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April 15, 2013

Lucky 13 Contest Results

We are LUCKY to have you!

From March 13, 2013, until April 13, 2013, we ran the Lucky 13 Contest where we tried to get 1.3 Million New Players to join the ongoing adventures of AQWorlds.

Lucky 13 Contest

If successful, every hero would receive a flurry of Lucky 13 rewards, including a complete Lucky 13 Armor Set, a Lucky 13 Achievement Badge, 13% higher monster drop rates, and a 13% boost in AdventureCoins when upgrading.

The Contest Results are in!

WOW! Over 1,000,000 new AQWorlds accounts were created… but not enough to meet the 1.3 Million goal.

HOWEVER! Combining all new Artix Entertainment game accounts together DID exceed the 1.3 Million goal! Now that’s what Team Work is all about!

And here at Artix Entertainment, we praise and value Team Work. Because each and every one of you worked together SO HARD, we still want to award you and your friends with Lucky 13 Contest items!

Sometime later this week, a special shop will open in Battleon that will award:

  • Diamond Dueler Armor
  • Staff of Spades
  • Cape of Clover
  • Helm of the Heart
  • Member-Only Lucky Suit Bank Pet

All for FREE--and all 0 ACs so that you can keep them forever =D

Anyone with an active AQWorlds account can receive these items! And anyone who creates an AQW account within 2 weeks of the Lucky 13 shop opening can also obtain these items.

Stay tuned throughout the week for Lucky 13 Contest updates on the Design Notes!

What About the Other Rewards?

Since we did not reach the Lucky 13 Contest goal, we will not release the Lucky 13 Achievement Badge, the 13% higher monster drop rates, nor the 13% bonus AdventureCoins. But because you tried SO HARD and we were SO CLOSE at achieving our goals, we still want to award you with some free spiffy items =D

Now that’s LUCKY!

Thank you for trying your absolute best! We could NOT have gotten this far without your help! You are truly a hero =D

Looking for another contest challenge?

AdventureQuest Worlds’ 1 Million Facebook Likes contest is underway!

Like us!

If you and all your friends can help AQWorlds reach 1,000,000 Likes on Facebook, then you and everyone else who helps out will receive a free brand-new Class in AdventureQuest Worlds!

Sweet, right? RIGHT!

Gather everyone you know—friends, family, & followers—and tell them to like the AdventureQuest Worlds Facebook page to help us reach 1 Million Likes by July 7, 2013!

Like the AdventureQuest Worlds Facebook page now!

We can do it! Woohoo!


April 09, 2013

Lucky 13 Contest Update

Time is Running Out!

Hurry! The Lucky 13 Contest ends this Saturday, April 13th, 2013!

Lucky 13

We are ALMOST there… but we still need YOUR help!

Invite your friends and family to make a new AQWorlds account and help us hit 1.3 Million New users by April 13th, 2013.

If we reach 1.3 Million new users by April 13, 2013, then every AQW hero will receive:

  • Lucky 13 Achievement Badge
  • Lucky 13 Armor Set:
    • Diamond Dueler Armor
    • Staff of Spades
    • Cape of Clover
    • Helm of the Heart
  • Member Only: Lucky Suit Pets (Bank Pet and Quest giving Pet)
  • 13% higher Dage & Nulgath monster drops
  • 13% higher monster drop rates on hard-to-get items (like Phoenix Blade)!
  • 13% more bonus AdventureCoins when renewing your Membership within a week of expiring 

We can do it boys and girls! I just know we can! You’ve got until April 13, 2013, to invite as many new players to join the ongoing adventures in AdventureQuest Worlds… and score the Lucky 13 loot!

Question: What hard-to-get items would YOU like to have a 13% higher drop rate? Phoenix Blade? Krom’s Conquest? And more?!?! Let us know on the Forums and on my Twitter, Alina’s Twitter, and Cysero’s Twitter!  

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March 13, 2013

Lucky Number 13 Contest

Recruit 1.3 Million new Heroes; Reap the Rewards!

Gather your friends, neighbors, family members, school peers, Twitter followers, teachers, and that weird kid from down the street! Let’s get 1.3 Million new players to experience the hit MMORPG AdventureQuest Worlds!

Starting March 13, 2013, tell everyone you know to create a Free Account in AdventureQuest Worlds at Our mission: to get 1.3 Million new player accounts by April 13, 2013!

What a Lucky bunch of Heroes!

Such a huge goal deserves HUGE rewards. If successful in our real-life quest, EVERYONE who has helped AQWorlds reach 1.3 Million new accounts from March 13 to April 13 will receive:

  • Lucky 13 Achievement Badge
  • Lucky Armor Set:
    • Diamond Dueler Armor
    • Staff of Spades
    • Cape of Clover
    • Helm of the Heart
  • Member Only: Lucky Suit Pets (Bank Pet and Quest giving Pet)
  • 13% higher Dage & Nulgath monster drops*
  • 13% higher monster drop rates on hard-to-get items (like Phoenix Blade)!*
  • 13% more bonus AdventureCoins when renewing your Membership within a week of expiring* 

* Length of bonus announced tomorrow!

And that's in addition to all the OTHER rewards you get when you refer your friends! The more friends who start to play AQW with you, the more gold, exp, and maybe even AdventureCoins YOU get!

Are you up for the challenge? Do you have what it takes to help AQWorlds recruit 1.3 Million new Heroes in 31 days?

There is only one way to find out… tell everyone you know to join the ongoing adventures of AdventureQuest Worlds at and reap the sweet rewards—if we are LUCKY enough!

Tell your friends to join the fun at!

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March 17, 2011

Happy Good Luck Day!

It feels good to be green.

FINALLY! I know how Cysero must feel. Being tickled pink green is a good thing… even if it’s only for one day =D green beleen

Okay so there’s bunches of stuff going on right now. And since you won’t be blinded by my favorite font color as usual, I’m inviting you to come join me in reading this wonderfully festive DN post!

First thing’s first: wishing Happy Birthdays to our friends and family! Both my mother and my sister are celebrating their bdays today along with Randor the Red’s grandmother and sister! Wow—what an incredibly lucky day!

Hrrrrm… what are the chances of having your birthday on St. Patty’s Day?

“One in 365,” says Cysero.

…Right. Anyone else’s birthday today? If so… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

All the Good Luck Day festivities will be coming to a close before tomorrow’s release, so if you haven’t grabbed the 40+ Seasonal Rares from the Shamrock Festival yet, I suggest doing so now ^___^

Remember: the Cloverfield Stalker Armor in the Lucky Day Merge shop will be going RARE! So this is your LAST CHANCE to grab a piece of AQW history!  

Quibble’s Coming Back to Town!

Even more luck! Everyone’s favorite traveling sales moglin is making his way back to Battleon with his treasure chest LOADED with brand-new-never-before-seen-items… unless you’ve seen previews from our Twitters! Hehehe.


What wonders will Quibble have in store for us tomorrow evening? Will these items be going Rare? How long will Quibble be staying? No one knows these answers, but the only thing we DO know is that whenever Quibble appears… a Chaos Lord is not too far behind… which brings us to…

The Chaos Beast of the Sandsea

Breaking our lucky streak already? As if Zahart hasn’t already caused enough problems over in the Sandsea… he will on Friday night as you and your friends journey to the legendary Sand Castle.

sand castle

This large palace withstood the Sandsea’s unruly sandstorm and Zhoom believes this is the last place Zahart is hiding. War Mummies and War Hyenas patrol this ancient temple, forever guarding the greatest deity of the Sandsea: the Sphinx.

The heart of the Sphinx has been lost in the sands of time (literally) so no one knows why Zahart would go after the immobilized creature.

Unless… If Zahart finds a way to awaken the great Sphinx, then… O___O

But HEY! It’s not like anything like that has ever happened before... *cough cough*

As long as you are caught up in the Sandsea storyline and have found yourself a Djinn, you and Zhoom can journey to the Sand Palace to make sure Zahart’s plan at awakening the Sphinx are foiled!

DragonFable’s Lucky Week

Aaaand we’re bringing the good luck back… but this time, it’s outside of AQWorlds! In DragonFable, new features have been added in-game EVERY DAY this week! It’s amazing what miracles can happen when we feed Rolith an obscene amount of caffeine and cereal bars. Mwahaha >:D

df rainbow

In a dragon hatchling-sized summary, a new war mechanic was added on Monday. Tuesday marked the remodeling of a very popular house item: the Armor Closet! Yesterday, DragonFable heroes got unlimited bank storage for every item bought with Dragon Coins. And today, Dragon Amulet holders will be able to show off your fancy achievements on your character pages!

For a full detailed list, why not head to the DragonFable Design Notes? Or just log in to DragonFable NOW and experience everything yourself!

You think all that’s awesome? Ohhh… just wait until tomorrow when DF releases the best feature yet!

One-Eyed Doll Helps the Japan Tragedy

The recent events in Japan have affected the entire world. Our wonderful friend Kimberly from One-Eyed Doll wants to selflessly help the relief effort. Water Song is dedicated to our beloved Japanese fans and families who have lost so much in this event.

oed watersong

Profits from this download from now until 4/1/2011 will be donated to victims of the recent tsunami and earthquake disaster. Please, if you have it in your hearts (and wallets), any donation is happily accepted and know that YOU can help make the Japanese disaster a little less tragic.

Head to One-Eyed Doll’s website and make any donation to help this great cause.  

On behalf of all the players of AQWorlds and our other games, Artix has made a donation of $5,000 to the Japanese Red Cross Society. We hope this contribution helps in the relief effort. You can visit for information on how you can help too.

What You Can Do Before Tomorrow’s Release

Since Friday night is literally a day away, there are bunches of things you can do in preparation for tomorrow’s release. Here’s a lovely list so you can check each one off as you finish ‘em!

 WHEEW. That was A LOT. See—aren’t you glad this wasn’t ALL PINK? I know Artix is =D


March 11, 2011

Tonight’s Lucky Release!

Irish you the best of luck =D

The luckiest day of the year is rapidly approaching… so we are celebrating Good Luck Day all week long! Adorn yourself in green leprechaun attire and wield shamrock blades while searching for the end of the rainbow. Legend says that a pot of gold resides at the end of every rainbow… but there is only one way to find out if it is true or not!

Shamrock Fair

In addition to the Rainbow map making its highly anticipated return, Lore’s most fun fair is coming back to town! Join your friends at the Shamrock Fair and play 6 of our fun-filled minigames:

  • Shamrock Smash: break-out style minigame where you reflect a ball off of Luckee's shamrock shield and bounce it into the sky to destroy bricks

  • Smack a Sneevil: Smack ‘n Whack pesky Sneevils ‘til they don’t come back!

  • Jackpot O’ Gold: Test your strength (and your luck) with this classic carnival game!

  • Hedge Maze: Can you find the secret well in the middle of this massive maze?

  • Clover Fields: Watch for the last shiny clover and pick it for the highest Ticket prize!

  • Rainbow Run: Play a Sneevilchaun and collect as many Gold Coins as you can!

Each game offers Golden Tickets prize giveaways. And when you have collected enough, you can get your hands on some Lucky Prizes that are sure to make your friends green with envy. And green in appearance ^____^

But wait--there's a new feature we JUST added!

score facebook

You can now share your high scores with your Facebook friends! Just click the Facebook Share button and start braggin' about how lucky AND skilled you are! =D

Prizes, Prizes, and More Prizes

There are A LOT of prizes to be won in the Shamrock Fair. 45 of them, in fact! You might have to head to the bank and throw some stuff in because you don’t want to miss out on getting these rockin’ Shamrock Fair Items!

lucky day outfits

All of these items in Mog O’Rahilly’s shop are Seasonal Rares… except one. Polistar made the Cloverfield Stalker Armor just for you, and it will be going permanently Rare once the event is over. This is the only item in this shop that is selling for ACs while all the others require Golden Ticket turn-ins.colverfield

Wanna earn 2x the amount of  Golden Tickets? You can purchase a Lucky Hat from the Fair-y Faeries in front of the Shamrock Fair to double your Golden Ticket payouts! 

But Beleen! I’m running low on ACs! Well don’t worry my friends; you’re in luck! You can use our AExtras special offers system to earn FREE AdventureCoins. Just click here to check it out. By completing each offer from our sponsors, you can win free ACs and get your hands on the Lucky Hat in no time!

A new face (and armor set) in Battleon

Ragnar has made his way to Battleon with the Asgardian Armor set! AQ Classic fans will recognize the armor that the Norse warrior is wearing. Only the greatest heroes will be able to buy the Asgardian Set from Ragnar along with all the other items from the upgrade shop.

AsguardianAsguardians... and pancakes!

The only way you can get all this super sweet swag is by being a Member! If you have supported us by upgrading, then you can be one of the first to show off the Asgardian Armor set. Thank you for helping keep AQW alive and running, because without you wonderful guys and gals, none of this would be possible!!

J6’s Cousin is a Mad Green Inventor?!

J6’s cousin needs some help! David is a self proclaimed Mad Green Inventor and is on the hunt to “find his true self”…ermm, whatever that means. If you are looking to do some of the oddest, weirdest, and most difficult-est quests in all of AQW, head to the Frozen Northlands and /join David!

David the Mad Green Inventor
J6's cousin is a giant, too!

This is just one of those funny ha-ha additions we do around the game. It actually took a great deal of new functionality and I gatta give a hand to Yorumi for making it possible!

On behalf of the entire AQW Team, we hope you have uber amounts of fun during this special clover-filled release. We have NO idea how we managed to conjure up this HUGE of a release in 5 days… but we did have a lot of motivation and support from players like you! And a lot of luck, too. And coffee. Mmmm.

So Irish you and your pals the best of luck =D 

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