13 Lords of Chaos
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May 13, 2013


Coming this Summer

What do you mean Grimskull is REAL!?!?!?!?! We thought he was just a legend, a fairy tale, a campfire story. There is NO WAY he can be real! If even one sentence of the stories about him are true... then no one would ever survive even a few steps into his dungeons. You know the stories right?

Grimskull is coming

Grimskull is the master of the world's most evil, vile, death trap filled dugeons. No one would be foolish enough to even consider entering one of his dungeons if they did. I refuse to believe it is possible to build traps like the ones in the stories about him... and, well, do you REALLY believe the world's most powerful weapon lies at the end? A weapon so powerful that it makes the Blade of Awe, DoomBlade, and the Blinding Light of Destiny look like foam padded twigs in comparison?  Only the crazy, super crazy, and ultra-mega-insano-crazy would step foot in a Grimskull dungeon. Adventurer, consider theyself warned. 

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