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August 30, 2010

Teleporting the Team

... the low tech way!

As you know, we normally have 5 days to do all of the art, animation, writing, coding that we barely finish in time. But there are only 3 days this week! Monday... Tuesday... Wednesday.... and the next day would be called "We are on our way to DragonCon day!" There are over 35 of us going to DragonCon this year. Always striving to be on the front edge of technology, we are going to travel to DragonCon using teleportation. It is easy... everyone shows up at the lab at 6:30am. We start the teleporter*. The energy stream transfers their body data**. Poof***! We arrive at DragonCon****!

* Thyton knocks everyone unconcious with a wiffle bat
** We load them onto the chartered a bus. But it only holds 20 people. No worries, the AE team are set in the database as stackable items.
*** To prevent poofing we will make frequent stops at well maintained rest areas.
**** Or possibly Mexico... remember in 20 sided dice role playing games a roll of a 1 is ALWAYS a failure. And our driver will be required to make frequent perception and cartography skill checks.

It is tradition for Zorbak to take pictures with people in the best costumes at DragonCon. You can see photos from previous years at the Zorbak goes to Con site. Also, you can read the summary from DragonCon 2008 which features some stories and pictures of the team. If you are going to be at DragonCon this year, please tweet http://Twitter.com/ArtixKrieger/ to let me know! Even if you are not attending, you can follow me on twitter and I will post stories and pictures of things as they are happening.

This week: Mudluk Village

Before there was even a tower in Arcangrove... there were the Mudluks. An ancient, friendly yet shy race of amphibious creatures they use magic in every part of their daily lives. Once you have made a friend of a Mudluk, you have a friend for life.

Paddylump the Spellhunter

This week's release will still be on Friday... wish the team extra luck in getting everything ready in time (They are going to need it!)

Forum Question: The fella above is named Paddylump The Spellhunter. What would good names for other Mudluk's be? What would your Mudluk name be?

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