Design Notes

November 01, 2013

Mo-GLOW-een Continues!

Our Mogloween 2013 Challenge Boss is LIVE!

Get your glow on this mo-GLOW-een with the brightest new gear in Lore when you talk to Doctor Voltabolt in Battleon or /join Franken! The Frankenwerepire waits for you in Mystcroft... survive if you can, and reap the rewards! 

The experiment is a GLOWING success!

Complete Voltabolt's Frankenwerepire quests to get Glowballs and use them in the Glow merge shop! /join glowmap to see them shine (pun intended) in their full glory, then check out the Mogloween Rares shop for transforming monster face-morphs! 

Get your glow on!

Mogloween 2013 Rares shop!

Super-spooky, extra-shiny gear from some of AQW's finest artists! Whether you feeling fantastically fiendish or wonderfully witchy, you'll find something from Aranx to delight you!

Cast a spell on your opponents!

Our monster morph helms are a sweet treat... and will help you play a great trick on your friends and /party members! Click on the face to transform from an ordinary, everday Hero into something monstrous! (And if you want to use them for taunting your opponents in PvP, we won't tell!)

Take the shadows wherever you go!

Wheel of Doom: Luck of the Draw!

Spin the wheel to get gold, potions, and a chance for valuable and hard-to-find gear... or a chance to get the Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness! 

Wheel of DoomSpin the Wheel... for DOOM and gear!

Every time you spin the Wheel between 12 AM October 23, 2013* and 12 AM November 11, 2013, you will be entered into the Luck of the Draw prize pool one time. Winners will be announced on November 13th, 2013. Read the Design Notes for more details!

Investment Trinket Reminder!

DO NOT SELL YET! These trinkets (that you can get in the Game Menu) will sell back for more ACs than you bought it with, but DO NOT SELL THEM YET! You need to wait until 12 AM server time on November 8th or you will not get the new sell-back price. Watch the Design Notes for the announcement! 

Have a great weekend!

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