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May 28, 2015

AdventureCouch Episode #5: Synderes

Artix Interviews Amanda and Anthony from Synderes!

In our newest episode of AdventureCouch, Artix interviews Amanda and Anthony, the lead singer and guitarist from alternative rock band Synderes! Tomorrow night, their band will appear onstage at Yulgar's Inn, and AQWorlds heroes will get a sneak peek of their newest EP!*

free online rpg adventurecouch interview synderes

Synderes is the first real-live band to become game characters and play in Yulgar's Inn! Not only that, but they won iHeart Radio's Rising Star contest and have already filmed two extremely impressive music videos for their singles.

free online rpg adventurecouch interview synderes

At the posting of this video Synderes is in the studio recording. We especially like that Amanda, lead singer and her brother are surprisingly long time players of AE video games. In addition to being the face of the band, Amanda has always played legit, and.. is it just me, or does she look A LOT like Gravelyn on that cover pic of this video?

free online mmo rpg synderes
Become an instant fan of the band:

An EP album is a collection of songs, usually shorter than a full album, that artists use to showcase their talent and to help build their audience.

May 26, 2015

Did someone say, "Living Dungeon Design?"

Sneak-peek at this summer’s blockbuster release

I am writing two (maybe three) releases for AdventureQuest Worlds this summer. Cysero and Beleen are coming back to write special releases too! For this one, Titan Hollow, I wrote a short story about three Titans battle for the tear of a Fairy that turned into an eternal curse. Like the most popular dungeons from Doomwood, this will be a story-crawl adventure with bonus hidden secrets for hard core gamers.

dage the evil sketch sneak peek
Designed by Dage the Evil

Originally, I wanted to make it a Grimskull dungeon, but for some reason, players hate dying horrific terrible animated deaths over and over again. <_< Not sure why. >_> Really. So instead of animating comical death cutscenes, we will be focusing on heroic acts of how to cleverly get from point A to point B which will provide scores of awesome screenshot worthy moments.

Beware of living dungeons though.... sometimes... they move. O_O

Like what you see? Share your thoughts on my Facebook post here!

May 07, 2015


Artix, Cysero & Beleen return to AQWorlds this Summer

Return of the Living Dev

This is an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!  This summer, all of AQWorld's former game leads will be returning to work directly on AQWorlds. WHAT!? Yes. We will be kicking our blockbuster summer event off by having Artix (excited), Beleen (fun), and Cysero (crazy) rejoin the AQWorlds team to design, write, and help create brand new adventures. Because each of them have such a dramatically different storytelling and humor style.... we decided to split them up and give each of them a week to do whatever they want. This will also allow them to continue working on their other video game projects while giving AQWorlds a lot of love and creativity. They will be pitching their plots, monsters and adventure areas next week... then fight to the death over who gets to have the first summer release. Anyone else get the feeling that this is going to get a little competitive? Keep your eyes on the design notes for more!


  • NPC Band to appear in Yulgar's next week! (Our first musical guest soon to follow)
  • AdventureQuest 3D has new monsters, cave map, and combat skills in development
  • Script for new AQWorld's storyline video currently being written
  • EpicDuel team has a side mobile project: BioBeasts
  • Designs for improved AQWorlds interface found on walls at the lab
  • Experimenting with interesting ways to boost graphics speed in AQWorlds
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May 04, 2015

The 4TH Returns

This post is a sing along...


Artix meets C3PO


Artix befirneds a Rancor

Dunnn daaa da daaaa dun dunnn dunanadaaaa... dunnn dunn... da... daaa... dunanadaaa... dunn.. da daaaaaaa... dun... da daaaaaaa!

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May 03, 2015

Why call it "AdventureQuest?"

AdventureQuest has become more than just a game

Recently I have had some players on Facebook and Twitter ask me why we have been naming our new mobile game projects "AdventureQuest: *INSERT AWESOME NAME HERE*" There is a good reason. Actually, there are a few REALLY good reasons.

AdventureQuest More than just a game

  • It is special.
    The name "AdventureQuest" was created by Warlic, Galanoth and I before anyone knew who we were.
  • It is 100% original.
    We created it and have a Registered Trademark. No one else can steal it.
  • It is funny... intentionally :D
    The tongue-in-cheek redundancy of the name perfectly captured the humor of our growing games and community. 
  • Everyone knows AdventureQuest.
    Pick any random person (like I do at conventions) and ask them what Artix Entertainment is... then after the awkward blank stare ask them what AdventureQuest is-- they will instantly smile and start telling their favorite memories.
  • It lets us use any name we want... like DRAGONS
    This is probably the strongest reason. Because it has become nearly impossible to name games recently. Legally, we could never use, trademark or protect a game named "DRAGONS." But by branding the game as AdventureQuest: DRAGONS, we can. It gives us the ability to use nearly any name we want in the future.
  • Award Winning Legacy
    The original AdventureQuest, AdventureQuest Worlds, and AdventureQuest: BATTLE GEMS are all award winning games.
  • I want an AdventureQuest TV show and Movie
    Yes, still. I never should have turned down that opportunity to build a show for that half hour Saturday morning block on CBS's CW back in 2010-- it just seemed financially impossible at the time.  I am probably just too stupid to ever give up. And I know I am not a alone. You might be reading this thinking... "wait, would this ever actually happen?" If Deadpool and the entire lineup of Avengers Heroes are getting/got movies... and you think way back to the time when they were completely unknown outside the comic book comunity-- then, what we are building now is like the foundation of the next generation's Star Wars, Marvel and DC. We have an ever growing lineup of interesting villains, heroes and monsters-- it is time we refined it and take it to the next level. I see a future where we accomplish what seems impossible now... and you will have the bragging rights of saying you were a part of making it happen.

So, how many times are you allowed to use "AdventureQuest"?

According to our idols... um, as much as we all want O_O.

Final Fantasy Logos


We have a lot of work ahead of us... and with it, an endless opportunity for creativity, originality, and whatever the word is that respresents that "we built it together and feel good about it" thing that has been the unquestionable source of everything amazing we have done thus far. One thing that makes us really different from Final Fantasy... is you were probably not directly involved with that creation of that game. We love them... Especially 10, that was my favorite... However, AdventureQuest is unique, and to our community, very special.  We made this together... and every week, we still are. I know you are thinking a few things about this post right now, and it is important to our future that you are. You should post to me about them however you can. I thank you for being optimistic and encouraging, and I also thank you for being honest and helpful. Check these design notes every day this week... things are getting interesting.

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May 01, 2015


Ah, so you are a rebel. I like that about you :D

Hiya! So I asked on Twitter what the focus of today's post should be... and we have a lot of awesome stuff to talk about. So, today is Design Note Shotgun post day! We should start... WITH THE BIG ONE!

AQWorld's New Main Storyline

An ancient evil has been released into the world. It was our fault... who could have forseen that the giant glowing runed portal that just happned to be lighting up... in order... every time we defeated a chaos lord... was actually the stops to open a gateway allowing the most dangerous being in the multiverse into our home? *really long pause for dramatic effect* Ok. Well maybe you saw that coming. It is still pretty awesome. Now the being responsible for all of the monsters in our world is free. Oh yeah... and it feeds on fear. (I hope that was not a spoiler... Alina, was that a spoiler?) It made it's home in the new unexplored contient-- which is conviently shattered into perfectly explorable sections, each with a brand new monsterous threat and gallery of creatively quirky, vile and clever villains. There is a good reason for you to defeat this ancient evil. At the end of the 13 Lords of Chaos you discovered what you really are, but made the sacrifice losing your powers. Winning this... will give you them back.

I feel we immediatley jumped into the weekly releases without properly setting up to story. Here is what I propose we do to correct that:

  • Title this new major storyline! Current choice: Secrets of Lore
  • Ask Nulgath/Ghost/J6 to create a killer intro video for this storyline.. ONWARD, TO YOUTUBE!
  • Create a perfect adventure map of the new continent
  • Make 2 versions of future maps... one for lower level players and one for high.
  • Make the new storyline a place new players can start the game
  • Change the focus of individual maps from being focused on the storytelling/cutscenes with short game play... to being full well developed adventures/dungeons with the story bits clverly woven in them if you are actually on the quest. (More of this coming in a post next week)


Want to hang out with me or any mod of your choice? Maybe a gold name for the day and a "wish" to go with that?  Immediately following the selection of the current contest winner, we are starting up the most popular community event "CAN I HAZ MOD." I requested that the rules be simplified. All you need to do to enter will be to get the Golden Cheezeburger (level 25) item and have it in your inventory at the end of this month. Details on how to do this will be posted. Everyone gets an equal shot. (Unless the account is an obviously a fake, bot, or seems really fishy like it was created just to enter the content. We will ignore those ones so a real player wins.) If you win, you will basically be King for a day. Everyone else wins too... because the  Golden Cheezeburger in your inventory will turn into the winning player's wish. It is a WIN-WIN for everyone who participates. We will be bringing back the "wish rules." These are a secret list of rules about the wishes that are only uncovered when a wish triggers them. A lot of them are yet to be uncovered... and some are VERY interesting. Be sure to check back often -- more on this coming in the official post.

Character Page Fixes

That you for letting us know about the character page item color issues! They should all be fixed now. Next up we are going to try to have your character scale to the size of your screen. Wish us luck! Also, do you like the quick character search feature we added to the homepage?

AQWorlds Server rewrite

For the past two months, Yorumi has been furiously rewriting the server from scratch. there is a good reason... and I am not sure if this is public knowledge, but since I cannot keep a secret to save my life-- we ran out of lines of code. WHAT!? Yeah. We have been stuck for the past year and a half because we hit the maximum number of lines that will compile in Java.  For all of the most recent features we had to gut out semi-unusued parts of the game, or chop it up into smaller bits. As you can imagine, this has been the biggest point of struggle fighting the bots. If you are a code savvy person, then you probably know all the tricks we already did before finally hitting the brick wall of "well, if we want to add anything, we need to remake this whole thing a lot more efficient." ...and efficient it is! Written in C#, the new server is crazy fast. Yorumi added in the ability to have elemental damage, improved monster AI, and a lot of other great features-- including a lot of new server defense mechanisms. We will begin testing the new server this Summer as it gets closer to completion. If you ask the AQWorlds team about it, they will probably focus on guilds, guildwars, and a lot of the features on the web/flash side. But I am most excited about getting the AQWorlds mobile app project started which also requires this server to be finished. Like the 3D project, you should be able to login and play your AQWorlds account from any device in the world.


Last night, I went to the midnight showing of Avengers with Cysero, Geopetal & Yergen. We set our expectations pretty low... so it was extra amazing when the movie really delivered! It was AWESOME. If you are a creative person too, then you probably always find yourself thinking about the "how and why" of things when you watch it. I feel the Avengers movies are perfectly timed, the character development is really solid, and it has that perfect mix of humor, action, and epicness that all of us are aspiring to create. The movie is a good role model for how our games should feel. It is funny, but never stupid. It is action packed, but never bloody or gross. The girls are portrayed as powerful and attractive but never inapprorpriate. The cast of Marvel heroes are people I can see myself being friends with... just like I see the cast of heroes in our games. The movie was a perfect example of something for "all ages", just like our games are meant to be. I am sharing this with you because I was deeply inspired... and I always try to be very open and transparent with you. It is important to me that someone created a massive success without taking the easy road. Because that is what I intend to do. Now, in all fairness they had a budget of $250,000,000 and more people than I can count. We have a just a few of us working in this room... we are going to have to work REALLY HARD.

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April 30, 2015




Yulgar's Inn is getting a stage... bring on the bands!

Hiya guys! Thank you for cheering on the idea of putting a stage in Yulgars Inn. It is actually happening!!! I would like to introduce our "house band" THE NPCS! Lots more on this unique and crazy group of monsterous musicians later... because... we have just booked our first real-life musical guest, Synderes! Now this next bit of info is probably going to shock you... especially after you watch Synderes' music videos for Enemy Inside and Expendable (I really like Expendable because it prominently features a creepy Slenderman type figure.) Ok, ready? Brace yourself... the lead singer and guitarist of this band are truely, really, legit HUGE AQWorlds and DragonFable players. To prove it, I asked them to come to the Lab and film and episode of AdventureCouch for you! O_O  <-- Face guide. Thank you all for helping put the "Yulgar's Inn Evolution" in motion. Check back tomorrow... because *TRIPLE DRUM SLAM* (You know... like "BAM BAM BAMMMMMM" to be all dramatic.) I am going to write you a design notes post every day for the next week. Because I miss you. Also, I want to cause lots more trouble! Want to join me?

Releasing Friday, May 29! CLICK HERE and read all about it!


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April 22, 2015

Yulgar's Inn Evolution?

Simple yet awesome ideas

Yulgar's Inn is the most fun place to hang out and talk to other players in AdventureQuest Worlds. When designing the 3D version of the Inn, we brainstormed a few ideas. They were good. Really good. So... why not do them in AQWorlds right now?



Add a stage in Yulgar's Inn and add a live band! But not just one band... bring in musical guests to perform at the Inn on a regular schedule. We could listen to and discover new bands there... and it would be cool to get bands to "come to Battleon" as part of their tours. In between special guest bands, we could have a regular house band "The NPCS." They could have quests to go out and find sheets of music across that game that would unlock songs. So you could manag eyoru music selection... or maybe, we could let you access that music no matter where you were in the game.


The cast of characters in Yulgar's Inn could change daily. For example: Galanoth shows up with a new list of DragonSlaying quests. The next day a cursed weapon merchant appears with a shop of items and odd enhancements. Then the next day, a DragonLord shows up offering to teach you how to fly a Dragon. We would build a huge number of possibilities, and then the game would randomly choose one each day. If there was an overaching quest which required doing a part of each one it would reward players who checked in every day.


One of my favorite parts of the game is the Museum. It starts off empty and you fill it up as you quest. We could have a few "Save Battleon" themed quests that would result in the Inn's appearance changing based on how yo udo the quests. Example: Slay the evil dragon and the Dragon's head gets mounted about the fireplace.


I love the dart board, but how about we take it to the next level? What if we added an idle game right into Yulgar's Inn. That is a game that runs automatically as long as you are in the Inn... it sorta plays for you, you just make decisions periodically. It would be the ultimate "other thing" to do while you hang out in the Inn. Think Cookie Clicker or our mobile game "AdventureQuest Dragons". I am completely open to game concept ideas... like sending moglins off to collect things for you. The concept should be ultra simple and get completely insano bonkers crazy as you get in the upper limits of it. (While we are at it, we should make a tamagotchi pet game for Aria's petshop.)

What do you think? Let me know on my Twitter of Facebook.

P.S. You know that star creature that fell from the sky crashing into the Inn? I think it was a scout for a larger force. Be careful.

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April 17, 2015

New AQWorld's Website!

Now responsive and mobile friendly

AQworlds Responsive Website

Hiya guys! We really hope you like AdventureQuest World's new webside design. It is now responsive and mobile friendly. May favorite part is that you can access the Play button from every single page. It is in the upper right corner. The navigation is really easy to use too... especially on phones and tablets. I would like to thank Miko for all of her hard work on this update. There are still a lot more pages to convert to this new format, so you will see things continually improving over the next few weeks. If you find any bugs or problems please send Miko and I a bug report at!

AQWorlds Website Now works on all devices

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April 10, 2015

One-Eyed Doll!

AdventureCouch Episode #4

The rock band One-Eyed Doll has a special place in the hearts of the Artix Entertainment video game community. Kimberly is the only "real life" Chaos Lord in the game. The band is currently on tour with their new album Witches. Just before playing a show near the lab they stopped by the AdventureCouch to say hi! Features behind the scenes story of how we met, anti-twin tail combat defense, and a re-enactment of a real life mugging!? Watch, like & subscribe AdventureCouch #4 with One-Eyed Doll on YouTube!

AdventureCouch #4 featuring One-Eyed Doll

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February 12, 2015

Friday 13th Story Time!

Artix Entertainment & the history of Friday the 13th

As a young child, I was keenly aware of the terrifying Friday the 13th movies featuring the hockey mask wearing Jason Vorheese. These were days before iconic movie monsters like Jason, Freddy, & Chucky were nerfed by popular media down to the ranks of Count Dracula and the Wolfman. I had actually believed that the whole Friday the 13th is an unlucky day superstition was because of the movies... but I was wrong.

Story time! It seems like forever ago that we ran our first ever Friday the 13th event inside the game DragonFable. (Which they are re-creating at this weekend.) I am not positive, but we may have been the first video game to do an event of this type. Nobody did weekly events back then. Let alone special events around strange holidays... like the unluckiest day of the year. An army of undead wearing hockey masks attacked the town of FalconReach. Gosh only knows where the Necromancer responsible got that many hockey masks... at the end of the war, the necromancer was revealed to be the little devious blue moglin, Zorbak. It became tradition, so the next year undead invaded the town again. But this time the head of the army was a mysterious girl necromancer wearing purple robes. This was the first sighting of the Vayle, the Necromantress. If you played the Doomwood saga in either AQWorlds or DragonFable then you already know she became one of the most important and interesting characters in our world... as far as darkness and the undead go. If you have not played, then you really should open you map and hit the DoomWood button. When writing the design notes to talk about that event I did some research and found that Friday the 13th... has a long crazy history!

Friday the 13th being unlucky comes from a huge number of pretty hard to verify historical events. The Knights Templar were wiped out on a Friday the 13th. The book Canturbury Tales featured the day promoting it's association with unluckyness. The number 13 itself has a lot of unluckiness assosiated with it. For example... Did you know it is a Nose myth that having thirteen people seated at a table results in the dead of one of the diners? Along with breaking a mirror and walking under a ladder, the day of Friday the 13th has prospered in our lore as a spooky and terrible day to do anything... like... the biggest event we had ever thrown!

Enter Voltaire! We first met him at the DragonCon Convention. He is the darkest, spookiest, and frankly the funniest entertainer we have ever met. Very few people can do such shocking and decidedly non-PG performances for live audiences of 5,000+ people yet also be flexible enough to create songs for TV shows on the Cartoon Network. If you have not heard this story before... I was visiting New York and he invited me out for Sushi. I pitched an idea for a live event and he smiled and replied, "So when do you want to do it?" I said, "How about Friday the 13th?" he said, "But that is only 2 weeks away..."  I said "no problem!" It was the biggest event we had ever attempted at the time-- 5 acts, voice acting, music overlays, several new major server features that required a live syncing of every instance of the event on every server. What could go wrong? Well, if you were there, you know. We maxed out the server entire network... literally filled every server to capacity and the bandwidth usage was so high we brought down a lot of other sites hosted on the same network. The event was so huge Gamer magazine asked me to write an article about it and I did a TEDx talk on how we did. But more importantly, everyone who played it loved it... we turned our Friday the 13th events into a tradition. (and as to not burn out Voltaire, we try to keep it to one BIG Friday the 13th event featuring him per year.)

free rpg mmo voltaire friday the 13th

As it turns out there are THREE Friday the 13ths this year!

Friday, Feburary 13th, 2015 (THIS FRIDAY!)
Friday, March 13th, 2015
Friday, November 13th, 2015

free rpg mmo friday the 13th valentine's day

Back on the topic of movies... many people including myself always imagined that there would be a 13th Friday the 13th movie. That somehow it would be really special-- the best of them all. Maybe one day that will happen. But something that WILL happen... is OUR THIRTENTN FRIDAY THE 13TH EVENT which will actually happen in November of this year! O_O

To spread the word of this week's event... please tweet using the hashtag #Fridaythe13th and . If you have any great screenshots from past events please share them with me. Maybe we can get a gallery of screenshots up on Facebook too!

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February 11, 2015

A "BOOK" is WHAT!?

Let me try to understand this again... so, a "book" is a manga without the pictures? In today's post we will unravel the mystery of this dead tree tatooed with important sounding words.

What do you mean,

A little bit over a week or so ago Za'nar went on sale. It is a book about magic. Zach told me he did a lot of research on the magic lore of our world's cultures. (The real world that is... not to be confused with the fairy-tale fantasy hallucination that I seem to perpetually live in.) But then it started... again... my internal struggle with reading anything not contained within the shouting speach bubbles of a DragonBall Z style character comic. So the time has come....




Pictures are drawn by artist The pictures are created real time... IN YOUR MIND
Max resolution ~5"x7" and probably in Black and White.
Ultra HD Brain resolution.
You know exactly what the main character looks like. The main character looks exactly what you think they look like.... literally.
You will hate the live action movie adaptation and think that all of the people who did not read the paper version are crazy for approving of it. You will hate the live action movie adaptation and think that all of the people who did not read the paper version are crazy for approving of it.
Does the creative thinking for you. Expands your creative mind and your writing skills.
Makes you want to draw. Makes you want to write stuff that everyone else will want to draw.
Good for winding down at the end of a long day just before going to bed. Good for winding down at the end of a long day just before going to bed.

So there you have it... the ultimate debate-argu-fight-ament! The only downside, is we all just read that and it did not have any pictures O_O. CURSE YOU EVIL READING OVERLORDS! We should come up with a super unintelligent Ogre character to do book reviews in the future. "I da um... like dis booky... it taste gud."

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December 18, 2014

Thank you!

AQ:Dragons is climbing the app store charts!

Congratulations everyone! You already got AQ:Dragons* to 10,000 players on Android and it has hit#34... nope, make that #32 Top New Free Game!

Keep up the great wok spreading the word about AdventureQuest Dragons! (The Apple iPhone & iPad version is off to an amazing start too!)

* If you have not heard about our newest mobile game yet (created alongside the developers who made Cookie Clicker!), check out all the information on its web-page

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December 12, 2014

Dragons LIVE on Android!

AdventureQuest Dragons for Android on the Google App Store

Cookie Clicker & AQWorlds Team up!

We teamed up with the creators of Cookie Clicker to create ADVENTUREQUEST DRAGONS! Dragons is an idle game where you raise beautifully painted, fully animated dragons from egg to baby to full adult form. Feature fan favorite dragons like Fluffy the Dracolich and Akriloth, each of the 12 Dragons has a unique story.

Available NOW on Android! (Apple coming next)

We just went live on Android! Get Dragons on the Google Play App Store! The apple version will be released the moment it is approved by Apple. (Should be very soon) Please rate us 5 stars and share to help spread word of the game!

AdventureQuest Dragons Founder

AQWorlds players get a special perk for becoming a FOUNDER

Get the founder package in Dragons and unlock the Flame Dragon Warrior class, armor, sword, spear, dragon help, epic cape, wings and a special character page badge in AdventureQuest Worlds. 

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October 25, 2014

Armor T-Shirt Pre-Orders Open

Pre-Order at to guarantee yours

Hiya guys! We found a way to get these amazing wrap-around armor T-shirts created. The process to create them is complicated and pretty expensive so we cannot just order a bunch of them like we usually do.  So, if you want to get your hands on a 1st Edition Paladin or Legion  Armor T-Shirt, lock in your pre-order at HeroMart now!

Legion-TSHIRT-reallife.jpgReal-life Undead Legion armor

You have until production starts (We are estimating around November 25th-ish, Thanksgiving) to place your order and guarantee that you will get your shirt. We are going to produce all of the pre-orders at once and then ship in December.  

Includes exclusive items for AQWorlds!

Each shirt comes with an awesome weapon and half of the "Legion Paladin" class. Combine both halves to create the full class in AdventureQuest Worlds! Themed after the shirts... we merged Artix's Paladin armor and Dage's Paragon armor together into a horrifying and powerful new class. 

Get both shirts to unlock the Class!

  • Get the Legion Light of Destiny when you buy the Legion Armor T-Shirt
  • Get the Purified Caladbolg Sword when you buy the Paladin Armor T-Shirt
  • Get the Legion Paladin CLASS when you buy both T-shirts
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October 10, 2014

Happy Birthday, Community!

We could not do all of the things we do without YOU

It is our 12th Anniversary-- and we hope you enjoy this year’s cross-game event, “Phantom of the Pixel!” The idea of cursed items crafted from dead pixels is…. spine-tinglingly awesome! The event spans AQWorlds, EpicDuel, DragonFable, MechQuest, HeroSmash, Oversoul and the original AdventureQuest. With the coming of the new mobile games, it might be too hard to have another full cross-over games event like this… so do this one while you still can!

I would sincerely like to thank you, and everyone who has been a part of this incredible journey. Thank you to you and all of the amazing gamers who login and battle in our video games. Thank you to all of you who give us encouragement and much love on the forums, twitter, facebook and all of the other ways you talk with us. Thank you for not just playing the games but contributing your creativity and clever ideas. Thank you to everyone who believes in us and supports us by upgrading or buying things in the video games—because of you we can afford to keep the lights on and the server hampsters running at full speed. It has officially been 12 YEARS of weekly, non-stop updates! THANK YOU!  

Our video game’s “weekly new releases” — where we add new quests, maps, monsters, weapons & content to the game — is something that is really special about our community. AdventureQuest classic was one of (if not the) first to do it. We have been compared to long running shows like The Simpsons, Southpark, and Saturday Night Live with our game’s history of weekly releases. But there is one big difference… TV shows run in seasons and the cast and crew… take breaks. We do not. We never have. As a whole, the AE team has delivered a new video game update/release every single week for 12 years. Our games never take holidays off — the team and I actually work harder and have larger releases during them!  

Because of that, I would very much like to recognize and thank the AE team — all of the artists, animators, writers, coders, the moderators, the forum staff, and all of the volunteers for their hard work. I am extremely proud of these passionate super heroes. Thank you all, too — players, team, and all the people who love us and put up with our crazy video game habits — for making Frogzards, Moglins and DoomKnights a part of our everyday life!

Battle on!


P.S. Ooooh… NEXT year will be our 13th Anniversary… we should up the bar and change the format. Better start brainstorming now. Open to ideas!

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September 26, 2014


New Idle Game coming this October

AdventureQuest Dragons

Do you love Dragons? We teamed up with the creators of Cookie Clicker to create our 1st ever idle game... AdventureQuest: DRAGONS! The game is currently in development, but I have been posting concept art, finished dragons, and videos on the official DRAGONS Facebook page and also on my personal Artix Facebook page. Be sure to like and follow it to get the inside scoop and we continue building it. In this idle game, you will hatch and raise 12 Dragons from the fiery Akriloth, the Undead Dracolich to never before dragons including the Steampunk, Slime and Shadow dragons. Each Dragon has a unique story. This new mobile game will run on Apple & Android devices and will also be available on the web. We are scheduled to release this new game next month in October! You should also check out the official website.


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September 03, 2014


Dragons & Project: AdventureQuest Omni

Greetings friend! I just returned home from DragonCon 2014 where we officially announced video game projects that you are going to love!  WARNING: This post contains Brutalcorn thumb-wrestling, baby teleportation stories, and semi-spoilers about the new storyline in AdventureQuest Worlds!

(What is DragonCon? Read the previous post.)


AQWorlds is not going ANYWHERE!

I heard some silly rumors being spread around so I want to know they are fake-- AdventureQuest Worlds is here to stay! It is our largest and most successful game. It will continue to grow and evolve. Project Omni is how we are going to "future proof" the game. 

AdventureQuest Worlds' NEW STORY is here!

AdventureQuest Worlds players were thrilled at the seemless transition into the game's new overarching main storyline... "ANCIENT EVIL." A cataclysmic like event has returned the Elemental Titans to our world. Those blank areas on the map are about to start opening up. Also, a cast of never before villains have escaped from the underworld do to the... um... death of Death. It is hard to make the rest of this post without spoilers. So if you have not completed it yet, then SPOILER ALERT!!! Stop reading right now and skip down to the next post. Seriouly.


Ok, so you are caught up with the current release? Then you know that the Hero is in fact the reincarnation of the Eternal Dragon of Time... the "god" of our multiverse. Before you actualized your powers, you also became the 13th Lord of Chaos. Following the tragic series of events that we witnessed King Alteon undergo... you went on to do what no other Chaos Lord had done before you-- conquer the world. Then... FURTHERMORE... to escape the underworld, you assassinated Death himself. Which, technically makes you Death too! The final battle with Drakath was the most epic series of fights and cutscenes in the games history.

My Twitter feed was full of awe as it exceeded the hype. However, a fixed point in time... Drakath, in a depserate attempt to flee you, enters the Chaos Gate. Defeating him was the only way to stop the end of the world... but doing so would strip you of all of your powers. Just like it did Drakath. The decision of a true Hero... good or evil... is to sacrifice everything for your cause. You know what happens next O_O. The Chaos Gate was closed... but the Queen of all Monsters escaped into our world. Time happens differently in the Chaos Realm... so when you return a long while later, you find the world has been devastated by the re-awakened Ancient Elemental Titans and the villains that escaped Death's underworld.

The Queen of all Monsters. the one who created Drakath, has returned to our world... to defeat her you will have to face the Titans and regain your powers. AdventureQuest World's true storyline has finally begun! 

AdventureQuest Omni Update And MORE!!!

There is TOO MUCH to post... so if you want to read all of the stories from Dragon*Con, see all the pictures, and hear the newest news about the projects we are currently working on, you will find them in my post on!

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August 25, 2014

Bring on the DragonCon

2014 DragonCon Information

dragoncon 2014 panel artix

Artix Panel Date & Time

WHEN: Saturday, Aug 30th @ 2:30 PM 
WHERE: DragonCon : Grand Salon D room @ the Hilton Atlanta hotel
WHY: To launch the 13 Lords of Chaos poster, to talk about our new Mobile game AQ Dragons, to showcase a new secret Mobile game, and to meet and greet our biggest fans—like you!

Launching: 13 Lords of Chaos Poster!

chaos lords poster

To commemorate the epic finale of the current AdventureQuest Worlds storyline, we are releasing this AMAZING 13 Lords of Chaos Poster, featuring all 13 Chaos Lords drawn & painted by Diozz and Dage the Evil. The entire Artix team will sign these posters at the lab before they are taken to DragonCon. Anyone attending our panel on Saturday, August 30 at DragonCon will be able to buy these posters before ANYONE ELSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!  

New Mobile Game: AQ Dragons

AQ dragons preview

So you want to know more about AQ Dragons? So OF COURSE DragonCon is the best place to do so! The Artix team will reveal everything we know about the upcoming mobile game, AQ Dragons, at our panel. This is so much better than piecing together tidbits of information via our Twitters =)

Spoiler Alert: Secret Mobile Game Project

Ah yes, a new secret mobile game. Well… it won’t be much of a secret for those who attend our DragonCon panel! And I cannot say much more about it… because it’s been kept a secret from me, too! >…..< 

How to Survive DragonCon

dragoncon survival guide

Cysero is your best bet for surviving DragonCon. And he’s posted a full length survival guide here.

On behalf of the entire Artix Entertainment team, we hope to see you at the Artix Panel @ DragonCon this Saturday, August 30th, in the Hilton’s Grand Salon D room!

DragonCon shirt artix panel

xoxo Beleen =D

Ps... IDK what that drawing up there is for. Cysero drew it... so maybe you can ask him about it on his Twitter

August 05, 2014

How to write a Design Notes 101

"A long time ago...In a laboratory far far underground..." - @TomzTempTwit

The hardest part of writing a design notes is writing the first few words. So I asked you and my other friends on Twitter to give me a hand... but, *shhhh* secret... This post is not really about writing a Design Notes at all. Read more.

Read the full post on

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June 17, 2014

Ninja Drew Drechsel gets #1 time!

American Ninja Warrior 2014

On last night's TV  episode of American Ninja Warrior on NBC, our favorite "Real Life Ninja," Drew Drechsel, completed the course with the #1 fastest time! 44.24 seconds. WAY TO GO DREW! You can send him a congratulations on his twitter... @NINJADREW!!!

Drew Drechsel gets 1st place on American Ninja Warrior!

I was deeply honored that for his TV interview, Drew wore the "Real Life Ninja" shirt that I designed for him. In addition to Drew, several of our other friends including Reko Rivera (The guy who breathed the fireball) and Ryan Stratis successfully completed the course! It was a really exciting and good night of runs. I hope you join us in cheering them on in the Miami Southeast Region Finals.

Pictures of Drew on TV

SPOILER: This episode choose to focus on the long time rivalry between Drew and another famous contestant named "Flip". They showed Drew's run first and he took 1st place. The pressure was on for Flip to beat it. Unfortunately, Flip's foot slipped on the cargo net during his run causing Flip to touch the water and be disqualified. A good reminder that no matter that no matter how talented someone is, the course is TOUGH and just one tiny miscalculation can end it... and Flip is REALLY REALLY good.

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June 16, 2014


Willowcreek Conquered by the Forces of Chaos!

The 13th Lord of Chaos and their minions have conquered Willowshire... our first loss ever against a Chaos Lord. 

After inflicting horror and unbelievable casualties... and leaving behind a "Chaotic Beast" to keep the townsfolk in terror... the main forces of Chaos have moved on to attack their next location. We do not yet know where... but we suspect the attack to commence tomorrow or Wednesday. 

Artix von Krieger says ,"Alliance forces... a single battle does not determine the outcome of a war. We can still stop the 13th Lord of Chaos before their armies reach the town of Battleon. We WILL NOT allow them to conquer another of our towns! BATTLE ON!"

June 11, 2014

Scouts report in!

It is the eve of war...

Starting last weekend, Alliance scouts reported that chaos monsters from across the land suddenly left their positions and headed towards mount Doomskull. We believe that the 13th Lord of Chaos, whomever that may be, will lead their forces to attack us on Friday... but we do not know where.

We sent our most talented scouts & rangers to steal the Chaos Attack Plans. But thus far, none have returned. We need to know where the attack will take place... alliance forces are too spread out, and too few following the battles against the first 12 Chaos Lords.

Perhaps if you can find a Chaos Warlord, you can obtain the plans. (I wonder where a Chaos boss would wait while preparing for the start of a Chaos war...)

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June 09, 2014

The 13th Lord of Chaos arrives!

Friday… they will lead the forces of chaos to destroy our world

“I thought I had seen every crazy thing possible in our world… but I never dreamed of seeing something like this. Our jaws dropped to the floor when the identity of the 13th and final Lord of Chaos was revealed. “Impossible!” many cried. “How can this be!?” asked the wide-eyed and trembling guards assigned to protect the lands between our home of Battleon and Drakath’s lair at Mount Doom Skull.

It is known to us that THIS FRIDAY the 13th Lord of Chaos will lead their forces on an all out attack. It has been said that every Chaos Lord has had the potential to wipe us out and actually win… but this time, it might actually happen. We are currently rallying ALL forces to battle against… try to stop… *shakes head* I am at a loss for words. I still cannot believe this is happening… this Friday we MUST stop the 13th Lord of Chaos from marching their forces to Battleon! As soon as our scouts return… we will coordinate our defense!”

The War of Lore & Roleplaying

There are a few things you need to know right now….

 The War will be live and in real time

  • There are two sides: 
    Chaos vs the Alliance (Good & Evil Truce)
  • Everyone can join the Defenders and attempt to stop Chaos’s progress
  • Only players who completed the main storyline can join Chaos. 
    It is understood that Chaos has a serious advantage in this war. Especially the areas closer to Mount Doom Skull.
  • Battles are determined by the “War Meter” 
    Each side will have a “war meter.” It will fill up every time you or other players on your side complete an objective. In other words… the combined efforts of you and everyone on your side will determine victory.
  • The outcome of a battle is permanent… 
    If an area of the game is destroyed, or if an NPC is kills -- it is permanent. It is potentially possible for entire areas of the game to be permanently damaged, changed, or destroyed. It is also possible for new areas to be created depending on which side wins or loses a battle.
  • Major War plot events HAVE NOT BEEN WRITTEN ON PURPOSE!
    That is right. You and your fellow players will be determining what happens by your actions… and we build the game around what happens. This whole thing is going to be live, organic, and unpredictably awesome. We have not done something this dynamic and wild since the wars in the original AdventureQuest.

History is about to be made, and this is your opportunity to be a part of it. If you are currently caught up with the main storyline, then you already know you have the most important role in what is currently happening. We ask that you roleplay your character in the war.

Whether you are good or evil… allow yourself to play along. You will have chances in the story to make important decisions. Also, in between battles, it is perfectly fine to go (OOC) Out of character. Never feel pressure to roleplay outside of the war. Just have lots of fun--  this is going to be some serious crazy fun.

Battle On…. Friday!

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June 06, 2014

Make a Profile Picture

New Character Page Feature!

This is something I have been wanting to make for years. Now you can hit the camera button on your AQWorld's Profile Page to create and download a custom profile pic. Use it with Facebook, Twitter, or any of those MyInstaTumblrSpace type things. It is really easy to use... and advanced userswill be happy to know output is 800x800 and one of the background options (the one that looks black) is actually transparent so you can use the image in photoshop to make your own custom stuff. Also, I cleaned up the page a bit and added a search box at the bottom. So you can type in your character name there and it will just bring up your character page.

Profile Pic Creator

Other News

  • Captain Rhubarb purged 32 thousand inactive accounts from 2008 so there are now more names available
  • Zhoom & Yorumi fixed a server memory leak bug which solved the slow monster respawn issue after a server was running for several days.
  • I have been working with the artists on cleaning up the existing AQWorlds Interface with improved artwork. After showing a few things on my official Artix Twitter it became very clear that players do not want any major changes to the shapes of things in the interface, but do like the upgraded artwork. So... that is exactly what we are going to do!
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