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February 10, 2014

Fight for Love This Tuesday

Fight for Love, Candy, and To Destroy the Color Pink!

This Tuesday, grab your sharpest weapon and enhance your gear to its maximum power, because the battle for love, candy, and all things d'awww-ful begins Tueday! This Friday, join us to help Beleen search for her Valentine, the one Hero who will always save the day! 

Love is a battlefield... and so is this Friday's release!

Battle for Beleen's Heart in "Beleen and the Beast!

Beleen loves ALL of Lore’s heroes, and they love her… but WHO will win her heart? (And can Artix survive the floods of pink threatening to crash down across AQWorlds?!) Quest to help Beleen find her true love… or help her learn HOW to love! It will all depend on what Lore’s perkiest pinkomancer’s heart desires most!

Even monsters need love sometimes.

  • Tuesday: past Valentine’s Day events return 
  • Friday: Roroth's Birthday shop leaves
  • Friday: Snowboarder gear in Twilly's Treasure Chest + Olympics LTS
  • Friday: Limited-time Valentine's Day set  in the Wheel of Doom arrives, Yokai Sunlord set leaves
  • Friday: DOUBLE EXP and REP weekend! Beleen LOVES Valentine's Day, and wants to see YOU online!

NEXT WEEK in AQWorlds!

  • Tuesday: Last Love Ultra Boss (Valentine’s Day Legend-only bonus!)
  • Friday: Help defend towns around Lore in the Alliance Salvation, Part 1!
  • Friday: the TimeDragon Warrior tiered special package arrives! 
  • Friday: NEW Gear in the Treasure Map shop AND Suggestion shop!
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