Design Notes

January 24, 2017

Server Rewrite and Client Update

We need your feedback, the clock is counting down!

Hello all! We are down to the wire and may -- depending on your feedback -- be able to release the new server and client this Spring. It really does depend on what reports and comments you send in - that's why we're doing another push to get everyone to take a look at our PTR servers. 

Here are some changes you can expect to see

  1. Tradeskills are still being built - we are designing all-new, more fun systems for them. The new server gives us much more flexibility with these!

  2. LUK enhancement changes

    1. These will only work for luck based classes now

    2. For everything else, make sure you equip enhancements geared for your class like fighter for str based classes and wiz for int based classes

  3. Parry has been added (a chance to reduce incoming damage)

  4. Monsters and players regen hp/mp in combat

  5. Bonuses stack now, including from gear

  6. You get extra exp/cp etc from killing monsters higher level than you

  7. PVP is currently disabled on the PTR servers. Those will be turned back on this week.

The addition of gear boost stacking means you guys can get some incredibly high boosts, especially when we do serverwide boosts. 

Send us your comments and feedback!

Right now, we NEED you all to log into the PTR servers - that's Zorbak, Safiria, Testing Server 1 and 2 -- and run around and play the game like normal. 

Let us know if it "feels" right, what feels wrong, and what is still broken. Report any bugs you do find to the Bug Tracker!

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January 24, 2017

Coming Soon: Yokai New Year Event Rares

Spicing Up the Event with Hot Rare Rewards!

It's not a /party without party favors! This year, we're celebrating Yokai's New Year with Rooster (aka Gong Ji)-themed rewards! Inspired by the beautiful and intricate costumes of the Chinese opera, * created the Hei and Jin Gong Ji sets for this weekend!

Find the Hei Gong Ji and Fiery Roosterbull pet in our Featured January Gear shop this weekend. The pieces of the Jin Gong Ji set are a seasonal rare (which means it will return with next year's event), and will drop from the Treasure Chest quest until February 10th!

*Tell her which you prefer on Twitter - red/black or gold/orange, and send her love and/or feedback on all our reward item art!

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January 23, 2017

This Weekend: Yokai New Year Returns

The Year of the Flaming ChickenCow is almost here!

Hey, party people! Did you know it’s the year of the Rooster... AND Fire... AND the color red? We did! And that means only one thing in Lore -- fiery hot ChickenCows! Cysero's got this MAD idea that Zeuster, god of the Chickencows, can be summoned through the power of electronic dance music. (We do not THINK he means the funky chicken dance... maybe) 

Log in this weekend to celebrate the Year of the Flaming ChickenCow with Ai no Miko in Akiba as we ring in the Yokai New Year (and Chinese New Year!*) with an all-new, red-hot, fiery boss monster, new quests, wicked-hot gear, and all our returning seasonal events!

* Chinese New Year begins January 28th!


Do not get cocky, heroes. You're going to have to fight if you want the gear pictured below, but once you do unlock the rewards, victory will tasty mighty sweet!

The Spicy Samurai and Flaming Chickencow pet will drop from this weekend's boss monster. Then, talk to Ai no Miko after completing all of Cysero's quests to unlock a special quest for all the pieces of the Zhànshì Gong Ji armor set on the left! 

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January 20, 2017

Celebrate Nulgath's Birthday this Weekend

Birthday Rares, New Class, and More!

All you Nulgath the ArchFiend fans... rejoice! Your ruler is returning, and bringing new gear for his birthday rares shop! 

For this birthday, it was important to our dev team that we feature gear created by Nulgath himself, so the birthday rares shop is showcasing the Void Knight set from his Patreon account. 

  • Void Knight Armor set: armor, helm, wings, and sword
  • Void Knight Blade with merge shop resource farming quest
  • Void Knight Blade battlepet
  • Swindle Bank Pet

Each of the items in the Void Knight set gives 25% more XP and Class Points when equipped (except for the battlepet sword pet, as those cannot get item bonuses).

New Permanent Gear in Nulgath's Zone

Because Nulgath's birthday only comes around once a year, we ALSO wanted to add some new items to existing quests! Talk to Swindle in /tercessuinotlim to find Swindle's Mobile To Go Hut - a shortcut/convenience pet* that will let you access the "Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance" and "Swindle's Return Policy" quests!

* Heeeey, now you don't have to keep running back to him! /cheer

Nulgath's Enchanted Nation House now has a new quest with exclusive gear!

  • Void Destroyer Armor
  • Void Destruction Blade and Void Spear of War
  • Horned Void War Helm and Crested Void War Helm
  • Wrap of the Void

Talk to Dirtlicker in the /ArchPortal map to begin the adventure to unlock this house! 

We've also added items from OverSoul onto some of the most popular farming quests:

  • Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance quest: Void Vamparagon, ArchFiend Spikes helm, and the Wicked Edge Cape
  • The Assistant quest: Toxic Eye of the Void Blade
  • Drudgen the Salesman: Corrupted Gem Blade

Void Highlord Farming Class is LIVE!

Good news, Nulgath Nation fans! We've launched the class many of you have been waiting for since LAST January - the permanent Nulgath farming class! The Void Highlord Class is insane and awesome... and not for the faint of heart. Just like Nulgath!  

If you tried out the test version earlier this week, your "Void HighLord Tester" item has changed to show the default Warrior Class skills and art. Thanks for participating! 

The class requires the following to begin the quest to unlock it:

  • Level 50
  • 1 Hadean Onyx of Nulgath
  • 1 Voucher of Nulgath (non mem)
  • Complete an insane quest worthy of Nulgath the ArchFiend

You can begin the quest by talking to the Void Knight in /tercessuinotlim!

Void Knight Sword Pet Quest Changed

Our designers are huge fans of Nulgath, just like you guys, and they love that Nulgath IS pure evil. But there was a prblem with today's farming pet quest. You guys weren't having fun, and you thought you were investing in something nice... that would make completing all the evil Nulgath quests a wee bit less painful.

The Aquamarine of Nulgath is being moved off the Serepthys boss and onto a new: the Crystallized Jellyfish in Battleunderc. Thank you all for the feedback!

Note: For 2 minutes, an improperly-priced version of the Void Knight Blade quest pet was in the shop. It was removed and replaced with the proper price. If you are one of the few who bought the original version, you will keep your pet, since it was our mistake.

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January 20, 2017

This Weekend: Laken's Saga Returns!

Battle to discover the history of the Seraphic Reaper!

Laken came from the future to help Dage in his battle against Nulgath, but his story is so much more than that. This weekend, travel back into the past as battle as Laken the Good to discover Ada, the Seraphic Reaper, grew into the deadly warrior she is today.

Nine new and returning reward items drop from the monsters in /laken!

  • Sparring Suit armor
  • Dr. Eisenbacke's Armor and helms
  • a palatial Couch item for your house
  • The Dust Bunny and Moth pets
  • Seraphic Pistols
  • and Ada's Overcharged Scythe (which a wider damage range)

If you're not sure what we're talking about and/or haven't started this Saga before... you're in luck! You can find a saga guide here OR you can check the Adventure map in your game menu!

Laken and Dage Saga Guide!

Laken came from the future to help Dage in his battle against Nulgath, but his story is so much more than that. Battle alongside Laken as you discover more about Dage the Evil, the Seraphic Paladin Order, and the nature of Good and Evil.


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January 17, 2017

Void Highlord Member Class Test

Member Only Preview/Test Starts Now!

This Friday, we will launch a class many of you have been waiting for since LAST January - the permanent Nulgath farming class! The Void Highlord Class is insane and awesome... and not for the faint of heart. Just like Nulgath!  

If you have an upgraded account, you can try out the skills RIGHT NOW and let Arklen (our lead class designer) know what you think! The skills may change based on player feedback... so if you want to have a hand in fine-tuning our newest class, now's your chance!

This is the "test" version of the Void Highlord class so you can try it out in advance and let us know your thoughts on the skills. Once the class is ready to go live, its skills and art will change to those of the default warrior class. You can keep the "test" version with the warrior class skills/art as a souvenir of your participation in the test. The item's name will stay the same: "Void Highlord Tester"

Once the class does go live, it will be available to ALL players... but you will have to work for it! Requirements will be:

  • Level 50
  • 1 Hadean Onyx of Nulgath
  • 1 Voucher of Nulgath (non mem)
  • Complete an insane quest worthy of Nulgath the ArchFiend

Right NOW, though, members can find the class in their game menu and get it for just 10000 gold. Huge thanks to Sync for the skills design, Arklen for the icons (and coming skill animations), and the dreaded duo of Tendou and Asuka for the farming quest!

Class Skills: Subject to change!

Void Highlord(Physical) (Mage Mana Regen)

Stats: Fighter  || end > str >dex > wis > luk > int

Nulgath ranks you a Void Highlord and bestows a portion of his power to you. You are a sinister brute bringing anyone to your knees. Half of your soul has been taken by Nulgath as for the price of this untamed power, use it wisely..


If Shackled is in play, you feed off their soul, healing a bit of your health every time your weapon connects. Applies Soul Fend, inflicting a Moderate HoT that lasts for 5 seconds and stacks to 5. If Unshackled is in play, damages your enemy's soul the more your weapon connects. Applies Soul Breach, inflicting a Moderate DoT that lasts for 5 seconds. Stacks to 5.

Cooldown: 2.3 seconds


Binds your Soul for protection, dealing Moderate Damage to up to 3 targets and increasing your Damage Resistance by 50% for 15 seconds. Also applied Soul Void increasing Haste and Healing taken by 10% for 15 seconds. Stacks to 5. Costs 20% of your maximum health.  (Replaces Unshackled)

Cooldown: 4 seconds
Note: 100% Weapon Damage

Highlord’s Gaze 

 You strike fear into your opponent with the eyes of the Void, dealing Moderate Damage to up to 3 targets with a 30% chance to stun and causing their blood flow to dwindle. Applies Congested, lowering their Hit, Haste, and Dodge by 10% Stacks to 3. You feed off their despair, healing you for some of the damage dealt.

Mana: 20
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Note: 150% (Weapon Damage)


 Releases your Soul for destruction, dealing Moderate Damage to up to 3 targets and increasing your Damage Output by 50% for 15 seconds. Also applied Soul Void increasing Haste and Healing taken by 10% for 15 seconds. Stacks to 5.  Costs 20% of your maximum health.  (Replaces Shackled)

Cooldown: 4 seconds
Note: 100% Weapon Damage


Relentless Onslaught: Increases Hit Chance and Crit Chance by 15%

Tremble in Fear: Increases Damage Resistance 20%


 Spawn a portal straight to the Void itself to call mass amount of swords to do your biding dealing cataclysmic damage up to 3 targets around the user. Applies Arbiter's Wrath, increasing your Critical Strike Damage by 30% for 10 seconds. Also applies Armageddon to the enemies as long as they're not Chaos. Armageddon deals massive Damage over 12 seconds.

Mana: 50
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Note: (420% Weapon Damage)

Undying Warlord: Increases Endurance by 50%


Again, these skills MAY change... that will be based on your feedback and what our designers see while you test. 
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January 13, 2017

Heroes Heart Day Returns Next Month

The Game of Love can be Killer...

Next month is our Heroes Heart Day event, and Swaggy's been hired to put a new spin on the oldest game in the world! Along with Beleen, he'll put on a show like Lore's NEVER seen - and in the end, one very lucky and special contestant may find the best prize of all -- LOVE!

Take note, Heroes: The Wheel of Doom is not returning. But there will be a Wheel... even if YOU aren't the one spinning it! 

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January 13, 2017

This Weekend: Friday the 13th is BACK!

Chaos + (UnLuck) + Voltaire = Shenanigans on Friday the 13th!

Chaos and Luck are both unpredictable. But tonightis Drakath’s (un)lucky day - Voltaire (our favorite gypsy goth musician-turned-decorator) is back to help jumpstart his quest to recover his Chaos powers… by helping him get his house in order! A little paint, a lot of mayhem, and BOOM (...and DOOM?!), Drakath will be back in business!

Voltaire is a... WHAT?!

Voltaire and the crew at Artix Entertainment have been buddies for a long time now. We always like to give our friends a helping hand, so in past events, we've included references to Voltaire's most recent projects. (Like when he went riding a black unicorn down the side of an erupting volcano while drinking from a chalice filled with the laughter of small children)

In October of last year, Voltaire launched a new Youtube show - "Gothic Homemaking with Aurelio Voltaire." It is as awesome and dark and interesting as Voltaire is.

WE knew we had a Friday the 13th coming up, and needed to create Drakath's new home... and the Chaos hub-town. What better way to ensure the design is spot on (and help out a friend) than to hire Lore's best new interior decorator?

Find all new event gear this weekend!

Find the Dark CrownsGuard set, Doomed Dandy gear, and more in this week’s event and rares shops! 

Find event gear in the following places:

  • Check out the event rares shop in your Game Menu
  • Decorate your house with rewards from the farming quest availble after you finish the story
  • Battle the event boss to get exclusive item drops
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January 12, 2017

Nulgath's Birthday Coming Soon

Next Friday, the ArchFiend Celebrates his Birthday!

All you Nulgath the ArchFiend fans... rejoice! Your ruler is returning, and bringing new gear for his birthday rares shop! 

He's taking one of the most popular sets from his Patreon account (Though AQWorlds is a family-friendly game, this link is not necessarily safe for work. Make sure you have your parent's permission to click this if you are under 18.) and hand-crafting an AQWorlds version.

Expect a new bank pet and Nulgath resource farming pet, as well!

New Farming Class Coming Soon!

Last year, when we released the rare Abyssal Angel class, we ALSO said we would have a new Nulgath-based farming class coming. At long last, the time is almost here! Designed by Sync, the class*** will be permanently available and will require a lot (a whooooooole lot) of farming! So stock up on your Diamonds, your Unidentified 13s, and prepare to get a new resource or two. This baby's going to be a fun one!

OverSoul Gear Arrives!

In honor of Nulgath's birthday, we will be adding some items from his game, OverSoul, to existing Nulgath-area quests as new rewards. A more comprehensive list will come next week.

** The image in the picture is from the Patreon account. The in-game variant will look slightly different.**
*** It will be renamed from the Void Warlord to avoid confusion with an existing, rare armor.

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January 11, 2017

So many things are happening

Read on to get news you need to know!

We've had a lot going on this week - the server rewrite bugs list is shrinking rapidly, the team is on track to launch the release early Friday afternoon, Adobe rolled out a new patch for Flash, and Artix & Dage are preparing to leave for the Anime Impule Expo at 5 AM tomorrow. Read on to get a flash (and Flash) briefing!

Update Your Flash Player!

GOOD NEWS! Adobe just released an update fixing the major issue with the Flash Player Plugin which fixes the slow connect / increased login time issue. Update your Adobe Flash player at

Random Monster Respawn Changes

One of the major bugs for the server rewrite involved some weirdness with random monster spawns breaking. To combat that right now, we are removing the random respawns. Each monster pad will only spawn a single monster. If you aren't sure why your favorite farming spots have changed, this is why.

Server Rewrite: The Final 16

That's right. Yorumi's bugs list is down to the FINAL 16 bugs before we can roll out the new server and client. These include:

  • Removing the last of the random monster respawns
  • Not being able to change equipment when you are cast on while outside of combat
  • Every time the HoT ticks, it causes combat to reengage.
  • Enhancements aren't color coded
  • Awe Enhancements not giving their specials
  • Awe Enhancements not showing their full name
  • Two maps showing black screens
  • Door in /chaoscrypt not opening
  • Rep Panel not functioning properly
  • Travel map not showing Dwarfhold complete
  • A few graphical glitches with directional arrows
  • Ballyhoo is being stingy, not giving rewards
  • House spaces not reading cap properly
  • House items resetting
  • Cannot promote or demote in guilds

Are you experiencing a bug in the test servers that is NOT on the list above? If so, we need you to report it on the Bug Tracker at! And Cemaros (who runs our bugs crew) reminds me to ask:

Please make sure you put your character name when submitting bug reports, and make sure your email address is spelled properly! We cannot help you or get more information if we don't know who you are.

Testing Server DOUBLE BOOST on Thursday and Friday

To give you guys an incentive to help test this week (and maaaaaaybe this weekend? We'll see!), tomorrow morning once Yorumi gets online, we will start double XP, Rep, Gold, and Class Points boosts on the testing servers only. This is a great time to log in, see how the new servers feel, and send us any feedback or bug reports that may have been overlooked!

Getting a White Screen in AQW?

Over the last few weeks, we've gotten reports about players seeing a whitescreen when they go to play AQW. If that's happening to you, read on! We've tracked the issue down to two ISPs in the Philippines. This issue is out of our control, but on the plus side, once the ISP's cache clears, you should be good to play again! 

If it is happening to you, please contact your Internet Service Provider directly.

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