAD to make this pet. He's ENORMOUS and he has personal boundary issues. 


Dude. Back up a little. Your breath smells like a sleeping bag filled with electrocuted dolphins.

Obviously, this little cutie pie is going rare but I can't get a date out of anyone yet so if you want it, I suggest buying it as soon as you're able. You will be able to buy him from a shop in the Game Menu.

OMGzilla prices:

OMGZilla Pet (Everyone, 2000 ACs)
OMGZilla Battle Pet  (Legend Only, 2000 ACs)

Oh but he's not done yet! Both versions of zardface come with SIX quests for his new owner. Each of the quests (which all look pretty tough. Not as tough as I'd make them but still...) give a nice chunk of gold and XP but you also have a chance of getting a SPECIAL QUEST ITEM!


OMGZilla Quest Drops:

Kaiju Slayer Sword   (Everyone, 0 AC tagged for storage, 10% quest drop chance)
Kaiju Slayer Staff   (Everyone, 0 AC tagged for storage, 10% quest drop chance)
Kaiju Slayer Polearm   (Everyone, 0 AC tagged for storage, 10% quest drop chance)   
Kaiju Slayer Daggers   (Everyone, 0 AC tagged for storage, 10% quest drop chance)   
OMGZilla Tail   (Everyone, 0 AC tagged for storage, 10% quest drop chance)  
OMGZilla Tail & Spikes   (Everyone, 0 AC tagged for storage, 10% quest drop chance) 



That shop went live in the middle of the week but if you're one of those people who only check in on Friday for the release then you didn't know that. Like I always say, "If I ain't seen it then it's new to me!"



It's a three day weekend for many of here in the United States, so the AQW team has decided to give DOUBLE XP all three days! Have fun and be safe. 

On a personal note, Monday is Memorial Day. It's a day when we, as a nation, remember the brave men and women who have fallen in the line of duty. Everyone has their own opinion about how our nation uses its military might but one thing upon which we can all agree is that it takes undeniable courage to risk and lose your life doing what you see as your duty. I'd like to thank all of those who have answered the call to serve and offer my sincere sympathy to those who have lost friends, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers or children in that noble pursuit. 


May 19, 2014

FRIDAY - The Chaorrupted Lab

I Have No Idea What I'm Doing!

Hey guys! 

If you have been paying attention for the past year, you know that I haven't been working on he AQW team. I and the rest of the OMNI development team have been hard at work building, releasing and stabilizing Battle Gems (and beginning work on our next top secret project). But Alina has stepped out for the week and she's asked me to take a little time out of the insane OMNI development schedule to write a Design Notes about this week's release. 

I really haven't had much time to check in for the last year to see what's going on in AQWorlds so, armed with that knowledge, sit back and enjoy as I talk about things about which I know next to nothing. This should be fun. 

So, apparently there was a contest where we let players posess our developers and write their own releases. 

Zard meme Design a Release Contest

Frankly, this sounds awesome. One thing that AE has always wanted has been Player Created Content. I mean, sure, we have the Player Suggestion forums and the AQW team has always tried to incorperate as many of those good ideas as possible into the game, but it's a slow process and people don't often get as much credit as they would like. This way still insanely slow and really only lets one person at a time show off their creativity but it's a real step in the right direction. 

I REALLY want to add more options for Player Created Content in some of our next new games. Something that lets you draw and upload your own armors and import them directly into the game. Maybe sell them on some kind of markletplace for in-game currency like ACs. There are a lot of problems to solve before that can ever happen but it would be SO cool, right? But that's off topic. 

What was I writing about? 

OH! So, there's this player named Runester333 and whomever was judging the Make Us Do Your Work For You contest thought that his/her idea sounded like a really interesting release. After reading ahead I have to agree. 

The basic idea behind the release is that after Beleen's dream world leaked into the world of AQW last Heroes Heart Day (That happened? Reading that right off the release pitch), she left a crack open and ALL of the other developers' thoughts and ideas began flooding into the game world until it reached a critical mass and all of these conflicting ideas collapsed into a kind of Chaotic singularity that actually pulled the AQW devs into and trapped them in a Chaotic version of the Secret Ungerground Lab. 

Here's an early screenie of the Chaos Lab as done by J6. Note that the AE Dragon has been replaced by the Chaos Eye. I particularly like the upside down doors. 

Cool, right? I mean, if it were going to happen, that's how it would go. Chaos born from the conflicting hyperactive imaginations of some of the most idea-driven people that I've ever known. 

This also has something to do with the Mirror Realm. I'm not sure what. OK I just read last week's Design Notes so I guess this is a continuation of Alastair Q's release? Maybe? Oh, nevermind, Memet just told me that the Mirror Realm stuff is not happening and this is a stand-alone release. Just pretend that part never happened. 

So, just a Chaorrupted version of the Lab. Got it? Good. 

The release will also, of course, have some cool gear coming out of it. OH COOL! There's a Chaorrupted Cysero armor coming I guess. Neat. And some weapons and uh.. capes, helms and a pet. 

If I had pictures of that stuff, I'd preview that for you. But I dont. 

OK, Sounds fun. What else?

Let's see. Looks like some kind of shop riffing off the new X-Men movie. Can I say X-men? I'm told that I cannot, for legal reasons, say that. Let's say the new movie about muta... I can't say mutant? Some superher... I can't say that word either. This is like a nightmare game of Taboo. OK, You can do this Cysero.

There is a shop that has nothing to do with a new movie about some... people... who have... genetic abnormalities... that give them some... powerful... skills? Anyway, this shop will be getting some more stuff this week (starting today? Is that right?).


I pointed out to Alina that the Red Skull was actually the result of a Nazi super-soldier experiment and not one of the genetically abnormal persons but she just... OK, I'm being told that I also cannot say Red Skull

Man, this is tough. 

OH! There's a full release and price list on Alina's Previous Post! That's very helpful! 

GuildLauch Stuff!

Apparently, there is a GuildLaunch badge and shop with unique items also coming later this week. I'm not sure if the badge is a character page badge or not but if it's not then I'll just go ahead and suggest that it should be cause that's the first place that a lot of you will go.

Animated Item Alpha Test

It also looks like Yorumi is working on some sort of new kind of items that call special animations under different conditions. I don't think that the system is ready and I'm almost certain that these animations are just graphic, and cause no damage, debuff or buff. Yorumi says that this MIGHT NOT be ready by Friday and if it is, it's an Alpha Test so don't expect wonders upon wonders. 

Still, that sounds pretty cool. 

*sound of papers shuffling* 

And it looks like that's all that I've got. If anything that I have said is terribly inaccurate or just flat-out-wrong then I'm sorry. I did warn you that I have no idea what I'm talking about. 


May 09, 2014

Battle Gems Wants You!

Battle Gems on Android, Apple and Facebook!

Our first major mobile game is now live and stable on Android's Google Play, Apple App Store/iTunes and Facebook


Battle Gems Everywhere

Now that Battle Gems is on the web we need your help. We are very proud of our little game and it seems like nearly everyone who has played it enjoys it. We think that Battle Gems really has the potential to become a HUGE game in the mobile arena and on the web but, for that ti happen, we need YOUR help. 

NOTHING helps a game spread faster than the fans. Word of mouth from the die-hard, serious fans can become a raging fire on the internet as the game is passed from friend to friend. We have a favor to ask from you. 

If you've tried the game... if you have enjoyed it... please, share it.

Copy and paste this link everywhere you can think of. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, SnapChat, Tumblr, Instagram... anywhere that you feel comfortable letting YOUR fans know that it's a fun game and they should give it a shot. It is free after all so what do they have to lose?

Can I Still Get Founder?

Why, yes. Yes you can. However, we wanted to leave it up long enough for everyone on every platform to get it and now that Battle Gems has been released on all currently planned platforms the Founder Package will be leaving in a few weeks. 

Here's a reminder of what you get with Battle Gems Founder...

Founder Package

In Battle Gems:

1) INFINITE Energy, never wait to fight!
2) Skeleton Key, Never wait to enter a new area!
3) DragonKnight Set, special limited-time Founder set!
4) Founder flag on your character panel.
5) 30% permanent earning gold boost.

In AQWorlds:

1) AQW BONUS: DragonKnight Class!
2) AQW BONUS: DragonKnight Armor!
3) AQW BONUS: DragonKnight Helms (2)!
4) AQW BONUS: DragonKnight Swords (2)!
5) AQW BONUS: DragonKnight Capes (3)!
6) AQW BONUS: Battle Gems Character Page Achievement!

AQW DragonKnight

Just tap the UPGRADE button in your Battle Gems OPTIONS screen to buy Founder then use the AQW LINK button that shows up to link it to your AQW account. 

Thanks For Helping!

For those of you who have already played the game, who have stuck with us through all the game killing bugs and all of the terrible technical glitches and STILL dropped us a 5 star review in your app store, thank you. We could not have gotten to this very exciting starting point without you guys. We're all very interested to see where we go from here. 

See you in Battle Gems! 

App Icon


February 28, 2014

Hardcore Paragon Explained

Let's Be As Clear As Possible

First, some changes have been made to the Hardcore Paragon Pet being released later today. 

Hardcore Paragon Pet

After announcing the extreme challenge quest and rewards in YESTERDAY's DESIGN NOTES, we sat down and did a little math. As of yesterday the quest was to collect 13 drops at 2% drop rate, which would give you 66 legion tokens OR a 1% chance to get the Dual BladeMaster Katanas or the Living BladeMaster armor.

Impossible Rewards

Let's Look At The Numbers

Most of the time, winning battles against binky take an hour on average. 

2% means an average of 50 wins to get a drop. You needed 13 drops. 

13 X 50 = 650 runs, or 650 hours on average. 

The item drops are 1%, meaning it would take, on average, 99 quest completes to get one of them. 

650 X 99 = 64,350 hours, on average, to get one of the item drops. 

That is 7.3 years of straight playing without eating, sleeping, pooping or doing anything else. 

There is no accounting for luck, (and I just KNOW that some lucky turkey is going to get one of the drops on their first turn in) but still it seemed a LITTLE unreasonable to play a game longer than it's been alive to get a single quest drop. Granted, when you got it you would feel like a GOD but even Dage isn't that evil. 

Let's Fix The Numbers

Dage has requested that the drops be lowered to 1 rib, rather than 13. It's STILL a VERY HARDCORE quest requiring an average of 206 hours of gameplay, but a lot more possible to actually complete. The Legion Token reward has also been raised from 66 to 250 per turn in. 

A lot of people also pointed out last night (thank you) that while an optional hardcore quest seems like fun, the POINT of a Paragon Pet is to be able to farm Legion Tokens faster or at least easier then you could without the pet. It was a very good point. 

I've added a second quest (this one is a daily) that will require 20 drops (25% drop rate) off of the Ultra Chaos Warrior, but the reward is 100 Legion Tokens. Not the fastest way to earn Legion Tokens but faster by far than not having the a Paragon Pet. The quest and monster also both drop rather a lot of XP and gold so it's a good place to farm to approach max level. 

If you have 0 Tokens now, get the Hardcore Paragon Pet, complete his quest once a day for the next 20 days, you will have enough to get the Legion Token version of the new BladeMaster Class and still have time to spare before it goes rare. 

Dage has also created the LESSER CALADBOLG (which is just as powerful as the original but harder to get and with no glows or animations to cause lag) which has been added as another 1% drop to the Binky quest. 


The Hardcore Paragon Pet is going into Dage's Birthday Shop later today. 

It has 2 quests: 

  1. FIRST QUEST: Collect 1 Rib from Binky (2% drop rate). Rewards: 250 Legion Tokens, or a 1% chance to get the Dual Blademaster Katanas, Living BladeMaster armor or the Lesser Caladbolg weapon. This quest is NOT a Daily.

  2. SECOND QUEST (DAILY): Collect 20 Chaorrupted Dark Fire samples from the Ultra Chaos Warrior (25% drop rate). Rewards: 100 Legion Tokens. 

The Hardcore Paragon Pet is showing up in Dage's Birthday Shop later today and will cost 2000 ACs like all of its brothers before it. 

ONCE AGAIN: This pet was made with HARDCORE players in mind. The first quest isn't unfair to anyone because it's not required and completely optional. This is a CHALLENGING quest for people who were asking for a CHALLENGE. 


February 27, 2014

Hardcore Paragon Pet

How Hardcore Are You?

As many of you know, Dage The Evil's birthday is Sunday and we kicked off his birthday with a bang on Wednesday by releasing the new (eventually Rare) BladeMaster Class!

You can see my Class Breakdown HERE. Maybe you got it for ACs. Maybe you're an Undead Legion follower and you grabbed it for Legion Tokens. Maybe you're still farming Legion Tokens so you can get it before it goes rare in about a month. All good options. 

IF you're a loyal Undead Legionnaire then it's fair to assume that you're a pretty Hardcore Player, but exactly how Hardcore Are you? 

The Hardcore Paragon Pet Club (No Whiners Allowed)!

Tomorrow, we will be adding a bunch of new stuff to Dage's Birthday Shop but my favorite is the Hardcore Paragon Pet!

There would be a 
picture of it here but
Dage hasn't finished
the art for it yet.

Like most Paragon Pets, this one comes with a quest. Since I've been covering for Alina during her well-earned holiday, I've seen a LOT of you saying that Legion Tokens were too easy to farm and you wanted a REAL challenge. So I made one for you. 

WARNING: If the impossible scares you, just crawl back into your casual-gamer hole right now. 

The Hardcore Paragon Pet comes with 3 possible rewards. 

  • 66 Legion Tokens (we might raise that, considering...)
  • The BladeMaster Dual Katanas

Dual BladeMaster Katanas

  • or The Living BladeMaster armor. 

Living BladeMaster Armor

You asked for a challenge so here it is: You will get 66 Legion Tokens each time you finish the quest unless you get one of the items. Each of the items is a 1% drop (0 AC for storage, naturally) from the quest. In order to complete the quest, you will need to collect 13 Ribs from Binky the ungodly-powerful, nasty-as-frak unicorn monster and each rib only has a 2% Drop rate. 

You read that right. 2% chance to get a rib, IF you manage to kill the unkillable Binky. Collect 13 ribs to complete the quest. 1% chance that you'll get one of these items, making them two of the rarest items EVER in AQW.

Sound impossible? Some say it is. Some say it's not worth buying the pet. That's fine. It isn't for them...

It's for YOU. I made this quest as hard as I could think without making it literally impossible for those few of you who say that the game has become too simple... who say that even Drakath is too easy and you need a REAL challenge. 

Remember: This quest is NOT REQUIRED AT ALL. Complaining about it is like complaining about a test you don't have to take. Accepting this challenge will require you to spend 2000AC on the pet but if you're really a HARDCORE player, then this is just exactly what you've been asking for.

Good luck and godspeed, adventurer. 

Sounds Dumb, What Else Ya  Got?

Fair enough. Also coming in the shop will be the Legion DreadRider armor (800 ACs) and helm (90 ACs)...


... The DreadMarch Armor (500 ACs or 500 Legion tokens), helm (90 ACs or 90 Legion Tokens and cape (250 ACs or 250 Legion Tokens)...

DreadMarch Armor Set

... And finally some items that we missed in the initial BladeMaster release: BladeMaster Hood (90 ACs), BladeMaster Wraps (9000 Gold for everyone), BladeMaster Horns (90 ACs), the BladeMaster Mask (Legend only, 9000 gold) and the BladeMaster Cape (animated, 250 ACs).

BladeMaster Helms

Something About A Free, Signed Poster?

Thanks for reminding me. Once the BladeMaster Class goes rare (again, in a month or so) we will be looking through everyone who has it (AC or Legion TOken version, both work) and drawing a name at random. That lucky Legionnaire will recieve a free Undead Legion Poster signed by Dage The Evil. We'll even pay the shipping. 

Dage Art Neuveau

What Else Is Happening Tomorrow? 

That's not enough? 

No, That's Basicaly Just A Shop.

OK, true. We also have our Mardi Gras/Carnival Big Bad Voodoo Event! There will be beads and dark magic and some colorully attired undead. It's not something that you want to miss beacuse of all those things I just mentioned. Especially the last one. 

See ya tomorrow! 


February 25, 2014

BladeMaster Class

Dage's Early Birthday Present!

Everybody (except a pirate) loves a Ninja. Every team has a master of stealth. G.I. Joe has Snake Eyes. Cobra has Storm Shadow. The Autobots (G1) have Mirage. The Thundercats have Tigra. AE has Thyton and the Undead Legion has the BladeMaster. 

This is the NEW CLASS coming TOMORROW in the first wave of Dage's Birthday Shop. 


Dage's actual birthday isn't until Sunday but Dage wanted to release this early so you would have time to rank it up before the day arrives. But what is a BladeMaster without his or her blades? 

BladeMaster Weapons

Pictured above, from left to right, you can see:

  • The BladeMaster Fauchard (sword, 50,000 gold, Legend Only)
  • The BladeMaster Katana (sword, 250 AC)
  • The BladeMaster Sword (sword, 50,000 gold for everyone)
  • The BladeMaster Dual Weapons (Dagger, one in each hand, 300 AC)

Dual Weapons

There are 2 ways to get the class:

  • BladeMaster Class (2000 ACs)
  • BladeMaster Class (2000 Legion Tokens)

Dage wanted a way for his dedicated followers to get the class through blood, sweat and tears. Both versions of the class and the weapons are all going RARE, but that won't be for at least a month so you have time to get those Legion Tokens. 

But let's stop kidding ourselves. We're all here to see what the class has to offer other than a pretty face. Balancing testing classes and writing class breakdowns were always some of my favorite parts of the job while I was working on AQW, so I'm very happy to be able to do it again in my week filling in for the vacationing Alina. Without further ado, I present the...


Dage had a lot to say about the development of this class. He wanted it to be stealthy and roguelike but unquestionably strong considering its rare nature. It is definitely a powerhouse and if you use it right, you're pretty close to unstoppable. 

Normally I suggest a build and encourage you to play around and find a build that works for you but, this time, If you're not using Thief Enhancements then you are wasting your own time. The class THRIVES on Dodge so all you want is Dexterity. 

Some of the skills are fast and others are slow but what you want to balance here it your MANA usage to really master this class. You'll see what I'm talking about .


1.75 second cooldown

A blade strike from the hilt, fast enough to hit before your opponent gets a chance to act..

Did you catch that? This is your autoattack but it goes off every 1.75 secs, not the standard 2 secs. Being built on the rogue MANA regen model, you get MANA back with every auto attack, so this keeps the MANA flowing in at a faster rate than any other class that does this. 


15 MANA, 9 second cooldown

Unleash a fury of steel striking at up to 4 targets.

This is your only AoE (area of effect) attack. You have to have them grouped pretty tightly but this can pull 4 enemies onto you at once. Sounds like a bad idea? WRONG.

Again, this model of class generates MANA from every auto attack, but also from every Dodge that you manage to pull off. You also get Health back every time you dodge. If your build is sufficiently Dex heavy, then you will be dodging at least 4 enemies at a time with this skill, giving you life and the juice you need to keep stabbing monster face from every direction.

This is not the strongest attack but can help whittle down the group at a friendly pace. Don't want to kill them too fast or you lose your MANA/HP generators. 


20 MANA, 25 second cooldown

A technique used to deflect incoming attacks and strike back at your target. Grants Evasion increasing dodge by 20% and critical strike chance by 10%.

Another slow cooldown but this power will become your bread and butter. 20% Dodge, on top of what you're already generating means more survivability, more MANA and more HP for you. 10% bonus crit means more damage AND more MANA since Crits generate additional MANA. 



25 MANA, 9 second cooldown

Deals moderate damage and disables your opponents ability to fight back significantly reducing all damage they deal for the next 5 seconds.

Decent damage here. This will probably end up being your main damage skill due to the cooldown, which means it will probably be where most of your MANA goes, so watch it. In addition to doing decent damage, it also nerfs your enemy's damage for 5 seconds adding even more to your survivability.  


Rank 4 passives

Increases critical strike damage 20% and dodge chance by 15%

Increases dexterity by 10%

20% more Crit Damage which just goes straight into butt-kicking and 15% more Dodge which means more survivability, more MANA and more HP for you. 10% more Dex means the same. 


35 MANA, 10 second cooldown

Attempt to split your target in two with a powerful strike. Has a chance to stun your target for 2 seconds.

Here's your Nuke. This is a HEAVY damage attack. It eats a lot of MANA and has a pretty short cooldown for such a powerful attack so you'll be tempted to spam it, but you'll run out of juice very quickly doing that. Use it wisely, wait until the moment is right to strike. It also has a 50% chance to stun your target for 2 seconds which is just icing as far as I'm concerned. 


Rank 10 passive

Increases dexterity and damage done by 10%

Does exactly what it says. More Dex and all the goodness that it brings with it and even more damage. 

Seems like this class would be a monster is PvP but I didn't get a chance to try it there personally so I'll be interested to hear your feedback. Between the dodge, the enemy damage debuff and a 50% stun chance there is NO reason that any BladeMaster should EVER die unless they want to go AFK to make a sandwich mid-fight. Even then, I'd say this beast has a pretty good chance of staying alive on autopilot until you come back, sandwich in hand. 

BladeMaster Female

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the Essence of the Undead Legend will also be in the shop, as usual at the normal 2 MILLION gold pricetag. 

Enjoy and Happy Birthday Dage The Evil! 


Friday Dage's Birthday Shop will be getting even more items!

  • NEW Legion Pet with Legion Token Quests (Quests for owner only, 2000 AC)
  • Legion Dragonrider Armor (800 ACs)

Dage mentioned that he might (or might not) add some items next week too, depending on his time. 

This Friday we also have our brand new Mardi Gras/Carnival event coming. Time to see if you've got the voodoo in you.


January 23, 2014

Art Nouveau

Diozz's Dage The Evil Art Nouveau Print Is Coming!

UPDATE: The poster is now for sale on HEROMART.COM

Have you seen this yet? 

Amazing Diozz Poster

By now, you know that I don't work on AQW anymore. For the past 8 months I've been working full time on Battle Gems, but I don't often get a chance to talk about something this exciting so I hopped back onto the AQW Design Notes. Sorry. 

The image above is the finished version of Diozz's completely breathtaking Dage The Evil poster done in the Art Nouveau style coming very soon to HEROMART

I know from Twitter that a lot of you are already excited about this poster but a few of you have asked what Art Nouveau means so I want to tell you a bit about the style. 

What Is Art Nouveau?

Art Nouveau is an art style that began in France in the late 1800's and quickly spread around Europe. It was a very brief period in art history but it left such a lasting impression that a lot of people are still in love with the style today. 

The style is usually characterized by flowing organic forms, both in artistic elements and typography. Usually you'll see a symmetrical form in the background laying the stage for an asymmetrical centerpiece up front. 

Art Nouveau wasn't just a fine art style. The style was found in everything from the silverware of the time to entire buildings, like the designs of the Paris Metro kiosks designed by Hector Guimard which you can still see today around Paris. 

Paris Metro

When talking about the Art Nouveau, most people think of the art and prints of Alphonse Mucha. Mucha was a Czech artist living in Paris and became well known for his prints advertising the plays of Ms. Sarah Bernhardt who was a superstar at the time. Mucha is also my all-time favorite artist. 

Here is one of his prints called "Dance", advertising one of Bernhardt's plays. 

Mucha's Dance

The style, and particularly the works of Mucha, have always been appreciated but recently pop culture has seen an explosion of art in the style, some even referencing Mucha's works. 

Take, for example, Bill Mudron's Dr. Who themed Art Nouveau style works (notice any similarities?)...

Bill Mudron's Nouveau Fan Art

... or Mr. Mudron's Art Nouveau style Minecraft poster (hanging in my living room)...

Bill Mudron's Minecraft Nouveau Print

You can find examples of Art Nouveau all over geekdom, like in the Firefly themed Art Nouveau prints of Megan Lara... 

Megan Lara's Kaylee Print

...Or Ms. Lane's Sherlock themed Art Nouveau shirt design (Wearing it today. Took this in the mirror)...

My Megan Lara Sherlock Shirt

So, now you know a little bit about Art Nouveau (New Art, in French) and maybe you will be able to more greatly appreciate how freaking amazing Diozz's poster really is. As you can tell, I'm a big fan of the style and I'm almost as excited about this poster as I am about the upcoming release of Battle Gems. 

If you want to talk more about the poster, Battle gems or art history, you can always hit my Twitter. 

If you're excited about the poster, feel free to spam HeroMart's Twitter, or Faith's Twitter (she runs HeroMart). 

If you are as blown away by this design as I am, show Diozz some love in his Twitter

Dage Art Nouveau Poster Test Print

UPDATE: The poster is now for sale on HEROMART.COM


November 19, 2013

A Common Scam

Be Clever, Always.

Hi guys. As you know, I don't work on AQW anymore but I wanted to share something with the AQW community. 

Earlier today I got a tweet from a player. Let's call him SKLURP

SKLURP is asking for a little help and I like to help when I can, even thought I don't work on the game. As I'm looking at SKLUP's account I see that it was pretty recently created in a country that is about 10,000km from the country where he is located. Of course that looks suspicious so I start asking questions. 

SKLURP says that he BOUGHT the account from "some dude" that he met in Battleon because it was higher level than his, already a member and a 5th Upholder. 


I let him know that he got scammed. He is of course very confused and upset so I let him know how the scam works. 


For the sake of our example let's call our scam artist ASC4M4T1ST.

  1. ASC4M4T1ST starts an account and buys an upgrade. He even uses the ACs from the upgrade to get a few recent rares. SO far, eveything is cool. 

  2.  ASC4M4T1ST starts advertizing that he's tired of this account and wants to sell it, cheap. (report people who do this when you see it)

  3. SKLURP thinks "WOW, WHAT A DEAL!" so he agrees to pay ASC4M4T1ST (maybe through Paypal or some other money transfer service). 

  4. ASC4M4T1ST hands over the password. SKLURP plays for a few days happily on his shiny new character. Maybe he even buys an AC package to arm him up and make him really nice. 

  5. THEN, the game auto-detects that this account, which was created in South America is now being played from Asia.

  6. Maybe the player just moved across the world so the game checks for a few other things like an e-mail and password being changed around the same time as the new computer started playing this character. It fits all the critera of a stolen account, so the account is automatically disabled by the game engine. 

  7. A few days later ASC4M4T1ST contacts PLAYER SUPPORT and says "HELP, I WAS HACKED!".

  8. Player Support looks at the account and sees that this upgraded account as created in and upgraded from South America but is being played in Asia. Player Support only wants to help our players as much as possible so they return the account to ASC4M4T1ST, resetting the account to the original creation e-mail and passowrd.

  9. ASC4M4T1ST now has control of the account he upgraded, plus the money he got from SKLURP for the account plus the ACs that SKLURP bought for the character while he had control of it. 

  10. ASC4M4T1ST then repeats the process again.

You see, Player Support have no evidence that the account was purchased from ASC4M4T1ST. Even if SLKURP has an e-mail or some sort of recipt from Paypal, it's no help for Player Support. They can't reverse a payment you made in private.

In fact, it's ILLEGAL to sell AQW accounts since they are technically all the property of Artix Entertainment. Player Support has no choice but to see thngs this way. The only thing that SKLURP can do is try to get his money back from ASC4M4T1ST. Good luck with that. 

The Player Support team is doing the best that they can to help everyone out. This is why it's soooo vitally important that people understand that they shouldn't share, trade, give away or especially buy accounts from other players. 

Don't be SKLURP. 

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August 26, 2013

DragonCon 2013

What Is DragonCon?

Quite a few people don't know what DRAGONCON is so we should probably cover that first. 

Since 1987 people have been coming to Atlanta, Georgia (roughly 8 hours drive from The Secret Underground Lab) for DragonCon which has become one of the largest Sci-Fi, Fantasy conventions in the world. They say that they get about 40,000-45,000 people every year but it's closer to 65,000 or 70,000 and every year, it keeps growing. 

There is so much to see that it can actually short out your brain. it happened to my on my first year.When I got back my friends asked me how it was and I actually needed a few days to process all that I had seen and done, heard and tasted, battled and escaped from before I could talk to them about it.

There are panels about everything from making your own functional steampunk R2-D2, to meet-and-greets with some of the biggest names in TVs, Movies, Gaming and Books. There are thousands of people dressed up as their favorite characters, movie marathons, a sea of tables for table top games like Dungeons and Dragons, card games like Pokémon, Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh, board games like Risk, Settlers of Catan and King of Tokyo. There are several WAREHOUSE sized rooms stocked to the gills with Naruto headbands, Lightsabers (like mine and Yorumi's), Steampunk Goggles, Nerdy T-shirts, Comic Books, Video Games, Card Games, Board Games and other types of games, Art and anything else you can imagine for sale. There are nightly raves, Firefly themed shindigs, vampire masquerade balls and a constant stream of Concerts featuring people like I Fight Dragons, One-Eyed Doll and Voltaire... and, of course, our own Artix Entertainment Fan Panel.

We are a small company with a small but loyal fan base who keep showing up no matter how awful the panel was the year before. In fact, they keep giving us bigger rooms  and better time-slots every single year. 

At the panel we get to meet and hang out with some of our biggest fans, we talk about what is coming up, have a question and answer session, Artix usually shows some movies that he's made over the weekend and we usually have a Kick-The-Twilly contest. In 2012 our panel was AMAZING complete with a fight between Artix, Chairman Platinum and Sepulchure himself fighting surrounded by screaming AE fans cheering Artix on. A few people even stepped in front of our friendly paladin to protect him from the DoomKnight. 

Every year we make a special item for those who have come from all over the globe just to hang out with us, but there is also an Artix Entertainment Flyer that we will be handing out that has a code for another DragonCon item for everyone. Just talk to one of your friends who goes to get the code.

This year the Artix Entertainment Panel:

  • The time will be Saturday at 2:30PM. (only 1 hour this year!)
  • The hotel will be the Hilton Atlanta
  • The room will be the "Grand Salon E"

We will also have a AE Fan Table in the Hayatt Recency Atlanta, on the lower level (we think). Members of the AE staff (and maybe some AE fans) will be manning the table all through the con. We have made special achievement stickers to attach to your Con Badges for all three days of the con. Make sure to stop by and grab your wee achievement stickers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and keep us company! We get lonely.

That is not a giant pen... the stickers are teeeeeeeeeny tiny. I put the pen in the photo to give you guys a sense of exactly how small they are. 

A LOT of the famous people at con will sign something for you if you pay them, but lucky for YOU we're NOT FAMOUS AT ALL! All you have to do is give us a marker. We will sign ANYTHING. I mean that. Artix and I signed a dude's neck back in 2011.

NOTE: WE DO NOT RUN DRAGONCON! AE has nothing to do with the set-up or funding of the convention. We just attend like everyone else. It's an institution in Atlanta and has been held there for the last quarter century so asking us to have it in YOUR hometown next year impossible on every level.

This is also the closest, biggest convention that we can get to. We would LOVE to come to the convention in your town or in your country but we simply can't afford to travel that far. 

If this is your first Con, then you should carefully read...

Cysero's Con Survival Guide! (revised 2013 edition)

DragonCon starts THIS WEEKEND and as has become tradition I am imparting my knowledge and experience to you all. This is Cysero's Con Survival Guide '13!



  • A Large Bag. You're going to to be carrying a LOT of stuff around with you and picking up a lot of stuff as you con so a large bag is necessary. And when I say bag I DO NOT mean a large plastic grocery bag. I mean a sturdy courrier bag or backpack. I will be bringing my N7 Canvas courrier bag, hardered for con survival.
  • A Towel. Your hotel room will probably come equipped with these but I always prefer to bring a large, beach-sized towel with me wherever I go. Hitchikers listed most of the uses, but for a more practical example: I have fallen asleep in the hallways of more than one convention hotel and it's always nice to have a towel for a blanket or pillow.  
  • Energy Bars. Meals come unpredictably during con and staying alive can be hard. You never know when you'll be stuck at a table-top gaming session that lasts 14 hours straight... and if you leave the brutal GM will just kill you.
  • Bottle Of Water. See above. Also good for waking up wierdos who are sleeping in the hallways of your hotel under beach towels. Trust me.
  • Extra Strength Energy Shots (Optional). You know, those little bottles of energy booster that they sell everywhere. These things are not great for you, but caffeine and sugar have no effect on MY metabolism and you might be built the same way. Con goes day and night, all weekend long. And it's a holiday weekend. I consider them a necessity during Con.

  • Multi-Vitamins. There are thousands of people from all over the world at con and many of them have brought strange, exotic diseases with them. All these diseases mingle together and become some sort of super-flu affectionately called "Con Rot" that WILL infect you. Keeping your body's defenses up during con severely reduces the time and number of limbs you will lose to the Con Rot after you leave the convention.

  • Hand Sanitizer. See above.
  • Cash (Well Hidden). As you explore the convention you WILL encounter some stuff you NEED to own. Swords, pithy shirts, novels, William Shattner selling autographs... and there is a 50% chance that the thing you want to buy, you can't buy with plastic. If you plan on falling asleep in a hall somewhere, be sure that your cash is in your sock or in the secret pocket in your boxers, or cloak... you don't want to wake up broke.
  • A Mobile Computing Device. Most modern cell phones will do, but you might not get a signal in the underground mazes that connect the convention hotels. Having a wireless card in a small laptop is priceless. A smartphone attached to a 3G, 4G or LTE network will do (con-tested my iPhone in 2009, worked like a dream). You might or might not Tweet or Vine. You might or might not need to check your Facebook and Twitter but your FRIENDS will NEED to contact you about something that you HAVE TO SEE RIGHT NOW! 

    A VERY large bonus to a smartphone is the DragonCon App. it has schedules, maps and gets updated on the fly unlike your paper schedule.  

    DragonCon 2103 App

    You will eventually lose your paper one but so does everyone else so there are an endless supply of them in every corner BUT this way you don't have to get your hands sticky and wonder why the last person ditched it. 

    It has maps, schedules for panels and speakers, concert times... everything you need to plan your Con experience. If you don't have an iOS device you can still access the event app through their web page

  • Phone Charger. Everyone has something to charge now so finding an open power outlet can be a real challenge but just like you never know when you will get to eat, the same goes for your phone. If you have an emergency battery boost for your phone, bring that but at the very least make sure that your phone charger is close at hand.
  • A Camera. Fully charged. Memory card empty. NEEDS a flash. Too many dark corners with Halo Spartans hiding in them. If you have newer generation smartphone with a decent flash, that will do fine.

  • Glow Sticks or a Dance Party App. in 2010 Alces and I accidentally found ourselves in a mobile rave. One guy was wearing the sound system and power supply on his back and his two friends were each wearing giant speakers converted into backpacks. The party never stopped moving. Alces and I took a chance, caught a cab, went to an all night market and bought $44 worth of glowsticks to give to share with our fellow mobile partiers. We were gone about 4 minutes, but when we returned to the street corner, they had moved on. We spent the next hour following the sound of those booming speakers until we caught up. If on'y we'd had the glow sticks on us!

  • Portable Gaming Device. Long lines. Really long lines. After last year this one was moved to the MUST catagory. Again, one of the newer generation smartphones will do. 

  • A Good Friend. The buddy system is always a good idea. That's why I bring Alces. He's part Dr. Gonzo, part Chief Medical Officer and part Tech Support. He is all best friend and has been for more than half of my life. If you have a friend who has been before and can show you around the ever changing paths of the convention, bonus.
  • A Zorbak Plushy (Optional). It's the ultimate ice-breaker. "Can I get a picture of you holding this guy, please?" "Sure... what is he?". 
  • Good Walking Shoes. Trust me. 

  • An Umbrella or Poncho (Optional). in 2011 the Venture Brothers panel line was long enough that it went outside the hotel and Alces and I found ourselves in the middle of a rain storm. With all of the weather coming from Tropical Storm Isaac headed toward Atlanta just in time for con. I suggest packing weather protection. A poncho will fit in your bag but an unmbrella makes you look swanky if you rock it right.
  • Duct Tape. This is just something you should have all the time anyway, BUT there are a LOT of people in a LOT of costumes and things start falling apart on day one. A well timed piece of duct tape can make you a lot of friends very quickly. 

That should be, more or less, everything that you need to pack. Other options include: clean clothes, costumes, things you want autographed, video camera, your Battleon Battle Card deck (teach a stranger how to play!), a map of the con (some of us like getting lost), a pair of scissors (for a lock of Kevin Sorbo's hair while he's passed out in a fountain somewhere), a sketchbook (for ideas), a steampunk R2 unit, 8 channel progrmable remote control, Sonic Screwdriver, or grappling hook... just cause.

You Guys Are Coming With Me! 

It always seems that we have a TON of fans at our panel but they represent a tiny fraction of you guys and we really do wich you could ALL be there. This year Im going to try really hard to keep a contact stream of Twitter and Vine spam coming your way so you can come with me and live DragonCon through my eyes (camera). 

Here is a link to my Twitter.

Alces and I will be hopping in the car on Thursday Morning, so be packed and ready to ride to Atlanta with us! 


August 12, 2013

Just Saying HI!

I Don't Work On AQW Anymore.

I probably linked you to this over Twitter because you asked me a question about AQW that I can't answer. I can't answer it because for the past several months I've been working full-time on BATTLE GEMS. If you want to know why I'm not working on AQW anymore, If I will be back or what BATTLE GEMS or PROJECT:OMNI are then please read on. 

Where Have I Been?!

You may have noticed that I haven't been on the Design Notes much in the past few months. I wanted to pop in and kind of let you guys know what's going on because I MISS YOU! If you HAVEN'T noticed that I've been gone, then you can just carry on and ignore this post. 

I AM NOT CURRENTLY WORKING ON AQW. I haven't been for the last few months. I'm still a member of the team, BUT all of my time and attention has been on our first PROJECT: OMNI game called BATTLE GEMS! 

Battle Gems Gear Poster

I can already hear questions so I'm going to change gears and make this a personal Q&A post. 


PROJECT: OMNI is the new direction of game development that AE is taking. OMNI games will not only play on the web but also on mobile phones, tablets and possibly a ton of other devices and/or delivery methods (DS, PSN, XBL, Steam Etc). That's the idea anyway. 


Battle Gems is our first OMNI game. It's still in development and a few months away from release. It will have pretty decent RPG fighter mechanics but you will use a gem based puzzle interface to pull off your attacks. 

BG On A Tablet

There will be TONS of armors, helms, back items, pets (which ALL attack) and weapons in the game and you will be ENCOURAGED to collect ALL of them. The more weapons you collect, the stronger your weapon attacks are, etc. 

This game will be FREE for everyone who has access to it. 

This is NOT going to be like any of our other RPGs. You won't have an environment to walk around in like AQW, but instead a HUGE 256 node story map that will take you through the game with special holiday areas released during certain times of the year. You will be able to compete with your friends and if the game takes off we plan on adding a PvP aspect where you can face your friends as well. 

You will recognize a lot of elements from Lore (moglins, moglinsters, zards, gorillaphants etc), although the pets have been redesigned by Jemini and Samba and animated by Samba and all the monsters have been reconcieved in the game style by Thyton and colored and animated by Yergen. 

Battle Gems Gorillaphant


I'm serving as the game's art director and facilitator. I'm trying to make sure that everyone on the art team knows what everyone else is doing so everyone has a deadline, no critical tasks fall through the cracks and the art style remains consistent throughut the entire game. 

I'm also getting to do some art myself. I'm working with Rolith on the game's navigation map. I've made a bunch of individual map assets like these...

BG Map Castles

and I'm assembling them all into one huge map texture that will lead you through the zones of the Battle Gems once Rolith puts them into Unlity and adds the functionality. I also did 30 of the more than 50 concepts for the Battle Gems logo, before we arrived at our final logo..

BG Logo Attempts

And finally, I'm also adding some silly to the game like the concept of the Octobear...

and the Brutalcorn which is a huge, buff, armored unicorn. Here, along with the Croc Warrior and the Battle Gems Dravir, are some concept sketches from Thyton. Don't worry, Brutalcorn's horn will be moved to his forehead. He's a unicorn, not a rhino. 

And here is Dage, who ran around as the Brutalcorn all last Friday. 

I can't tell you happy I was making that image. 


The future of the Artix Entertainment is in OMNI games and I want to keep helping Artix to build games for you for as long as we can. If AQW needs me I will return and help out but right now, AE needs me looking forward, even if I can't see anything through my hair. 

Me And My BG Mop


Mind blowing, right? But don't worry, you can keep blaming me for it if it makes you feel better. (never stopped anyone before).


No clue. Quit askin' me. As I mentioned, I've been spending all of my time on Battle Gems. I could ask Alina to tell me what is going on but I just read the Design Notes, same as you do. 


You're not paying attnetion but I understand. This is a lot to take in all at once. I mentioned earlier that we are still a few months away from full release but we have a REALLY solid start and for those of you who will be coming to our panel at DRAGONCON, we will have a pretty interesting prototype to show you! 

As always, I will be doing my Con Survival Guide Design Notes post (revised 2013 edition) in a few weeks with more details on our panel but if you want to stay aware of new development in Battle Gems.

You can follow MY TWITTER...

The BATTLE GEMS Facebook Page (LIKE us because we like you!)...


or, of course, ARTIX's TWITTER.

Battle Gems Logo

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