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May 15, 2013

In the Mirror Realm

"When in Mirror Rome..."

In the spirit of The Mirror Realm - Part 2 coming this Friday,  we should all have a little fun and unleash some creative insanity! Who would your Mirror-self be? And who else would be interesting to meet in the Mirror Realm?

When in Mirror Rome...

  • In the Mirror Realm... Tony Stark is a robot who created a suit of skin to battle humans. The new movie "SkinMan 3" is playing in Mirror Realm Theaters now.
  • In the Mirror Realm... you must be over 18 to watch Disney Movies.
  • In the Mirror Realm... video game developers pay you to play their game.
  • In the Mirror Realm... Ghandi was the best boxer, wrestler and mixed martial artist.
  • In the Mirror Realm... you send death threats on Valentines Day.
  • In the Mirror Realm... everyone loves working over time, homework, and visiting the in-laws.
  • In the Mirror Realm... people in other countries drive on the correct side of the road.
  • In the Mirror Realm... Cows create chocolate milk. You have to add Vanilla to create normal milk.
  • In the Mirror Realm... Abercrombie & Fitch only make XL & XXL clothing.
  • In the Mirror Realm.... *KEEP IT GOING!*

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