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September 03, 2015

Corruption in BrightOak Grove!

New Queen of Monsters Saga Starts This Friday!

The World Tree sits at the center of Brightoak Grove, but the shields guarding it have begun to falter. Answer the call of the Druid Elders before the Queen of Monsters’ corruption spreads to its heart! new main storyline saga begins soon in Brightoak Grove!

  • Speak with Ravinos Brightglade on Friday, September 4th in /brightoak to begin questing!
  • If the Druid's sacred artifact is not recovered, the shields guarding the roots that feed the World Tree will fall... 
  • If the shields guarding the World Tree fall, the ElvenSong will be silenced... the heart of the forest must not wither and die.
  • Corruption MUST not spread in Brightoak Grove!

The image you see above is the first look at the new Brightoak Grove map, with the Ravinos NPC from Memet!


September 03, 2015

Shiver Me Throwback

A look at the TLaPDs of Yesteryears

September 19th 2009, the day landlubbers of Lore become Heroes of the Seven Seas! Enter the 1st Talk Like a Pirate Day. With a grand Pirate vs. Ninja War and an unforgettable Quibble loot chest, this tradition of pirate talking and swashbuckling was cemented in AQW!

AQW's first TLaPD!

TLaPD Origins

International Talk Like a Pirate Day (ITLAPD, September 19) is a parodic holiday created in 1995 by John Baur (Ol' Chumbucket) and Mark Summers (Cap'n Slappy), of Albany, Oregon, U.S., who proclaimed September 19 each year as the day when everyone in the world should talk like a pirate. Somehow around 2002, thanks to Dave Barry (a syndicated columnist) their made up holiday became a national phenomenon. Personally I blame AQW for its international success, but that’s just me.

Novel of Naval Commanders

AQW has a history of releasing incredible Naval Commanders to commentate TLaPD since '09. For months leading up to September 19th our forums are abuzz with guesses and suggestions of what this year's design may be. There’s an extensive set of Commanders below, but still a million possibilities for the future!

Blazing Naval Commander
Brilliant Naval Commander
Bubblegum Scallywag
Chaos Naval Commander
ChronoLord Naval Commander
Doom Naval Commander
Doom Rotting Naval Commander
DoomKnight Naval Commander
Galactic Naval Commander
Icy Naval Commander
Legion Naval Commander
Naval Commander (Armor)
Naval Commander (Class) (Legend)
Paragon Naval Commander
Platinum Naval Commander
Rotting Naval Commander
Undead Legion Naval Commander
Void Naval Commander

Thanks be to the AQW Wiki for making this list possible!

So many Commanders, yet no crew!

Ye Old Pirate Prep

If yar just can't wait till the 19th to embrace a parrot on your shoulder, look no further than last year's Deep Terror TLaPD event in /join Piratewar! Naval Commanders clash in a seabattle against the Pirates... and they aren’t content to keep the battle above water! Defeat the Dread Fleet, or face death from an Aquamancer below.The rare shop may be gone, but beat the boss or any Naval Commander monster for doubloon worthy drops!

While cutlass slashing may boil ye landlubber blood, check out AQW's Pirate Rules 101 to complete the seafaring transformation:

Everything Okay there Quibble?

Scourge of the Fiery Seas

I know it be called Throwback Thursday, but there be a major storm a brewin’ on Lore’s horizon! I hear whispers on the wind of a new threat to AQW’s TLaPD festivities. Seems an old harebringer has escaped Davy Jones locker, ready to wreak havoc with a weapon that feeds on the destructive forces of mana itself! Heros get ready to hunt the mysterious, the nefarious...BLAZEBEARD!

Wherever Blazebeard strikes, Heroes will be Ready!

Welcome Back Throwbacks

Always fantastic to get another Throwback Thursday up! I've been so swamped with designing Brightoak Grove that AQW’s rich history took an undeserved backseat. Tomorrow I’m off to Dragon*Con in Atlanta so instead of recommending another throwback, tweet me @ACWOAE with anything you'd like to see from D*Con!

Artix Panel and a Brutalcorn sighting on the same day? Only at Dragon*Con!

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September 01, 2015

Meet the Artix Entertainment Team

Don't be fooled by Imposters!

Your friendly Artix Entertainment team is made of up people from all over the world with a mission is to make the best Web RPGs on the Internet! We will always work with you to make sure you have the best, most fun, and safest gaming experience... but beware imposters on FaceBook, Twitter, and other social networking sites claiming to be members of our team.

AE team members will never ask for your password. We also never threaten to take action against any of your game, email, or social media accounts. Any one who does is not trying to help you, and you should use the /report system - they are trying to steal your account information.

Click here to read more and to meet the rest of the Artix Entertainment Game Masters and the rest of the AE team members!


August 28, 2015

Journey to the Surface of the Sun

You Might as Well Be Battling on the Sun!

When a mysterious force begins to steal light from Lore’s sun, Warlic and Cysero know there is only one Hero to call upon - you! This Friday, gear up and get ready to go out of this world (and out of your body!) to keep our world from being plunged into eternal darkness!

free rpg MMO Magic Sun Trip

This week's release was written by one of our newest team members, Ergotth... and was also a winning entry in the Release Design contest! After I saw his entry and read his posts on the forum about where the next storyliens should go, I knew this was someone we had to bring on board to help us with future sagas!

The humor and exchanges between Cysero and Warlic really take me back to the days of classic DragonFable humor; it's been too long since we've seen those two characters really get you into trouble... but that all changes tonight!

After you save the world (and the sun!) farm tokens to get some of this week's hottest gear from the merge shop! The Solar Elemental battle and regular pets both drop off the monster, and if you don't have time to farm, you can grab the Solar Entity using AdventureCoins.

Which leads me to remind you all about the new...

GreyWolf Commander AdventureCoin Package is live!

Unlock our newest, most rugged gear yet - the Greywolf Commander - when you buy either a 2000, 5000, or 12000 AdventureCoin package! 

This exclusive set was handcrafted by by one of AQWorlds' newest artists, Lily, and includes:

  • 1 Armor
  • 4 Helms
  • 2 Weapons
  • 1 Cape
  • a Character Page Badge

More August Birthday Items!

Wish Neveya (from the Player Support team) and Cemaros (head of the AQWorlds Bug Hunters) happy birthdays! They're also celebrating this month, and wanted all of YOU to get to celebrate with them! These items and Gjappy's birthday gear will be available in the August birthday shop until next Friday, September 4th!*

* At that time, the Twig Battle Pet will move into Aria's Pet Shop


August 26, 2015

Friday: Become a Greywolf Commander

Buy a 2000, 5000, or 12000 AdventureCoin package to unlock the gear!

Starting this Friday at 6 PM server, unlock our newest, most rugged set yet - the Greywolf Commander - when you buy either a 2000, 5000, or 12000 AdventureCoin package! This exclusive set was handcrafted by by one of AQWorlds' newest artists, Lily, and includes an armor, 4 helms, a cape, 2 weapons, plus a character page badge!

Back to School Bonus

Get 25% more free AdventureCoins when you buy a 12000 AdventureCoin package during our Back to School Bonus AdventureCoin offer! (That is 3000 more free ACs!)With our Mirror Realm release, all the new reward gear coming this Friday*, and the new main storyline saga in Brightoak Grove starting next week, this is the perfect time to stock up!

Buy now and get up to 25% more free AdventureCoins when you buy any AC package PLUS unlock the exclusive GreyWolf Commander when you get the 2000, 5000, or 12000 AC packages!

Buy the following AdventureCoin packages to get:

  • 12000 AC package:  3000 bonus AdventureCoins (best deal!)
  • 5000 AC package: 1000 bonus AdventureCoins 
  • 2000 AC package: 300 bonus AdventureCoins 
  • 900 AC package: 100 bonus AdventureCoins

Last Chance to get the Ancient GroveBreaker Blade 

The Ancient Grovebreaker AC Bonus Weapon leaves this Friday, August 28th! But until then, if you buy any AdventureCoin package, the weapons will be added straight into your inventory!


August 26, 2015

Guide to AE Team Members

Know The Difference

For a long time, everyone with a gold name has been called a Mod (short for Moderator) but there are actually 6 kinds of people walking around - Mods, Game Testers, Help Team, and Devs (short for Developer), White Hats, and members of the AE team who are not part of any of those other groups (like our forum moderators).

To make it easier to know who's who, we are giving each of these groups a distinct name color - that way, you'll know who can take action against a botter you've found (mods) or who might ask you to help them confirm a bug in-game (testers).

Colored Names: What They Mean

If you see someone with a colored name inside AQWorlds, that means they are a member of the AE team or work directly on the game in some capacity: devs, mods, testers, white hats, Player Support. Although we all have colored names, we have very different responsibilities, and the criteria we use to finds Mods is very different from what we look for in potential Devs or Testers.

Developers have purple names. They're the ones who make AQWorlds - creating art, coding, writing stories, designing classes, etc.

Testers have green names. There are two types of game-related testers - release and bug - but both of them have green names inside AQW. Game testers test releases, while Bug testers focus on post-release issues. 

Moderators have gold names. They are your cheerful, helpful team members and read your reports and make sure AQW is a safe, fun, friendly game to play!

Player Support team members also have gold names - they are the ones who read your emails and are the only ones who can access your account information - they use that to help you fix problems!

AE Team Members have teal namesThey are staff members who do not help in any of the other groups (wiki and forum mods, website testers, etc) but do so many things for our other games or community sites! They are official members of the AE team, so if you see them in-game, /wave hi!

White Hats have dark red names. These team members are one of our newest staff groups, and are former hackers who have proven we can trust them and vowed to use their very specific set of skills and knowledge of programming and/or web development to help keep AQWorlds safe.

For several years before they joined the team, each of the white-hats proved they were trustworthy by sending us details of in-game exploits and how they could be fixed. To become a white hat, you need to be invited, and the team is not currently looking for more members. If you see the White Hats in-game, do not worry if they don't respond or decline offers to /party - they are focused on the task at hand - keeping the game and your accounts safe!*

* They cannot access any information or take action against your accounts. They let us know when problems arise -- they are our guardians, and have vowed to use their programming super-powers for Good and Justice!

See a list of the AE Team Members here

How to become a Mod/Tester/Dev

As we need help moderating, making, and testing AQW, we bring on more people to help. Moderators and Testers are usually loyal fans and supports of the game who are helpful and patient with new players, fun, friendly yet responsible with the other experienced players. Many Developers are also loyal fans who have the art or writing skill we need to make AQWorlds.

For the most part being a Mod or Tester or Dev is a volunteer position, although they do enjoy other rewards like free memberships, free ACs and access to pretty much any item they would like. Some volunteer dev positions may turn into full-time gigs on the AQW team. The Help Team does not use volunteer help because account information is sensitive, and we do EVERYTHING we can to protect your info.


August 25, 2015

This Weekend: Third Spell from the Sun

You Might as Well Be Battling on the Sun!

When a mysterious force begins to steal light from Lore’s sun, Warlic and Cysero know there is only one Hero to call upon - you! This Friday, gear up and get ready to go out of this world (and out of your body!) to keep our world from being plunged into eternal darkness!

Last week, we said this week's release would be the introduction to the Brightoak Grove Saga, and up until about six hours ago, that was true. But when J6 sent a message saying he wanted to do a really amazing job on the hub town's map, of course I said -- we can swap this week's release with next week's... because we have more of the Round 1 Stars from the Release Design Contest!

free rpg MMO Magic Sun Trip
You can tell Cysero's just chillin' with the sun because he's giving a thumbs up.

So this week we will be releasing Ergotth's "Third Spell from the Sun" story - and man, is the ending hysterical! It's not something we've ever done before... and probably will never do again! 

Introducing New AQWorlds Team Members

Ergotth, Plank, and Venthos are three of the newest members of the AQWorlds team! They are bringing fresh eyes, voices, and ideas to the AQW dev team. Starting this week, Plank and Venthos will begin their journey towards mastering the art (and madness) of quest design, while Ergotth is going to join the writing team as an all-around awesome-idea-and-continuity guy!

We are really excited to have them with us, but that is not all! Boxer502 is ALSO joining the team as a release tester. I am going back over the applications from our last tester hunt and contacting more people, so if you applied, keep an eye on your inbox - all email invitations will be sent by next Monday!

Shops Leaving this Friday

This is your last chance to get the Anseri Destroyer gear from the Cysero's Secret release Rares shop!

And don't miss the Eternal Groveborn and Grovebreaker armor sets and items. They leave Friday, too. You can find both shops in your game menu!


August 22, 2015

“Return of the Living Devs” Art Contest Winners Announced

Our players are true heroes AND true artists!

The 2015 Summer “Return of the Living Devs” Fan Art Contest landed a critical hit! Nearly 300 of our fellow players submitted fan art from their favorite summer events:

  • Artix’s Ebil Dreadspace
  • Cysero’s Deadmoor Spirit
  • Beleen’s Chaos Queen
  • Artix’s Living Dungeon: Titan Hollow
  • Cysero's Secrets: Goose of Terror

It was a difficult task narrowing down our favorites, but this was a contest after all, and as such, we had to pick the ones we liked the best. Allow us to introduce you to the winners of the 2015 Summer Fan Art Contest!

Grand Prize Winner: Ebil Dradspace

Congratulations, Kanshi! Your artwork is out-of-this-world, and you have won the Grand Prize for Artix’s event!


Grand Prize Winner: Deadmoor Spirit

Hauntingly beautiful work, Thunder8080! You won the grand prize for Cysero’s event!


Grand Prize Winner: Chaos Queen Beleen

OMG I love-love-love it sooooo much, Flaw! You totally win the grand prize for Beleen’s event! Eeeee! :D


Grand Prize Winner: Titan Hollow Living Dungeon

WOAH!! This is AMAZING. Axer0s wins the grand prize for Artix’s event!


Grand Prize Winner: Goose of Terror

Cysero approves this masterpiece. Thumbs up, Mikomaru!


Grand Prize Winner: Return of the Living Devs

Ergoth went above and beyond to create this legendary piece that should be featured on a cathedral ceiling or something. It’s amazing. Great work, Ergoth


All Other Winners

To save precious Design Notes real estate space, we have placed all other winners in a new Lorepedia section:

read more

Click that button to view even more winners from our 2nd Place, 3rd Place, and Runner Up categories.

All of the Prizes

We will begin distributing the AdventureCoin winnings and Character Page badges on Monday, August 24. We have to personally deliver the prizes one by one, so we greatly appreciate your patience as we have A LOT of winners. A total of 43,800 AdventureCoins will be given out! WOW!!

Super Special Thank You

Our wonderful Mods & Volunteers helped collect EVERY single Summer Fan Art Entry! So when you see them in-game, be sure to /cheer them on for a job well done =)

  • Tendou no mazo
  • Gjappy
  • Eonaleth
  • Amduscia
  • Kingslayer
  • Occavatra
  • RelaxBleu
  • Rysoxes
  • Soki
  • And Sora to Hoshi for awarding the prizes!

And a super Thank You to you too!

Thank you everyone who evented the Return of the Living Devs Summer Fan Art Contest! Congratz to all our amazing winners—you are truly shaping up to be renowned artists! And even if you didn’t win this particular contest, we are looking forward to seeing your submissions in future ones =D

On behalf of the entire Artix Entertainment Team, we are honored to have YOU as a friend, and cannot wait to see what new art you conjure up in our next contest.

Battle on, my heroes!

xoxo Beleen

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August 21, 2015

Invade the Mirror Realm This Weekend

Dage the Evil Invades the Mirror Realm!

Return to the Mirror Realm this weekend as the Queen of Monsters uses the battle between Good and Evil to bring chaos to a whole new world! Which side will YOU fight for: Dage Good or Dage the Evil? 

free rpg mmo good vs evil war

/join Brightfortress to begin the adventure... and save the Mirror Realm and OUR world, too!


Seriously, a lot of you have been asking for more Good-themed gear, so now's your chance to get it! You can find gear in several places. The rares shop in your game menu has the ArchAngel Nulgath armor sets (AC and member versions) plus the Dark Sorcerer armor set (for all players).

But the REAL treasures are going to be found in the release map merge shop. You'll find:

  • Cryomancer Drakonnan armor set
  • Reavers of Good armor
  • Brightscythe Shinobi armor
  • Golden Brightscythe Warrior armor
  • Revontheus the Good armor
  • Granola Twig pet
  • The Blade of Revontheus pet*
  • And much more!

* The Floating Revontheus the Good pet flew away; once we track it down, we'll add that to the merge shop, too.

On monsters, you'll find even MORE gear - Alteon the Imbalanced drops his full set, and the mini-bosses each drop house items! Plus MEMBERS have a bonus fight all to themselves - the Paragon of Light - that drops the Blinding Caladbolg Sword and Dual Blinding Caladbolg Swords!

Time to get Farming!

Mirror Realm Limited Quantity Packages

Don't miss the Limited Quantity Packages, on sale now at

Limited Quantity Package Restock Schedule

Package quantities restock throughout the weekend to give everyone a chance to get the gear they want, no matter what timezone or country they live in. Restock times for the Dragon LQP are:

  1. 3:00 PM Friday, 8/21 (initial stock)
  2. 1:00 AM Saturday, 8/22
  3. 11:00 AM Saturday, 8/22
  4. 9:00 PM Saturday, 8/22
  5. 7:00 AM Sunday, 8/23
  6. 5:00 PM Sunday, 8/23


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August 21, 2015

Limited Quantity Packages are LIVE

Mirror Realm LQS Packages Are On Sale NOW!

Head to our Limited Quantity Package page to grab one of these blindingly-brilliant, limited-edition sets!

Only a few heroes in AQWorlds will ever be able to equip them, so if you like rare gear - or like Good-themed items, then these are the limited quantity items for you! Each package also comes with a unique badge in your Book of Lore! 

Paragon of Light Armor Set

Price: 2000 ACs 
Total Quantity: 4000 (Initial stock: 2000, 400 per restock)
Package includes armor, helm, two capes, and two weapons.


Bright Fortress House (AC version)

Price: 1000 AdventureCoins 
Total Quantity: 4000 (Initial stock: 2000, 400 per restock)
Package includes in-game house.


Bright Fortress House (Member version)

Price: 150000 gold
Total Quantity: 8000 (Initial stock: 4000, 800 per restock)
Package includes in-game house.

Note: AC and member-only versions of the Bright Fortress house packages have the same art.

Data Elemental Pet and Weapon (Available for all players)

Price: 50000 gold
Total Quantity: 100000 (Initial stock: 25000, 15000 per restock)
Package includes a 0 AC pet and axe for all players, plus a member-only battle pet 

What are Limited Quantity Packages?

A Limited Quantity Package is a group of items sold together which has a set quantity. Once the gear has sold out, that's it. The total number of packages is the same for everyone, everwhere, so if you see 300 packages left on the web page counter, that's what we've got left in stock. These items are non-refundable, so once you click the "confirm purchase" button, that set is yours to keep!

How Do They Work?

Excellent question! Starting this Friday, August 21st, at 3:00 PM server time, the intial stock of our Limited Quantity Packages will be released. Once they are, you'll need to:

  1. Head to the Limited Quantity Package page* 
  2. Select the package you want to buy
  3. Confirm your purchase
  4. Log into your AQWorlds account
  5. Open your Book of Lore and go to the Other Achievements tab
  6. Find the Package Badge and open the shop to get your gear!

Limited Quantity Package Restock Schedule

Package quantities restock throughout the weekend to give everyone a chance to get the gear they want, no matter what timezone or country they live in. Restock times for the Dragon LQP are:

  1. 3:00 PM Friday, 8/21 (initial stock)
  2. 1:00 AM Saturday, 8/22
  3. 11:00 AM Saturday, 8/22
  4. 9:00 PM Saturday, 8/22
  5. 7:00 AM Sunday, 8/23
  6. 5:00 PM Sunday, 8/23

If you've got more questions about Limited Quantity Packages, check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

* Link to webpage coming once the release date gets closer.

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