Design Notes

July 11, 2013

Ready, Aim, ShadowFIRE!

Shadowfire Emissary arrives tonight

Here’s your chance at owning something EPIC. The Shadowfire Emissary Armor Set is flying into your favorite online fantasy game tonight!

Shadowfire Armor Set

Only the bravest heroes who purchase a 1-Month Membership package AFTER 6pm EST tonight are worthy of becoming the Shadowfire Emissary. You can get this special deal using our in-game payment thingy.

Not only does your 1 Month Membership unlock:

  • 3,000+ Member-only PETS, WEAPONS & ITEMS
  • Access Exclusive areas, stories and boss battles!
  • Create and run your own Guild... invite friends!
  • Access Member-only servers
  • Free membership in HeroSmash
  • 20+ Member-only Classes (Including Paladin, DoomKnight, Renegade & more!)
  • Special emotes, 2 free keys a month, Dual Wield, Unlock Chat, and so much more!

but you will also receive:

  • Shadowfire Emissary Armor
  • Wings of the Shadowfire Cape
  • Shadowfire Battlecowl Helm
  • Shadowfire Character Page Badge

Epic—like I said! And when you DO get your Shadowfire Emissary Armor Set, be sure to Tweet Me a screenshot with you and your fellow Shadowfire Emissaries and have a chance at making it on the Design Notes!

xoxo Beleen =D

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