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November 07, 2013

Thor’s Day

Special Thursday Release!

Happy Thursday, hero! Did you know the word “Thursday” actually comes from “Thor’s Day”? It’s true—thanks Wikipedia! And today we’ve got a treat for you: a special release celebrating the Norse deities Thor, Loki, Laevateinn, and Heimdallr!

Thor's Day in online adventure video game

Head to Yulgar’s Inn and speak with the Ulfgar Geirsson, Norse Viking and seeker of Valhalla. Valhalla is a majestic place reserved for brave, honorable warriors who fell in battle… and, most importantly, a treasure trove of items!  

Ulfgar needs your help finding the Key of Valhalla. Search the ENTIRE world of Lore for the ancient Norse Runestones of Sønder Kirkeby, Södermanland, Altuna, Gosforth, and Velanda. With Ulfgar’s help deciphering the runes, you may find the Key to  Valhalla… which will open the Thor’s Day Shop!

Best of luck to you, intrepid Seeker of Valhalla!

xoxo Beleen!

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