Design Notes

April 15, 2013

Lucky 13 Contest Results

We are LUCKY to have you!

From March 13, 2013, until April 13, 2013, we ran the Lucky 13 Contest where we tried to get 1.3 Million New Players to join the ongoing adventures of AQWorlds.

Lucky 13 Contest

If successful, every hero would receive a flurry of Lucky 13 rewards, including a complete Lucky 13 Armor Set, a Lucky 13 Achievement Badge, 13% higher monster drop rates, and a 13% boost in AdventureCoins when upgrading.

The Contest Results are in!

WOW! Over 1,000,000 new AQWorlds accounts were created… but not enough to meet the 1.3 Million goal.

HOWEVER! Combining all new Artix Entertainment game accounts together DID exceed the 1.3 Million goal! Now that’s what Team Work is all about!

And here at Artix Entertainment, we praise and value Team Work. Because each and every one of you worked together SO HARD, we still want to award you and your friends with Lucky 13 Contest items!

Sometime later this week, a special shop will open in Battleon that will award:

  • Diamond Dueler Armor
  • Staff of Spades
  • Cape of Clover
  • Helm of the Heart
  • Member-Only Lucky Suit Bank Pet

All for FREE--and all 0 ACs so that you can keep them forever =D

Anyone with an active AQWorlds account can receive these items! And anyone who creates an AQW account within 2 weeks of the Lucky 13 shop opening can also obtain these items.

Stay tuned throughout the week for Lucky 13 Contest updates on the Design Notes!

What About the Other Rewards?

Since we did not reach the Lucky 13 Contest goal, we will not release the Lucky 13 Achievement Badge, the 13% higher monster drop rates, nor the 13% bonus AdventureCoins. But because you tried SO HARD and we were SO CLOSE at achieving our goals, we still want to award you with some free spiffy items =D

Now that’s LUCKY!

Thank you for trying your absolute best! We could NOT have gotten this far without your help! You are truly a hero =D

Looking for another contest challenge?

AdventureQuest Worlds’ 1 Million Facebook Likes contest is underway!

Like us!

If you and all your friends can help AQWorlds reach 1,000,000 Likes on Facebook, then you and everyone else who helps out will receive a free brand-new Class in AdventureQuest Worlds!

Sweet, right? RIGHT!

Gather everyone you know—friends, family, & followers—and tell them to like the AdventureQuest Worlds Facebook page to help us reach 1 Million Likes by July 7, 2013!

Like the AdventureQuest Worlds Facebook page now!

We can do it! Woohoo!

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