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April 05, 2013

Become a Warp Necromancer

Our First Viral Back Item Arrives Tonight!

Buy the Necro Warpmancer Cape in your game menu for 1,000 ACs to unlock a second shop with the armor, daggers, and helm! The cape gives a bonus to Rep as long as you have it equipped AND if another player clicks your cape, it opens a shop so they can buy one, too!

The Warp Necromancer shop will be in-game for a few weeks so everyone can purchase theĀ Warp Necromancer Cape. When the cape is equipped, YOU will get extra Rep; anyone clicking on the cape will open a shop which will let them buy their own!

How Do I Become a Warp Necromancer?

Find the Warp Necromancer Cape Shop in your game menu! Buy the cape first to unlock the Warp Necromancer Set Shop containing the Armor, Helm, and Daggers!

The Warp Necromancer Cape Shop in the game menu will contain:

  • Warp Necromancer Cape (1,000 Adventure Coins)

The Warp Necromancer Set Shop (also in the game menu) will contain:

  • Warp Necromancer Armor (0 ACs)
  • Warp Necromancer Helm (0 ACs)
  • Warp Claws of Fury (0 ACs)

As long as YOU have the cape, you'll be able to access both the cape shop AND the set shop at any time. But once the Warp Necromancer Cape Shop leaves the game, the only way to get ahold of this gear will be to find someone with the cape equipped! Click their cape to buy your own. Then YOU can access the Warp Necromancer Set shop with the rest of the gear!

It will be really interesting to see how far this item spreads throughout the game!

What's a Warp Necromancer? Where's It From?

Warp Necromancers are a breed of soldiers who have bored through time and space, riding warpholes all the way to Lore.

(You may have already met a creature they have battled for eons: the Desterrat Moya, destroyer of the undead!) Should the Warp Necromancers learn of its actions here... WAR may be unavoidable!

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