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June 02, 2014

Chaos Fan Art Contest!

Unleash your Chaotic Creativity!

As the Summer of Chaos approaches… and the clutches of chaos span the entire world… the AQWorlds team has a real-life quest for you:

summer of chaos fan art contest in free mmo adventurequest worlds

For this contest, you will create Chaos Fan Art depicting the Chaorruption that has spread throughout AdventureQuest Worlds. The Chaos Fan Art Contest will also have multiple Grand Prize winners, as there are multiple Chaotic categories that your Fan Art will be categorized into—which means we get to award EVEN MORE prizes! OMG yes way! 

Chaos Categories

Chaos is unruly… incontrollable… totally chaotic. So, how does one categorize chaos? …

With a bulleted list, of course! (spoiler alerts below if you haven’t yet completed all the Chaos storylines!)

  • Escherion, the 1st Lord of Chaos
    • Lake Hydra Chaos Beast
  • Xing and Xang, the 2nd Lord of Chaos 
    • Chaos Harpy Chaos Beast
  • DragonLord Vath, the 3rd Lord of Chaos
    • Rock Roc Chaos Beast
  • Shogun Kitsune, the 4th Lord of Chaos
    • O-dokuro Chaos Beast
  • WolfWing, the 5th Lord of Chaos
    • Dracowerepyre Chaos BeastChaos Eye free mmo adventure quest worlds
  • Discordia / Kimberly from One-Eyed Doll, the 6th Lord of Chaos 
    • Pony Gary Yellow Chaos Beast
  • Ledgermayne, the 7th Lord of Chaos
    • Mana Golem Chaos Beast
  • Tibicenas, the 8th Lord of Chaos
    • Chaos Sphinx Chaos Beast
  • Khasaanda, the 9th Lord of Chaos
    • Naga Baas Chaos Beast
  • Professor Iadoa, the 10th Lord of Chaos
    • Kathool Chaos Beast
  • Maximilian Lionfang, the 11th Lord of Chaos
    • Manticore Chaos Beast
  • King Alteon, the 12th Lord of Chaos
    • Chaos Dragon Chaos Beast
  • ????, the 13th Lord of Chaos
    • The Chaos Beast is about to hatch from its egg (rumored to be the Eternal Dragon of Time)
  • Drakath, the Champion of Chaos

Choose the ONE Chaos Category you wish to create Fan Art of … and then… unsheathe your drawing tools and unleash your creativity (buuuut not before reading all the rules)!

Epic Loot: The Prizes

Victory against Chaos is its own reward… but let’s sweeten the deal with Chaos Contest Prizes!

There will be 1 Grand Prize winner selected from each Chaos Category (listed above). Grand Prizers will receive:

  • 1,000 AdventureCoins each
  • Their Fanart created into an in-game House Item (a framed photo to hang on your house’s wall)
  • Exclusive Color-Custom Chaos Paintbrush Polearm + Chaos Artist Palette dual weapon setChaos lord wolfwing free mmo game AQ Worlds
  • Art of Chaos Character Page Badge

The 2nd Place Winners selected from each Chaos Category will receive:

  • 800 AdventureCoins each
  • Color Custom Chaos Paintbrush Polearm weapon
  • Art of Chaos Character Page Badge

The 3rd Place Winners from each category will get:

  • 500 AdventureCoins each
  • Chaos Paintbrush Polearm weapon
  • Art of Chaos Character Page Badge

The Runner Ups will receive:

  • 200 AdventureCoins each
  • Art of Chaos Character Page Badge

If your Fan Art is featured in the winning selections (Grand Prize, 2nd place, 3rd place, or Runner Ups ONLY), then you will receive a character page badge in addition to your allotted prize(s). Please note that this IS a contest, so we cannot award prizes to everyone who enters—just the best of the best of the best!

And as always, we reserve the right to award additional prizes for those who go above and beyond!!! (Yes, 3 exclamation marks are totally necessary)

Rules, Rules, Rules!

This is the most important part of the whole contest. Read all the rules below BEFORE entering your Chaos Fan Art submission.

Follow EACH rule if you want your entry to be considered eligible (if you don’t, you will be disqualified).

  1. Only ONE entry per player!
  2. Create Chaos-themed Fan Art using ANY of the Chaos Categories! You can Draw, Paint, Flash, Photoshop, 3D Print, Sculpt, Bake/Decorate, Comic-strip, Cosplay, or create a Stuffed Animal/Plushie of anything relating to Chaos and AQWorlds. There is NO limit to your creativity—so get creative here, folks!
  3. Your Chaos Fan Art MUST BE created by YOU. And only YOU.
    1. 100% original artwork created by YOU
    2. NO tracing
    3. NO stealing someone else’s work (we WILL find out if you do, and you will be automatically disqualified)
    4. NO taking in-game art and pasting it on your entry (create the art yourself!)
    5. No teaming up with friends  
  4. Your Fan Art entry MUST include your AQW Character Name somewhere on the picture. Please write/sign your AQW Character Name legibly so I can actually read it =)
  5. Include June 2014 somewhere on your photo. Hooray for timestamps!
  6. Type your AQWorlds Character Name in your Tweet BEFORE submitting.
  7. Include hashtags #Chaos and #AQW in your Tweet BEFORE submitting.
  8. And after following ALL THE RULES above, submit your awesome Chaos Fan Art entry to @AQWcontest Twitter at

Cooldown Timer: Contest Timeframe

The Chaos Fan Art Contest…

  • Begins today, June 2, 2014
  • Ends Monday, June 30, at 11:59pm EST
  • All entries MUST be submitted to @AQWcontest Twitter page before 11:59pm EST (server time) on 6/30/2014

Quick Checklist

Check off each thing below to ensure that you & your chaotic masterpiece are eligible to win!Chaos AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Your 100% made-by-you Fan Art depicting Chaos!
  • AQW Character Name *neatly* written on your fan art
  • June 2014 somewhere on that photo entry
  • Type your AQW Character name in your Tweet
  • #Chaos and #AQW in Tweet
  • Upload your Chaos fan art photo to your Tweet
  • Tweet your entry to @AQWcontest !

WOAH. I think that’s everything (and I mean everything!). Best of luck my loves, and if you need some Chaos Lord inspiration education, check out the AQW Wiki page here.

On behalf of the entire AQWorlds community, we cannot wait to see your chaotically awesome Chaos Fan Art! #Chaos #AQW

Battle On!

xoxo Beleen =D

Submit your Chaos Fan Art to the @AQWcontest Twitter

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