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April 03, 2014

The Tempest is Coming

Spring Seasonal Shop Opens Friday

A storm is coming to Twilly's Seasonal Shop this Friday! Embrace the tempest, because the lock is almost ready to melt, and the Ice Token will no longer give you access to the rares! Starting tomorrow, you will need to purchase the Spring Token from Twilly to open this shop. It will be available until spring ends, and the summer shop opens.

This shop will contain:

  • Tempest Armor
  • Tidal Helm
  • Monsoon Wrap
  • Dual Waves of Fury Daggers
  • Double-edged Ocean's Heart polearm

Remember that once the storms of spring pass and the lock heats up these items will go rare and get replaced by the summer seasonal items!

New Gear in the Wheel of Doom/Destiny

The Archmage of Light and Dark sets arrive in the Wheel of Doom and Destiny (and their merge shops) tomorrow!

Coming soon to AQW

We've got a lot planned for April, including:

  • AQW Team in-game Q&A
    Tweet your questions to @AQWChat and we'll answer them in-game!
  • Red Dragon Attack: Princess in Peril!
    We are redoing the tutorial again, but before we release it, we need YOUR help to make it perfect!
  • Dark Dracomancer Limited Time Shop
    The color-customizable, transformable Dark Dracomancer set will be available for one week only!

  • Tower of Doom: 100 Levels of Terror
    Battle your way through all 100 levels to defeat the bosses at the top and bottom. Unlock exclusive achievements AND the rewards to prove you've leveled the tower! 
  • Return to Etherstorm in A Plague of Dragons 
    In a post-Desoloth world... the dragons of Etherstorm are dying one by one. Explore into the heart of their hidden city to uncover what is seeking to destroy them!
  • Wolfhound Warrior Tiered Package arrives, Timedragon Warrior will not leave.
    This is the first in a set of three armor sets inspired by the Game of Thrones show (so many of us are HUGE fans!).

  • "Design an AQW release" Contest!
    If you could design a one-time only release* in AQWorlds, what would YOU do? ... The winner of this contest will get a chance to find out! 
    * A one-week event, not a storyline 
  • Legend-only Boss Battle Treasure Hunt!
    Defeat the right boss to unlock awesome gear! 
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