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January 10, 2014

Shadowfall in Peril

Gravelyn Needs YOUR Help to Drive Back Chaos!

Empress Gravelyn of the Shadowscythe has summoned you to help defend her realm... will you answer? /Join shadowgates to attack the Chaorrupted invaders threatening her realm to ensure that the forces working against Drakath do not perish!

Empress Gravelyn summons you, Hero!

While Empress Gravelyn commands the defense team from inside the fortress, you must clear the bridges and lock the gates that lead up to her castle. 

Quest for Gravelyn to unlock the Knight of Shadows set!

Seal off her land from Chaos to unlock a special quest to clean up Shadowfall... and merge the Dark Heart Medal drops from the quest to buy gear from Gravelyn's Gratitude (permanent) merge shop!

  • Knight of Shadows armor
  • Cloak of Shadows cape
  • Blade of Rage and Fury
  • Burning Shadow Horns
  • Broken Horn Basher axe
  • Chaorrupted Basher axe
  • Chaorrupted Arcana Mage armor
  • Tentacular Crown
  • Runes, Interrupted cape
  • Chaos Gem Staff
  • and more!

Week of Chaos Recap

The AQW team has been BUSY! Take a look at what happened this week so you don't miss out on any of the awesome new content!

These husky pets melt our hearts AND the Frostval ice!

  • Wednesday: Level 60 Awe Enhancements released 
  • Thursday: Wheel of Doom merge shop items released 
  • Thursday: 48 Hour Frostmane's Nightmare Challenge (ENDS TOMORROW!) 
  • Thursday: Moderator Hunt update
  • Friday: Shadowfall Commander 5k and 12k AC package 
  • Friday: Shadowfall in Chaos storyline with Gravelyn's Merge Shop
  • Friday: Aria's Husky pet trio: Riptooth the Husky (permanent), Riptooth and Flaps (rare), Riptooth and Watcher (rare)
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