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January 21, 2015

New Game Updates on Jan. 23

Special Event Finale! Za'nar: Ring of Light

special event in online mmo game zack storch book zanar

Battle through the Tombs of De’ther, recover the Ring of Light, and defeat the dragon Jir’abin. Embrace the Void by becoming the Void Defender! Read more here.

More Items this Friday by Nulgath!

new nulgath items in birthday shop hanzo gear

ArchFiend fans LOVED the Hanzo gear, so Nulgath is releasing even more! Get the Golden & Shadow Hanzo Sets, plus new items! Read more here.

Epic Loot: New HeroMart Arrivals this Friday

heromart new tshirt j6 shirt and zack storch book

This Friday, get your gauntlets on Za'nar: Impossibility book & new J6 shirt! Buy both J6 shirts & get a limited item! Za’nar book also includes game item. Shop smart, shop HeroMart!

Coming Soon: Northpointe Village

new game release coming soon northpointe

In the upcoming weeks, journey to Northpointe--the starting zone for the new main AQW storyline. And then... prepare for the FireStorm Assault!

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January 14, 2015

New Game Updates on Jan. 16

Special Event this Friday: Za’nar: Void Invasion!

Zack Storch in game event adventure quest worlds

Zack Storch, faithful Artix Entertainment gamer & TV star on King of the Nerds, returns to AQWorlds this week in a special in-game event based on his new book, Za’nar: Impossibility! Read more about it here

Nulgath’s Birthday

nulgath birthday items in online mmo adventure quest worlds

The Archfiend is leveling up IRL and wants to share his in-game items with you! Log in Friday night for rare Nulgath birthday items created by Nulgath himself!

Honorable Hero Gift: 500 ACs + Character Page Badge

honorable hero gift in mmo adventurequest worlds aq

Anyone who is a Level 10 or higher, with an account created before January 1 2015, who did not get a Mute or Ban in 2014, will get 500 ACs & the ‘Honorable Hero’ character page badge! Full details here!

Epic Loot for the Real World @ HeroMart

Hero Mart online video game store panda hoody hoodie

Returning soon by popular demand: the Panda Hoodie! Bundle Up & Battle On this weekend when the fuzzy hoody hits the shelves, and then stay tuned for a new J6 Shirt & the all new book by TV star Zack Storch arriving soon!

Shop Smart, Shop HeroMart!

Play our new Mobile Game: DRAGONS!

New dragons mobile game on ios android

How do you train your dragon? Raise 12 dragons in our new free game. AdventureQuest DRAGONS is available now on Google Play and iOS. Download it now at aqdragons.com and become a dragon master!

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January 13, 2015

Best Way to Cure a Cold?

The Kind-Hearted Komarci97 Knows How!

Hiya, heroes! If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been pretty sick the past few days >…<

beleen in real life sick design notes

Being sick totally sucks, and it’s hard to stay upbeat when you’re feeling under the weather.  But when I got into the lab this morning, I found this envelope sitting on my desk. Cue instant smile!

beleen in real life card from aq worlds player komarci97

And look what was inside the envelope: a bright shiny pink card, which reads Boldog Születésnapot!

beleen opens birthday card

That means “Happy Birthday!” in Hungarian. Fellow AQWorlds player Komarci97, who hails from Hungary, wrote a super sweet letter, too! Awwww <3

Beleen letter from player komarci97

And… OMG… there’s earrings in the card! And they’re not just normal earrings—they are decorated with a special Hungarian Kalocsa folk pattern.

beleen opens card and finds birthday present earrings

Kalocsa is one of the most beautiful Hungarian towns with a great folk art history! And Komarci97 shared its beauty with me!!!

beleen in real life smiles with new earrings from mmo gamer komarci97

Thank you SO MUCH Komarci97 for making me feel SO MUCH better and feel SO beautiful despite me being SO sick! 

And this is why I love being part of AdventureQuest Worlds. Everyone who plays AQWorlds is my family, and no matter where you hail from—be it Hungary like Komarci97, or Brazil like Tendou, or anywhere else in the world—I couldn’t be more happy to call you all my brothers and sisters ^___^

Kindness is the best remedy to quell my cold, and I cannot thank you all enough for being my on-call doctors. And super special thank you to Dr. Komarci97 for mailing me my much needed medicine =)

Stay Healthy my loves, and Battle On!

xoxo Beleen! =D

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January 08, 2015

Contest Judging Complete!

Witness the Wintery Winners of the 2014 Holiday Art Contest

Hiya, heroes! I hope you’re staying nice & warm as we (snow)storm on into the New Year 2015.  #BundleUp

I am excited to report that we have finally chosen our winners for the 2014 Happy Holidays and Season’s Beatings Art Contest! With over 450 entries to go through, the AQW team COULD NOT have done it all without the help from our wonderful Mods and Volunteers! Be sure to Tweet a BIG WARM THANK YOU to:

Asuka, Eonaleth, Gjappy, Jude Accumen, Occavarta, Rarest, Soki, Sora to Hoshi, Tendou, and Zereldo! 

Without further ado, click here to see all of our wonderful wintery winners of the 2014 Holiday Art Contest!

Holiday contest fan art mmo game adventure quest worlds

Thank you EVERYONE who participated in this contest. You guys and gals are what make AQWorlds the best MMO game in the whole world (wide web)! Even if you didn’t win a prize, we look forward to your participation in our future events. =)

Due to the magnitude of this contest, it will take some time to award all the winners with their AdventureCoins prizes and Character Page Badges. We appreciate your patience, as we have to manually add each award one by one!

On behalf of the entire AQ Worlds team, we couldn’t be more proud to have so many talented artists being part of the game that we all know and love. Thank you SO MUCH for making AdventureQuest Worlds the best game—and best community!—that we can home! 

Battle on my loves!

xoxo Beleen

Click here to view all the 2014 Holiday Art Contest winners.

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January 07, 2015

New Game Updates on Jan. 9

New Zone: Eagle’s Reach Battlegrounds

new zone in mmo game adventure quest worlds

Battle bosses @ Eagle’s Reach Keep, learn arctic monster slaying skills, and earn LOTS of Rep, XP & Class Points! Members can battle through the Hall of Honors for even greater rewards!

Golden Gladiator Tier Package

best rpg armor set golden gladiator items upgrade

All that glitters is… Golden Gladiator! On Jan 9, get your gauntlets on the 12 Month Upgrade and unlock ALL 16 ITEMS in the Golden Gladiator set! Read more about it here.

Next Week: King of the Nerds star Zack Storch

king of the nerds tv star zach storch Za’Nar Invasion event

Prepare for the Za’nar Invasion on Jan. 16! A special event based off the new book by Zack Storch features Chaos, a new Planet, & Void Dragons!

Get 10% More AdventureCoins / Artix Points

earn 10 more free adventure coins or artix points limited time offer

Use Paypal, a Credit Card, or Amazon to get 10% MORE AdventureCoins or Artix Points! Only available for a limited time. Read more about it here.

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December 18, 2014

Unwrapping Holiday Cheer

Fellow AQW player Submeobi sent me pink presents!

Hiya heroes! Today is a very special… and very PINK… day! Our fellow AQW player and dear friend, Submeobi, sent this HUGE PINK BOX to the Secret Underground Lab. Artix fled the scene before I unwrapped all this awesomeness…  MEGA PHOTO COLLAGE below!
(click here for an even BIGGER pic omg!)

NPC beleen in real life unwraps christmas presents from Submeobi player

Oh Submeobi, you always bring me so much joy AND bring me the best gifts ever! You never cease to amaze me, and your sweet birthday card and warm holiday wishes (plus cozy Santa hats) have made this the greatest December to remember! Thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU!!!!

And this is why I love everyone here at Artix Entertainment—and that includes players like you, too! We are all one big happy family, and I couldn’t ask for more love and merriment from the best extended family known to mankind. Thank you Submeobi for showering me with so much pink and making Artix’s eyes bleed rainbows—that is perhaps the greatest gift of all >:D

And thank YOU for being a part of the Artix Entertainment family <3 We could not have achieved all of this without the support from our magnificent Members and devoted AdventureCoins buyers, and everyone here at the Secret Underground Lab is blessed to have you by our side. You guys and gals are amazing. True story.

On behalf of the AdventureQuest Worlds team, we wish you sincere holiday wishes and look forward to battling alongside you into the New Year 2015!

Stay warm. Stay pink. Stay positive. And stay epic, my lovely heroes!

Battle ON!

xoxo Beleen =D

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December 17, 2014

New Game Updates for Dec. 19

Game Changing Release: WorldBreaker Rising 

New Game Storyline WorldBreaker Rises

A whole new AQ Worlds begins! The Queen of Monsters obliterates an entire continent to build her fortress. Rally your friends & BATTLE ON! Read more here.  

Lineup of Frostval Shops in December 2014

Jingle Bells Quibble sells rare items in the game holiday christmas gifts

Jingle bells, Quibble sells rare items in the game; 12/19 & 12/30 there’ll be new items for you to claim! 12/23 begins Limited Quantity Shop, too!

12 Days of Gifts & Holiday Boosts

Free gifts this holiday season Tinsel in Battleon

Log in each day for a new FREE gift when you talk to Tinsel in Battleon! Earn double Gold, XP, Rep, and CP boosts over the holiday weekends. More info can be found here.

Play our New Mobile Game, AQ: DRAGONS!

new dragon game iOS android google play app store adventure quest

How do you train your dragon? Raise 12 dragons in our new free game. AQ: DRAGONS is available on Google Play and iOS; coming soon to web! GET IT HERE, DRAGON MASTER!

New Holiday Art Contest: Enter Today!

Christmas contest Art holidays adventure quest worlds online mmo

Happy Holidays and Seasons Beatings! A new holiday contest has begun and we want YOU to create AQW-themed art. Click here for full details.

Bundle up and Battle ON!

xoxo Beleen =D

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December 15, 2014

New Holiday Contest

“Holiday Greetings and Seasons Beatings!”

Happy Holidays, heroes! A new contest has just started @AQWcontest!

New Holiday Contest for Christmas in online game adventure quest worlds
Holiday Greetings and Seasons Beatings Contest

For this contest, we want you to create an AQW-themed Holiday graphic! You CAN USE in-game art or create your own artwork from scratch. You can draw or paint or sculpt or even BAKE your Holiday creation—so long as you follow the rules below!

2014 Holiday Contest Rules

  1. Only ONE entry per Player, please! But you CAN team-up with your friends!
  2. Your entry MUST have the www.AQ.com logo somewhere on it (click here for the full sized PNG to use)
  3. Create a Holiday image using AdventureQuest Worlds characters, moglins, monsters, NPCs, backgrounds, and/or anything else you can think of, so long as it’s AQW-related AND focuses on the overarching theme of “Holiday Greetings” and/or “Seasons Beatings!” 
  4. For this contest, you can create your own original artwork, and/or use in-game art as well! You can Draw, Paint, Flash, Photoshop, 3D Print, Sculpt, Bake/Decorate, Comic-strip, Cosplay, make a Stuffed Animal, create an ornament, or whatever else your creative mind wants!
  5. Tracing IS allowed, so long as you’re just tracing AQW art.
  6. DO NOT steal and DO NOT copy/trace copyright images, graphics from other video games, and other players’ artwork (or you WILL be disqualified)!
  7. Your Holiday entry must include your AQW Character name in addition to the www.AQ.com logo. (If you teamed up with your friends, make sure to include their AQW name(s)) 
  8. Type your AQWorlds Character Name in your Tweet BEFORE submitting.
  9. Include hashtag #AQW in your Tweet BEFORE submitting.
  10. And after following ALL THE RULES above, submit your awesome AQW Holiday entry to @AQWcontest Twitter at https://twitter.com/aqwcontest

Holiday Contest Timeframe

  • Begins December 15, 2014
  • Ends Sunday, January 4, 2015
  • All entries MUST be submitted to @AQWcontest Twitter page before 11:59pm EST (server time) on 1/4/2015

Gifts, Prizes, and Holiday Tidings

Due to the open-ended nature of this contest, it’s hard for us to designate a defined prize list at this time. We WILL award AdventureCoins to those Holiday entries we pick, and as always we reserve the right to award those who go above-and-beyond. And we KNOW you LOVE Character Page Badges, so we’ll award the winning selections with the “Seasons Beatings” Contest Art badge AFTER the contest has finished. 

Holiday Ideas and Inspiration! 

Need helping coming up with a theme for your entry? Click here and check out some ideas to get those creative juices flowing! (This is also where we will post winning entries throughout the entire contest!)

Quick Holiday Checklist

Check off each thing below BEFORE submitting to @AQWcontest to ensure your entry is eligible to win =)

  • AQW holiday-themed contest entry
  • www.AQ.com logo on your entry
  • Your AQW character name on your entry
  • In your Tweet, type your AQW character name
  • Use #AQW in your Tweet
  • Upload your holiday entry photo to your Tweet
  • Tweet your entry to @AQWcontest !

And there you have it! Best of luck my holiday heroes, and the entire AQW team looks forward to seeing your holiday entries!

Bundle up and Battle On!

xoxo Beleen =D

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December 11, 2014

Unwrapping Excitement

Watch Beleen Unwrap Her Birthday Presents

OMG EEEEEE! I AM SOOO HAPPY!!! I just filmed myself unwrapping my in-game birthday presents on YouTube!

Beleen in real life opens birthday presents in game adventure quest worlds
Click to watch the full video!

All of these items are arriving this Friday, December 12, at www.AQ.com .

Thank you everyone who suggested these items on my Twitter and on the AQW Facebook page – we couldn’t have made sooooo much PINK possible without your genius ideas! Keep up the great work, and stay super pink my loves!

xoxo Beleen the Birthday Girl 

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December 10, 2014

New Game Updates for Dec. 12

New Release: Hunt for the Winter's Heart Hoard

Christmas event in online mmorpg game Adventure Quest Worlds
Rumor has it that a treasure trove of unfathomable riches awaits brave heroes, but no one has ever returned... Can YOU claim ALL the glory?

Bonebreaker Adventure Map Updates

New MMO Expansion Pack BoneBreak Berserker Adventure Deal Upgrade
AQW’s first ever Adventure Pack, Bonebreak Berserker, receives its highly anticipated full update: new map, new battles, Armor sets, & much more!

Limited Time Shop: Tundra Stalker Armor Set

Tundra Stalker Christmas Limited Time Shop items in online MMO RPG Adventure Quest Worlds
Listen up Rare Item Hunters! The rare Tundra Stalker arrives this Friday in the Limited Time Shop. Claim these Rare Items until Thurs. Dec. 18!

Next Week: AQW’s NEW Main Storyline

New RPG Game storyline in best MMO Adventure Quest Worlds no download
The 13 Lords of Chaos were ONLY the beginning! When the WorldBreaker rises, the fabled Ancients will return to power & forever change the world!

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I'm about to Level Up IRL!

December 08, 2014

Browser Based Birthday!

Watch Beleen unwrap her presents this Thursday

Hiya hero! Did you know that my birthday is THIS WEEK!? And you know what that means… a glorious onslaught of PINK ITEMS is headed YOUR way!

Beleen Birthday pink items in online mmorpg Adventure Quest Worlds

The AQW team has done a fabulous job of keeping my presents under wraps. But come this Thursday afternoon, they are letting me unwrap my gifts—on YouTube!

subscribe youtube Artix Entertainment video game channel battle on

Be sure to subscribe to the Artix Entertainment YouTube channel and be the first to watch my real-life excitement as I showcase all the new pink items arriving Friday, December 12, in Beleen’s Birthday Shop at www.AQ.com!

xoxo Beleen =D

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November 19, 2014

The New Newsletter!

New Releases for November 21st

Looks like the newsletter leveled up and evolved into its new form! Check out all the new NEW happening this weekend in everyone’s favorite adventure game, AdventureQuest Worlds!

new MMO rare armor item set adventure quest worlds dragon game
Dragons dawn new mmorpg game release
action adventure armor arrives monday at aq worlds
2d rpg dragons calendar 2015 geek nerd gift holiday

Click here to see the new glorious newsletter before it hits Inboxes worldwide.

And share your thoughts on this new layout on my Twitter @BeleenAE!

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November 12, 2014

New Game Release Nov. 14

Extinction Games: Hero Under Fire

hunger games parody extinction games in online mmo aq worlds

Inspired by the hit series the Hunger Games, AQW launches the Extinction Games: Hero Under Fire this Friday!

  • Deadliest Game in the entire game
  • Machines desire Human annihilation
  • Battle through the Packaging District and save mankind from being processed and pureed!

If you want to hit the #1 spot on the Hero Leaderboard, you've got to save Meeta, Kale, and Katnip from becoming the main course!

Draconic DoomKnight Tier

New MMO armor set with microcurrency AQ Worlds

Gold is good, but AdventureCoins are so much better! Bonus: harness the Draconic DoomKnight set when you buy your AC package!

  • 2000 ACs = Draconic DoomKnight Armor Set
  • 5000 ACs = Set plus Dark Dragon Daggers & Cape
  • 12000 ACs = Set plus Dagger, Cape, Polearm, and Pet

Become the Draconic DoomKnight starting Friday, November 14th, at 12:01 AM EST!

Order your 2015 Calendar!

dragons calendar in rpg store heromart

The time has come! HeroMart just received the 2015 Dragons Calendar!

  • Includes Chrono DragonKnight CLASS!
  • Breathtaking dragon art work month after month
  • Includes 7 in-game items for AQW
  • ED, MQ, and DF items included as well

We only ordered a limited amount of these beautiful Calendars, so get yours starting Friday at HeroMart.com!

Next Week: Dragon’s Dawn

Dragons Dawn Release coming soon in mmorpg

The dawn is over the horizon; on the fateful day of November 21, everyone will discover the Dragon Ancestors!

  • Team up with the DragonMasters of Lore
  • Locate the fabled Dragon Eggs of the mighty dragon ancestors
  • New Limited Quantity Shop includes:
  • Dragon Gear, 2 Dragon-Themed houses, and a FREE PLAYER PET!

Spoiler Alert: your actions will determine which Dragons will rule in the upcoming mobile game, AQ: Dragons!

Like the AQ:Dragons FB page here!

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November 06, 2014

MMO Armor Going Rare

Last day to unlock Warlock Grand Master Set

There are only a few hours remaining to score the Warlock Grand Master Set!

Warlock RPG armor set going rare in MMO Adventure Quest Worlds

Come midnight tonight, the 12 Month Membership Package will NO LONGER award you with the 15 awesome items included in the Warlock Set.

Will you be hailed as the best Warlock in RPG history? Become the Warlock Grand Master and prove it

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November 05, 2014

New Game Release on Nov. 7

Dark Harvest Seasonal MMO Event Returns

MMO game event Thanksgiving online

Prepare for a cornucopia of adventure this Friday!

  • Harvest holiday zones return
  • Seasonal Rare armors, weapons, pets, & more
  • Kung Food Fighter Achievement badge
  • Upgraded Legends will fight the Turdraken boss
  • Legends also unlock Shop & Seasonal House

Talk to Oishii in the /cornycopia map to get your Dark Harvest adventures underway!

New: BrightFall Warlord Armor

New RPG armor set in online mmo adventure quest worlds

A brand new 12 Month Upgrade Package arrives this Friday, November 7th. Dage the Evil is creating a masterpiece inspired by your fellow player Reki!

  • BrightFall Warlord Armor Set:
  • 1 Armor
  • 2 Helms
  • 2 Capes
  • 2 Weapons
  • Character page Achievement Badge
  • Unlock TONS of Legend-only Perks with your Upgrade

Thank you so much for supporting AQWorlds, and when you Upgrade with the 12 Month Package, you shall become the BrightFall Warlord! 

Over the Horizon: Dragon’s Dawn

Dragon Fantasy Game release coming soon

What came first—the Dragon or the Dragon Egg? On the fateful day of November 21, everyone will find out!

  • Team up with the DragonMasters of Lore
  • Locate the fabled Dragon Eggs of the mighty dragon ancestors
  • New Limited Quantity Shop includes:
  • Dragon Gear, 2 Dragon-Themed houses, and a FREE PLAYER PET!

Spoiler Alert: your actions will determine which Dragons will rule in the upcoming mobile game, AQ: Dragons!

Coming Soon: A Feast of Souls

Dage the Evil in online mmo rpg AQ Worlds

The people of Lore aren’t just harvesting crops this year… because Dage the Evil wants to harvest some souls!

  • New Thanksgiving Holiday Event: Dage’s Rage
  • As Dage prepares the ultimate feast, you must prepare for the ultimate battle!
  • 2 Opposing Factions will duke it out (just like the in-laws)
  • New Rare and Seasonal Rare items aplenty

It’s going to take some time to cook up a release of this magnitude, so sharpen your blades (and turkey-cutting knives) and prepare for your just desserts!

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Master the Grand Master

November 04, 2014

Best RPG Armor Set Going Rare

Last Chance to become the Warlock Grand Master!

On the fateful day of Friday, November 7, 2014, the exclusive Warlock Grand Master set will go permanently rare from everyone’s favorite adventure MMO, AdventureQuest Worlds!

Action adventure MMORPG Armor Rare Warlock Grand Master Set

Click the pic above to watch the video where I show all the awesomeness that this Rare set contains, and—most importantly—how to become the Warlock Grand Master!

Here’s the direct link too: http://youtu.be/HXoAVnu88lU .

For all those Warlocks out there—thank you SO MUCH for supporting AQ Worlds! All your friends here take so much pride in creating the best online MMORPG for you, and without your kind donations, we could never have accomplished any of this. Thanks again for supporting AdventureQuest Worlds! xoxoxoxooxooxoxo!!

Want to become the Warlock Grand Master? Click here and Upgrade with the 12 Month Membership Package!  

xoxo Beleen =D

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Edgar Allan Bro

October 23, 2014

Friday the 31st: Edgar Allan Poe

2014 Mogloween Event Spoilers

We are almost 1 week away… Mogloween is next Friday the 31st! And I know you’ve just been dying to sneak-a-peek at the tricks-and-treats in store for you and millions of your friends in the best browser RPG, AdventureQuest Worlds. So… let’s get spoiled with some spoilers!

2D Browser MMORPG Edgar Allan Poe Event 2014 Halloween

The famous Gypsy Pirate Goth Musician, Voltaire, returns to Lore to narrate the 2014 Mogloween Event, fully inspired by Edgar Allan Poe! And don’t just read through… play through 3 of Poe’s spookiest stories in epic online adventures!

Spoiler Alert 1: The Fall of the House of Crusher

Relive the classic tale of mystery and the macabre in a brand-new zone inspired by Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher. Here you will meet Roderick Crusher and his sickly sister Madeline, who suffers from catalepsy (an illness that makes her appear dead). Quest through the haunted House of Crusher as you attempt to save Madeline’s life before it’s too late!

Spoiler Alert 2: The Cask of Amoglinado

Poe’s twisted tale of terror, The Cask of Amontillado, comes to life in browser based glory. Your friend, Montresor, believes he found a rare cask of Moglin Berry Juice: the Amoglinado. And you, my friend, just so happen to be a Moglin Berry Juice connoisseur! Quest with Montresor into the city’s vaults until you reach the very end where the Amoglinado is fabled to reside.

Spoiler Alert 3: The Wyvern

Undisputedly the most notable poem by Poe, The Raven inspired lyrical twists to the AQW-themed version entitled: The Wyvern. As not to give away too much, I’ll leave you with the opening stanza:


Once upon a night so eerie, while I wandered, weak and weary,

From slaying many a monster in the lands of Lore,

As I quested, Achievement Tracking,

Suddenly there came a whacking,

As if some beast was attacking, attacking with a ridiculous roar.

“’Tis some wild boar,” I mumbled, “whacking with a ridiculous roar.

Only this—a level 1 boar.”


DO YOU FEEL THOSE GOOSEBUMPS?! You should—I get the chills just reading that! And next Friday, October 31st, 2014, every hero and every villain in this 2D MMO will get to experience Edgar Allan Poe like never before!

Stay tuned to the Design Notes and the AQW Facebook for more spoilers!

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October 22, 2014

AQWednesday Newsletter

Prepare for Battle in the Blood & Blades Finale happening this Friday, October 24th!

vampire battle online Adventure Multiplayer Game

Are YOU ready to decide who will take the Darkovian Throne?

  • Choose between Lady Solani, Gravefang, Baron Luca, or Elder Rapaxi
  • Fight for your chosen leader to cast your votes
  • Solani currently in the lead—but Gravefang and Luca are not far behind!

This is browser RPG history in the making—and the Darkovian Vampire Throne is ready for the taking!

Sink your teeth (and fangs) into more details by clicking here.

Special Offer: Dark DragonMaster

Best RPG armor for MMO AdventureQuest Worlds Dark Dragon Master

Gold is good, but AdventureCoins are so much better! And when you stock up on ACs in the best RPG, you can become the Dark DragonMaster, too!

  • Exclusive Dark DragonMaster Set
  • Buy either a 12,000 or 5,000 AC package to unlock Set
  • Offer begins Friday Oct 24th @ 12:01 AM EST

Spoiler alert: next month, the world will find out more about DragonMasters, but this is your 1st chance to become a Dark DragonMaster!

Become a Dark DragonMaster this Friday by clicking here!

DING! Level Cap Increased!

Level cap increase to 65 in best Adventure MMORPG

You have all been asking for it—and finally here it is!

  • The best Adventure MMORPG just got better with the Level Cap Raised to 65
  • Show off your newfound powers and strength
  • No beast is foolish enough to stand in you way!
  • Will you be the 1st Hero in all of Lore to reach level 65?

Well that sounds like a challenge to me. So brandish your blade, conjure your spells, and witness the massive power that Level 65 brings!

Next Week: Edgar Allan Poe Special Event

Online Multiplayer Game special event Edgar Allan Poe on Halloween

Friday the 31st is next week, and you know what that means: it’s Mogloween, full of brand new tricks and treats!

  • Voice acted by Voltaire, famous Goth Musician
  • Unique AQW twists on Edgar Allan Poe’s stores: The Fall of the House of Usher, The Cask of Amontillado, & The Raven
  • Don’t just read through… fight through these 3 classic tales of terror!
  • Tons of new items, monsters, maps, cutscenes, and more!
  • Event begins Friday, October 31, at sundown at www.AQ.com

Check back here tomorrow for spooktacular spoilers about this Edgar Allan Poe video game event!  

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October 15, 2014

AQWednesday Report!

Newsletter on the Design Notes

Want this week’s newsletter but can’t wait for it to arrive in your Inbox? Not a problem—because here is the new newsletter for Friday, October 17, 2014.

Blood, Battles, and Blades

Blood battle blades vampire

The battle for the Darkovia Vampire Throne commences this Friday!

  • Journey to the Vampire War battleground
  • Choose from 4 Vampiric contenders to fight for
  • Defeat your ally’s opponents to “vote” for your choice
  • YOUR actions will decide who the new ruler of Darkovia will be!

More information about this world-changing war can be found here.

Limited Time Rares Shop

dage death rider motorcycle mount

You should always watch out for motorcycles—and you BETTER watch out for Dage's Death Riders!

  • Death Riders Motorcycle Mounts, customized by Dage the Evil
  • Death Riders Armors and Helms
  • The Rares shop rolls out 10/17/2014 in the Game Menu shop

Zoom into the battlefield on your wicked wheels starting Friday @ sundown!

Uphold Greatness as a 6th Upholder

6th upholder class mmo

When you Upgrade your AQW Membership ANYTIME in the month of October, you will automatically become a legendary 6th Upholder. As an Upholder, you shall receive:

  • New Class: Sentinel Class!
  • Rare: Doom Star Sword
  • Rare: Brilliant Star Sword
  • 6th Upholder Character Page Badge
  • Infinite bragging rights

Thank you for being with us during AQW’s 6th birthday, and thank you for supporting the world’s best MMO, AdventureQuest Worlds!

Become a 6th Upholder now!

Spoiler Alert: Voltaire’s Friday the 31st Event

voltaire halloween event mogloween

What is spookier than Friday the 13th? Only the spookiest day of the year falling on Friday the 31st—featuring the famous Gypsy Pirate Goth Musician, Voltaire!

  • Mogloween 2014: Edgar Allen Poe!
  • Voltaire titillates and terrifies with 3 classic tales of the mysterious and the macabre
  • Don’t just read through… BATTLE through these stories of treachery and supernatural dread
  • Brand new never-before-seen items, scenery, monsters, and mayhem inspired by Poe

Get ready for a Special Event unlike any other as Voltaire takes you on a journey through one of the darkest minds in the history of mankind! 

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October 11, 2014

12th Birthday Event Guide

Artix Entertainment’s 12 Anniversary Special Event!

DING! Artix Entertainment just leveled up! Thank you so much for being with us as we celebrate our 12th anniversary with special events happening in 7 of your favorite MMOs and RPGs.





AdventureQuest Worlds

AQWorlds’ 6th Birthday: Curse of the Phantom Pixel

  • As Mogloween draws near, rumors have spread about a cursed video floating around Youtube.
  • Someone - or something - is in danger, and the only way to save “her” is to recover the 13 missing cursed artifacts.
  • Seven of them lie hidden somewhere inside AQWorlds, and it will take an OmniKnight to recover them all!
  • Head to NorthPointe, home of the Secret Underground Lab, and talk to the AQW devs for ideas on where to begin searching.
    • Battle through AQW to find 7 of the 13 cursed artifacts for our all-game anniversary event!

    • Defeat Kurok Gravefang, the Werepyre Lich, and his undead army as they race to get the 13th artifact: Death’s Hourglass first!

    • Talk to Artix in /northpointe to find the Artifact Hunter 6th birthday Class!

    • Find all 13 artifacts spread among our 7 games to unlock the OmniKnight Blade!


12th Anniversary

  • Don't mess with Titan's coffee!
  • Assemble a Titan's cosmic coffee mug to appease the deity and receive your rewards!



Quest for the Cursed Artifacts - Company-wide Event!

  • Can you believe we have been growing every week for 12 years?!
  • To commemorate this occasion we are releasing the Drakkonan-possessed Artix into the wild.
  • Find him randomly using the Battle Monsters button.
  • Defeat him and gain access to the Shadowfire Axe of Curses shop.
  • Collect all the cursed artifacts from our games and gain access to the mighty Omni Knight Blade shop on all your game accounts!
  • Also don’t miss the Desert Wyverling and Halberd coming to the Z-Token shop!

Find Thok with the Cursed Phoenix Blade to Unlock the Omni Knight

Character Release:

  • Thok ( Cursed Phoenix Blade )
  • Omni Knight 



The Evil Artifact 

  • An evil artifact is rumored to be lost in the northern wastelands. 
  • Will you be able to find it before nefarious cultists do?



AE Anniversary Crossover Event!

  • Hidden among the monsters of the Hottest area is an 'Epic' item (Hottica's Cursed Flame Shield)!
  • Epic items are member class items that can be used by free players!
  • Collect all the special items from all the AE games to unlock the OmniKnight Blade Badge (HS Badge Shop)



The Cursed Tape Reappears! 

  • EbilCorp has found the location of the Cursed Tape. Don't let them get their hands on it!
  • Work with River to secure the tape before EbilCorp!
  • An interesting reward awaits, if you can succeed! 
    • If you get all 13 Artifacts in all the games, the OmniKnight E-Blade awaits you!

Battle On!

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October 07, 2014

Shiver Me Timbers & Swashbucklin’ Shenanigans

Naval Commander Contest & Raffle Winners Announced! 

Ahoy me hearties! Ye AQW Crew be keepin’ mighty busy with all this 6th birthday preparatin’ and 12th anniversary event plannin’, so forgive we fer takin’ a wee bit long’r than expect’d to judge ye Naval Commander Contest!

Ye Honorary Cap’n: Grand Prize Winner

Avast, sailors! Meet yer Grand Prize Winner!

i am oscar cyborg naval commander

i am oscar

We absolutely loved this sailor’s cyborg concept, and ye can look forward to seein’ their Naval Commander creation on Talk Like a Pirate Day 2015. i am Oscar also be takin’ home an exclusive 0 AC Trobble pet based on he’s Cyborg Commander theme in addition to 1,000 shiny AdventureCoins (all be comin' soon, me lovely!). Keep up the fine work, Cap’n!

Rudder Ups: Second Place Scallywags

Har har, me always appreciate a good play on words! Here be me favorite runner up,

mieteor naval commander

and ye can CLICK HERE to see all the other splendid sailors who placed second! Ye be gettin' yer prizes soon.

Too Awesome Fer Words (yes, really, we love these entries too much!)

Aye, these maties went above n’ beyond, and me AQW crew be lovin’ each ‘n ev’ry one o’ them! Here be me fave:

kyber moonbow cheese naval commander

And ye can CLICK HERE to see all the awesome others! Which one(s) be yer favorite, matey? Prize be comin' yer way soon, sailors.

Raffle Winners!

100 Naval Raffle winners have been chosen! Log into ye AQW account and check ye inventory bag fer the Chaos Paragon Naval Commander.

< insert your screenshot here > 

If ye got the Chaos Paragon Naval Commander—then ye a Naval Raffle winner! Be sure to tweet @Alina_AE, @ArtixKrieger, @Memet_AE and @BeleenAE and show us that YE WON!

Great job everyone, and thanks fer all ye hard work! Set sail into AQ.com and Battle ON!

xoxo Beleen =D

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October 02, 2014

Releasing Monday, October 6...

Naval Commander Raffle & Contest Winners 

Ahoy me lovelies! This be a heads-up that we be announcing the winners of the Naval Commander Contest AND the winners of the Naval Commander Raffle this Monday, October 6, 2014.glowing treasure chest in free mmo game adventure quest worldsME WANTS THAT BOOTY!

Last Chance to Enter the Raffle

Enter the Naval Commander Raffle to win one of 100 Naval Commander 2015 armors! It's simple: buy either the DoomKnight Naval Commander or Brilliant Naval Commander from Quibble’s Shop in Battleon for a chance to win. Raffle ends when Quibble leaves this Monday!

naval commander pirate armors tlapd 2014

BIG Bonus for Upgraded Legends!

For each month of upgraded membership you have, you'll get another chance to win the raffle. Example: if you have 6 months of membership left, and you buy the DoomKnight Naval Commander Armor, you'll be entered into the raffle 7 times!

Speaking of Legends…

Oh yeah, and when you upgrade to a Legend membership, you’ll automatically become a 6th Upholder too. OMG SO MUCH WIN!

Become a Legend here and help support AQWorlds AND become a 6th Upholder ANNND increase your chances of winning the Naval Commander Raffle!  

Best o’ luck and Battle On me hearties!

xoxo Beleen =D

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September 18, 2014

Arr Ye Ready?

How to Talk Like a Pirate

Ahoy me matey! Friday be jus’ over the horizon, ‘nd that means International Talk Like A Pirate Day be here!

Talk Like a Pirate Day video game event MMORPG Adventure Quest Worlds

Aye yes, and ye best be ready too, ‘cause we pirates don’t take too kindly to lilly livered landlubbers. But fret not, sailor—ye be in luck, ‘cause me ‘nd me AQW Crew has a lil’ lessen for ye in the way o' the Pirate. Yaaaar!

There be Rules, Sailor: Pirate 101

Thee first thing ye need to know ‘bout becomin’ a pirate is ye gatta believe yer a pirate! If ye don’t truly believe ye be a Swashbuckler, then aint no one else ganna be bamboozled! Set ye deadlights on these steps:

  1. Brilliant naval commanderPirates don’t be good at speakin’. We be mutterin’ most o’ our words. Best get used to it, matey!
  2. Ye gatta run ye words togeth’r. Ye gatta slur. Don’t be usin’ no proper sentences, either!
  3. If ye still got both ye hands, use a motherload o’ gestures. Movin’ ye hands about when ye speak be key to a pirate’s life. It also be good fer protectin’ against Carpal Tunnel!
  4. Pirates be loud ‘nd lusty ‘nd brash. Thee louder ye be, THEE SMART’R YE SOUND!!!
  5. Never say “you” or “your” unless ye wishes to walk the plank. It be “ye” an’ “yer” in the Pirate’s life! Savvy?
  6. Oh, ‘nd it be “me” and not no “I” or “mine”! Fer example, “that be me booty, ye no good two toothed thievin’ scallywag!”
  7. Drop the “g” after words endin’ in “ing”. There be no need fer that “g” after many words, like goin’, and fightin’, and fishin’, and swimmin’!
  8. Make up words if ye have to! We pirates don’t be mindin’ a wee bit o’ hornswaggling!
  9. Pirates be superstitious folk. Never leave port without ye good luck charm, or there be mighty a dire consequence! Me never leaves me home base without me lucky pink skull pendant!

Swanky Pirate Lingo: Pirate 102

Below be a list o’ the best pirate-speak in all thee seven seas! Best practice these phrases, ‘nd ye then be ready fer Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19!

  • All hands on deck! – A cry that calls for immediate action.naval commander class
  • Ahoy! – A general greeting, meaning "Hello!"
  • Arrr! – A pirate’s most commonly used word that has no solid definition.
  • Avast! – A cry that generally means “Stop and give attention.” Can also mean "Whoa!” or "Check it out" or "No way!"
  • Aye! - "Yes!"
  • Belay - To immediately cease or stop.
  • Booty - Anything of value that a pirate can plunder.
  • Cat’o’Nine Tails – A whip made up of nine knotted ropes.
  • Crow’s Nest – A lookout point at the top of the tallest mast on a ship.
  • Cutlass – A curved sword, favored by many sailors.
  • Davy Jones' Locker – Technically means the bottom of the sea. It is also where the souls of drowned pirates go. 
  • Grog – A pirate’s beverage of choice. 
  • Hoist the Colors! –To raise the Pirate flag before attacking.
  • Hearties –Shipmates and friends.
  • Hornswaggle—To cheat or to lie.
  • Lad—A name for a young gentleman.
  • Lass - A name for a young woman, usually more polite.
  • Lubber or landlubber—A name give to those who prefer land over the sea.
  • Motherload –A term for a very large amount of booty or treasure. void pirate captain talk like a pirate day
  • Salt or Old Salt—The name given to veteran Sailors. Also used to enhance the flavor of food.
  • Savvy – Meaning to understand or “okay”.
  • Smartly – To do or to perform something quickly.
  • Scurvy –A common condition of sailors who go too long without eating fruits and vegetables.
  • Shiver me timbers! –"Well, I'll be" or "What a surprise!" 
  • Swag—The common term for riches and/or gold.
  • Walk the plank – To be forced to walk the length of a plank that has been placed over the side of a ship. The outcome is not promising.

Pirate Booty ‘n Treasures: Spoils o’ the Scallywag

Pirates be lovin’ some booty! Har har har! And ye too can plunder yer loot from Quibble’s Treasure Chest makin’ landfall in Battleon this Friday, September 19, at twilight. Some o’ thee best booty in all the seven seas includes:

doom knight naval commander talk like a pirate day 2014 mmo
  • Naval Commander Class (ye can read more ‘bout it ‘ere)
  • DoomKnight Naval Commander Armor set
  • Brilliant Naval Commander Armor sets
  • Void Pirate Captain set
  • Undead, Bright, and Fiendish Parrot Pets
  • 13+ Naval Commander bandanas (ALL sailors can get ‘em!)
  • ‘nd more treasures await to be plundered!

Ye be a savvy pirate now, that ye be. On behalf o’ the AQW Crew, ye now be ready fer Talk Like a Pirate Day! Weigh anchor, grab ye cutlass and ye captain’s hat, ‘nd don’t be forgettin’ yer trusty parrot neither! At any time ye be needin’ a smartly reminder, sail back ‘ere ‘nd get a seaworthy refresher!

Savvy, pirate?

Skulls and crossbones, Cap’n Beleen

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Seas the Day!

September 17, 2014

Dare to Share!

1,000 Shares --> Mega Spoiler Announcement

Ahoy landlubber! Talk Like a Pirate Day be nearly here, ‘nd that means BOOTY! Ye AQW crew gots a galley full o’ loot coming ye way this Friday, September 19.

Talk Like a Pirate Day event AQWorlds MMO

But even MORE booty ‘nd achievement badges be on thee horizon in an all-new game feature set to release soon. Go to thee ol’ Facebook ‘nd SHARE this picture with all ye friends!

If we get 1000 Shares in the next week, we’s shall reveal all the swanky details!

YAAAARRR! Clicky 'ere to Share!

Skulls and crossbones, Beleen! =D

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September 14, 2014

New Contest for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Design a new Naval Commander and become a Jolly Roger

Blimey! Can it be true?!?! The AQW Crew wants ye to create a new Naval Commander Armor Set for Talk Like a Pirate Day! 

Smartly there, sailor! Ye havn’t time to swing thee lead, ‘cuz this TLaPD contest only be lastin’ from today until Monday, September 22nd, 2014!

Click for larger version of reference art*

Note: you do not need to use the reference art. It exists as a guide for those who want it to compare sizing, positioning.

Motherload of Booty: Pirate Prizes

Thee Grand Prize winner will be gettin’:

  • A free version o’ their winning Naval Commander armor next year
  • An exclusive, 0 AC Trobble pet themed on your design THIS year
  • 1000 AdventureCoins

Second Place winners be receivin’:

  • An exclusive 0 AC trobble pet
  • 500 AdventureCoins

All other winners be enjoyin’:

  • an exclusive Naval Commander helm or weapon

Thar be Rules, Drivelswigger

Follow EACH rule if ye want ye entry to be considered eligible (if ye don’t, ye entry will walk the plank; savvy, sailor?)

  1. Only ONE entry per AQW character!
  2. Create a 100% original Naval Commander armor set! Ye can Draw, Paint, Flash, Photoshop, 3D Print, Sculpt, or Bake/Decorate ye very own Naval Commander of AQWorlds. There be NO limit to your creativity!
  3. Your Naval Commander Armor Set MUST BE created by YE. And only YE. 
    • 100% original artwork created by YOU
    • NO tracing
    • NO stealing someone else’s work (we WILL find out if you do, and you will be automatically disqualified)
    • No teaming up with friends  
  4. Your Naval Commander entry MUST include yer AQW Character Name somewhere on thee picture. Please legibly write/sign ye AQW Character name
  5. Include TLaPD 2014 somewhere on ye picture.
  6. Type your AQWorlds Character Name in your Tweet BEFORE submitting.
  7. Include hashtags #TLaPD and #AQW in your Tweet BEFORE submitting.
  8. And after ye follow’d ALL THEE RULES above, submit ye swashbuckling showpiece to @AQWcontest Twitter at www.twitter.com/AQWcontest

Shiver me Timbers: Contest Timeframe

The TLaPD Naval Commander Contest…

  • Begins today, September 15, 2014
  • Ends Monday, September 22nd, at 11:59pm EST
  • All entries MUST be submitted to @AQWcontest Twitter page before 11:59pm EST (server time) on 9/22/2014

Cheat Sheet: Quick Checklist

Check off each thing below to ensure that ye & yer Naval Commander design be eligible to win!

  • Your 100% made-by-you Naval Commander Armor Set!
  • Your AQW Character Name *neatly* written on your submission
  • ‘ TLaPD 2014 ‘ somewhere on your photo entry
  • Type your AQW Character name in your Tweet
  • #TLaPD and #AQW in Tweet
  • Upload your Naval Commander photo to your Tweet
  • Tweet your Naval Commander entry to @AQWcontest !

Thar you hav’it, matey! Now, get them barnacles outta yer boots and start drawin’ yer cutthroat Naval Commander!

Boatswain on, scallywag!

Skulls and crossbones, Beleen =D

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