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June 09, 2014

The 13th Lord of Chaos arrives!

Friday… they will lead the forces of chaos to destroy our world

“I thought I had seen every crazy thing possible in our world… but I never dreamed of seeing something like this. Our jaws dropped to the floor when the identity of the 13th and final Lord of Chaos was revealed. “Impossible!” many cried. “How can this be!?” asked the wide-eyed and trembling guards assigned to protect the lands between our home of Battleon and Drakath’s lair at Mount Doom Skull.

It is known to us that THIS FRIDAY the 13th Lord of Chaos will lead their forces on an all out attack. It has been said that every Chaos Lord has had the potential to wipe us out and actually win… but this time, it might actually happen. We are currently rallying ALL forces to battle against… try to stop… *shakes head* I am at a loss for words. I still cannot believe this is happening… this Friday we MUST stop the 13th Lord of Chaos from marching their forces to Battleon! As soon as our scouts return… we will coordinate our defense!”

The War of Lore & Roleplaying

There are a few things you need to know right now….

 The War will be live and in real time

  • There are two sides: 
    Chaos vs the Alliance (Good & Evil Truce)
  • Everyone can join the Defenders and attempt to stop Chaos’s progress
  • Only players who completed the main storyline can join Chaos. 
    It is understood that Chaos has a serious advantage in this war. Especially the areas closer to Mount Doom Skull.
  • Battles are determined by the “War Meter” 
    Each side will have a “war meter.” It will fill up every time you or other players on your side complete an objective. In other words… the combined efforts of you and everyone on your side will determine victory.
  • The outcome of a battle is permanent… 
    If an area of the game is destroyed, or if an NPC is kills -- it is permanent. It is potentially possible for entire areas of the game to be permanently damaged, changed, or destroyed. It is also possible for new areas to be created depending on which side wins or loses a battle.
  • Major War plot events HAVE NOT BEEN WRITTEN ON PURPOSE!
    That is right. You and your fellow players will be determining what happens by your actions… and we build the game around what happens. This whole thing is going to be live, organic, and unpredictably awesome. We have not done something this dynamic and wild since the wars in the original AdventureQuest.

History is about to be made, and this is your opportunity to be a part of it. If you are currently caught up with the main storyline, then you already know you have the most important role in what is currently happening. We ask that you roleplay your character in the war.

Whether you are good or evil… allow yourself to play along. You will have chances in the story to make important decisions. Also, in between battles, it is perfectly fine to go (OOC) Out of character. Never feel pressure to roleplay outside of the war. Just have lots of fun--  this is going to be some serious crazy fun.

Battle On…. Friday!

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