Design Notes

July 10, 2014

Shops Going Rare

Mark Your Calendars So You Don't Miss Gear!

We've got a lot of shops going rare over the next few months, and several that are NOT, and we want to make sure you know about all of them ahead of time!

Leaving Friday, July 11th

  • Freedom Day Friday, July 11th

Leaving Monday, July 14th

  • Bellybutton Armor
  • DragonFlight's Blade
  • Blackhole Shop 
  • Galactic Shop 
  • Hyperspace Shop
  • X-Treme Mutant Shop
  • Chaos Lab Rares

Leaving Friday, July 18th

The OMGZilla's leaving date was posted inside the game menu, but because it was not listed on the Design Notes (where many people look for that information), it's returning until Monday.

  • OMGZilla New date: Friday, July 18th

Leaving Friday, August 1st

The Chaos Paragon in the LQS was originally set to leave July 14th (according to yesterday's Design Notes), but will remain available through the end of July to allow people on vacation a chance to get the set before it leaves forever!

  • Chaos Paragon

Leaving Friday, September 12th

  • Chaos Rares (including DragonFable's ArchMage and ArchMage's Wrath)
  • Eternal Dragon of Time Rares
  • Willowcreek War Chest

Leave Dates To Be Announced
The following shops/sets will leave at some point in the future:

  • Fantasy Hero Pass sets
  • Forsaken Warlock Sets
  • Legion Paragon Set

Shops Not Going Rare

  • Captain Swordhaven
  • Fell Beast Shop
  • Arachnomancer Shop
  • Razorclaw Merge
  • Chaos Slayer Class
  • Chaos Slayer AC Shop 
  • Animated Item Shop
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