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January 09, 2014

Moderator Hunt Update


Reens, the Lead In-Game Moderator for AQWorlds, puts out calls for new in-game moderators to help keep AQWorlds safe a few times a year. The last application period was in October, and as usual, she got thousands of emails! A few potential moderators were interviewed and began training but, for various reasons, none have been able to join the team.

What Happens Now?

Now Reens goes back to that HUGE pile of emails and picks up where she left off... finding potential moderators from the pile of applicants and contacting them to begin interviewing. She began doing that earlier this week, and we should have an update in a week or so!

What If You Don't Find Any In the Pile?

Why, then we put out a NEW call for more applications! There are SO many players who want to help make AQWorlds safe and fun for all our players that I have no doubt we'll find just the right person... and that may be YOU!

Why Can't There Be Unofficial Helper Mods?

Like I mentioned above, we have so many devoted players who want to help keep AQWorlds safe, and a few very dedicated players recently emailed us with the idea to form a crew of "helper mods" who would only have certain powers - like muting and kicking.

A number of you guys have asked for something similar over the years, but if we trusted a person with those moderation abilities (and that is what they are), then they would be trustworthy enough to become full moderators, and there would be no need for a reduced set of powers. If you think you fit the bill for that role, then read on!

So...How Do I Become a Moderator?

Take a look at this handy guide (except for the part saying we just brought on new mods), and remember these important tips:

  • You must be at least 18 years old or older
  • You must have a clean account record 

If you are NOT 18 yet, you can still help make AQWorlds a better, more fun game for your fellow heroes! Help us by reporting any bugs or issues you find at or help other players learn the ins and outs of AQW by adding entries to the Official Wiki!

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