Design Notes

May 27, 2011

DoomWood BEGINS!

Book of Lore says, "WHAAAAAAAAT!?!?!?!?"

Why... are you taking me to DoomWood? Down here. It's me. Your book of Lore. You know I can talk, right? Well I can. They say actions speak louder than words, but I can't really move a whole lot on my own, so words are all I've really got.

Undead Paladin

So, about this Doomwood business... are we really going there? ARE YOU CRAZY!? There are giant man eating trees, legions of undead soldiers, necromancers, undead Paladins, and... (did you hear any of the rumors about the Paladin Slayer?) Don't get me wrong. I like traveling with you... but when I write the legends about you, I'd prefer not to be doing it in the belly of some evil tree creature. Books are made from trees you know. And that's just MESSED UP.

Paladin gear
New Paladin Armor and Weapons!

Necromancer armor
New Necromancer Armor and Items

Just Released!

  • The beginning of a brand new storyline!
  • 4 new cutscenes
  • A dozen Paladin and Necromancer themed armors, weapons, foods and other items!
  • 3 new zones: Lightguard Keep, DoomWood & ... um, the final boss of the saga's room? (Wierd!)
  • 16 new quests (Including a a "defend until you drop" wave defense challenge with a special achievement "BONEGRINDER" that can be unlocked if you can survive through 100 monsters.)

You can travel to LightGuard Keep in DoomWood by using the "DoomWood (NEW!)" button when you login. Or you can walk there... take the path left out of BattleOn and look for a new road that opened up near Insomniac Beauty.

P.S. To those of you who "get" the LightGuard Keep naming pun and wonder why... it is because Paladins do not stink :-)

ALSO this week!

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