13 Lords of Chaos
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September 29, 2010

Tacos and Birthdays

Next Monday is Taco Day...
Taco Day!

Dage the Evil (I am so going to turn him good by the end of this.. just watch) created some Taco-licious destructo-tacos for you. Taco Admiral? If we ask nicely maybe he will make us some Taco-chucks!

Coming this week

Doing a big release this week with an 80% chance of the Shaman class being released, and then Taco Day, and then the CRAZY 10/10/10 AQWorld's birthday with musical guests Paul & Storm next week.... well, please wish Cysero, J6, Miltonius & Beleen luck -- they are going into overdrive! Meanwhile, Warlic is in the music room creating creepy haunted music... it is LOUD! The entire lab sounds like a haunted house. (I guess you could say it is like Phantom of the Warlic in there) 

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