Design Notes

February 04, 2014

Ultra Yaomo Challenge!

Akiba Has Gotten A Lot Tougher!

Starting tonight! If you go back to Akiba and talk to Senlin-Ma, you'll be able to unlock a set of quests that send you into a brand new high-level part of the map! High-level players, this content is for you - you won't be able to accept any of the quests unless you're level 50 or higher.

A lot spookier, too.

The new area includes a different look, completely new high-level monsters, and of course a level 65 Ultra version of Friday's boss, Yaomo.

What's that? You want to LOOK like Yaomo, you say?

Well, that's good, because now you can! You'll be able to farm both Yaomo and the new high-level Ultra Yaomo to get a full Yaomo morph armor set, designed by Dage! Some of the items drop only from the new Ultra Yaomo boss, while others drop only off of the original, so you'll need to farm both bosses to get the full set.


What a stud.

From Yaomo:

  • Yaomo Morph Helm (Legend only)
  • Yaomo's Naginata

From Ultra Yaomo:

  • Yaomo Armor (Legend only)
  • Ultra Yaomo Morph Helm (Legend only)
  • Golden Yaomo Cape
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