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January 29, 2014

Embrace the Power of the Sun

Yokai Sunlord set in the Carnival of Fortune!

It's almost time for Yokai's New Year celebration! This is one of my favorite times of year (and favorite zones in AQWorlds), so when it came time to make a new limited time set for the Wheel of Doom, I had something really special in mind... and Tyronius did an incredible job turning the idea into reality: the Yokai Sunlord and Lady!

Shine a light on Yokai Island

Tyronius packed a number of references into this one set, and that's making a TON of people happy: fans of Japanese mythology, like me (with the Sun Goddess Amaterasu) and fans of the Okami anime (with the white/red coloring and nod to her wolf ears), like so many of you guys!

Celebrate the Yokai New Year in style and show the world your respect for Princess Miko and the many Yokai wandering the island... then hoist your lanterns high, set off some fireworks, and get your battle on right!

The Yokai Sunlord/Lady sets contain:

  • Yokai Sunlord/lady Armor
  • Gilded Celestial Hood
  • Burning Sun Helmet
  • Burning Sun Blade
  • Burning Sun Shields

You can get the gear as drops from the Wheel of Doom, the Wheel of Destiny, or the Doom/Destiny Merge shops. It will be available until mid-February, when we'll replace it with a Valentine's Day-themed set.

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